What Are The Dining Room Decorating Ideas You Have To Try?

The dining room is often a good place for the family to bond over. If you are thinking of building a home or renovating one, this Dining Room Designs For Your Home collection is great for getting some interior design inspiration!

Our dining room is a special place to bond over a good meal. It is where people are put at ease with the delicious food being served.

Putting some effort into our dining room design is great as it is one of the most social areas in our homes – next to our living rooms, of course.

We know that finding the perfect dining area design can be pretty tricky! However, we're sure you have some furniture and fixtures that you want to include.

But how can you combine that and get stunning results?

We might help you with this cool and extensive collection that we have prepared for you. So grab that cup of coffee and take a look!

Eclectically Glamorous

Upgrade your dining table with distinctly different chairs. Elegantly tufted side chairs provide a sophisticated balance to the custom-designed host and hostess chairs. The tall wingback chairs are upholstered in two fabrics — a textured neutral and a grey marble — and help bring the soaring room to scale. Tiered coco bead chandeliers and the vintage Turkish rug add to the devil-may-care allure of the room.

Opt For A Balanced Style

Modernise your dining room with Industrial-style lighting. Balance the streamlined look by mixing natural furnishings, like distressed wood tables and wicker chairs. Black-and-white photographs hung gallery-style add a personal touch to the room.

Mid-Mod Love

When working with a tight spot, maximise your dining space with a banquette and pedestal table. This playful space mixes a banquette in bright, retro hues and graphic pillows with a white tulip table. An Eames-inspired side chair adds an extra seat without taking up a lot of space.

Lively Mid Century Modern

Patterned wallpaper, vibrant shades and a bold glass light fixture add life to this dining room featuring a clean, mid-century modern table.

Hello, Minimalism

Take an uncomplicated approach to your dining room. Here, wood and iron combine in sleek, simple lines for a dining table that pairs beautifully with textured-filled chairs in leather and sheepskin. Industrial vintage lighting is painted matte black to illuminate the dining room, while an oversized round mirror sits seamlessly on the wall to expand the bright white space visually.

Enchanted Setting

For an instant focal point, cover one wall with wallpaper. Pretty flora and fauna wallpaper bring an epic sense of whimsy and romance to this dining room. Chairs with elegant details, like tufting and nailhead trim, pull their hues from the wall to create a cohesive colour palette.

Don't Forget The Ceiling.

If the ceiling is a room's "fifth wall," then consider adding colour or perhaps wallpaper to the ceiling. Gold-and-green wallpaper is a pretty visual surprise on this dining room ceiling.

Time For A Clean Slate

Declutter! We know your secret (because it's ours, too). The seldom-used dining room becomes a catchall space full of shopping bags, your stack of unread books and that project you will get to this week. One of the first steps is clearing off all the randomness, so you enjoy the dining room underneath the piles.

Punctuated With Pattern

Try two different fabrics on the same chair for an entire one-of-a-kind touch. Delicate meets rustic in these dining chairs, seats upholstered in distressed leather and backs covered in a soft gingham. Floral curtains soften the bay window and bring cosiness to the space, which has a dose of the exotic in its beaded turquoise chandelier.

Pleasing Variation

Break up your design style with something unexpected. The all-white cottage kitchen and dining room spark industrial style through the galvanised chairs and oversized chrome pendants. The chic juxtaposition is altogether appealing.

Two-In-One Design

Embrace the versatility of slipcovers. Tailored white slipcovers create a casual coastal feel in this dining room when paired with the farmhouse table and a trio of industrial-inspired pendants. However, when a more sophisticated look is required (or you're just ready to switch it up), the linen slipcovers are removed to uncover tufted grey armchairs that have a decidedly more formal feel.

Taking In The View

If you're fortunate enough to have a stunning natural backdrop, take advantage of it. This relaxing waterfront space, simple plastic chairs and a streamlined table create a chic minimalist style without distracting the beautiful surroundings. Intriguing pendants add light and airy texture overhead.

Light And Warm

Choose a round table instead of a long oval or rectangular option for a more intimate setting. This circular table centres the dining room and is large enough to seat eight. A liberal application of white, from the walls to the chairs and beaded chandelier, keeps the heavy use of richly stained wood from feeling too dark.

Dining Room Decorating

Casually Artistic

Include a conversation starter. Bold red chair frames grab their hue from the eye-catching abstract artwork holding centre stage above the built-in buffet. The rest of the colour palette is tempered by soft greys and whites to balance the space. A nubby woven rug brings warm texture underfoot.

A Place For The Whole Family

Make the most of a great room. This farmhouse-inspired dining room opens up to the kitchen and living room, so it all works as one big flowing family space where everyone can gather. Parsons and cane back chairs surround the extra-long weathered grey table to create a casual and inviting environment. A homey-meets-glam vibe is achieved on the chandelier through a rustic copper finish.

Nook + Banquette = Perfection

Tackle an unusual layout with creativity. Custom-painted walls help to define this open space as a separate dining room. However, the real problem solver is the floating banquette, which ensures plenty of seating and gives the entire space an airy quality. A trio of white chairs add a midcentury modern flourish around the oval table.

Intimate Gathering

A dining spot that snuggles up to a roaring fireplace on chilly nights sounds like heaven. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light during the day; then, evenings turn into a cosy fireside retreat for sharing a meal. Woven chairs add tactile appeal to the smooth wood-and-metal table, flanked by comfy linen-wrapped armchairs.

Create A Cultivated Exhibit

Turn a blank wall into an art gallery. Mix and match different frames in various shapes and styles to create a captivating display. Fill with sketches, photos and prints that bring your personality into your family's favourite gathering place.

Provincial Charm

Take advantage of the architectural details of your room. This set-back nook in the dining area is outfitted with floating shelves to display the homeowner's collection of glass bottles, teacups, and favourite entertaining pieces. The knotty pine table with low, rush-seat chairs adds to the country appeal of the space.

A Case Of The Blues

The dining room is the ideal space to lean into elegance. Soaring, curved walls and a painted ceiling set the tone for this majestic room, where a massive crystal chandelier is a glittering focal point.

Collected Over Time

Go on, indulge in antiques. Take pleasure in the hunt and start collecting pieces — a variety of chairs, the just-right buffet, a showstopping chandelier — to create a dining room that showcases your love for a sampling of looks that are always in style.

Brilliant Illuminations

Opt for a conversation-starting light fixture to get your dinner guests chatting. Here, oversized spherical pendants take this dining room with its streamlined wood table and classic white armchairs to the next level. The punched metal material diffuses light through the room for a luminous effect.

Blending Design

Mix it up — your styles, that is. This dining room is grounded by a classic Persian rug and then layered in various design styles. The chunky wood table with mirrored base and cane-back chairs with chrome frames combine modern and vintage aesthetics, while the swirling light fixture has a particularly contemporary vibe. Traditional style makes an appearance in the gold-framed portrait, not to be left out.

Relaxed And Rustic

Anchor your dining room with an area rug that completes the look. Muted brick, warm wood tones and matte black combine for a timeworn yet fresh feel in this open dining room. The woven blue-and-white rug adds just the right colour and pattern to inject the space with liveliness and movement.

Classic Composition

Display your collection of vintage dishes. The hallway leading into this traditional dining room is painted a deep blue, perfectly accenting the arrangement of vintage transferware.

Room For More

Benches are perfect for accommodating more people. Whether you have a larger family or your kids constantly have friends, opting for benches over chairs means everyone always has a seat. The only thing we can't promise is whether they fight over who gets to sit in the leather captain's chairs in this tone-on-tone dining room.

A Note Of Grandeur

This dining room proves that it's okay to get a little moody. Navy grasscloth above the wainscoting adds textural depth balanced by the soft grey palette found in the table and zigzag chairs. Ready to infuse the room with added drama is the exaggerated candelabra-style chandelier.

Farmhouse Finery

Turn a classic design technique on its head. Instead of keeping the moulding and wainscoting a traditional white, they are painted a soft taupe to create a subtle contrast against the white walls. Black metal chairs surround a natural wood dining table with tan cushions to maximise comfort. Overhead, a brass chandelier nods to the vintage feel of the space while being oh-so-current.

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At Your Service

Make room for a buffet. This hardworking piece of furniture provides essential storage, a pretty tabletop for displaying and a serving space when entertaining. With its brass knobs and natural wood top, this black buffet pops off the bright white wainscoting and anchors the rich teal walls.

Modern Americana

Have one element that showcases full-on colour. There's only so much you can do with a rustic log cabin's wood-and-chink walls, but your decor can tell an entirely different story. Blue-and-white graphic curtains dress the windows in this dining space, but the cherry red chairs are real showstoppers. Though country in style, their distinct hue nods to the contemporary.

Great Visuals

Don't be afraid to combine patterns. Ikat chairs and modern floral wallpaper live harmoniously in this eclectic dining room because of the yellow and brown wind hues through each motif. Robin's egg blue mouldings may seem like an unexpected choice, but they lighten and curb the exciting patterns.

Lush Finish

Add natural elements and life into your dining room with houseplants. Succulents are easy to care for and make the perfect centrepiece year-round.

Have Smart Colour Choices.

Another tip on dining room design has smart colour choices.

Make sure that you do not have mismatches of colour. You have to make up your mind about choosing the right colours.

When mixing colours, make sure that they match and are complementary. For example, avoid the use of loud colours in just one area.

If you use bright pink, accent it with neutrals and shades of pink. Do not use pink with green. See to it that the colours look good together.

The Furniture.

Your dining table is the star in your dining area. But it doesn't have to be new.

Use it if you think your old one will look good and apt. You can also change its colour if you want to.

Choose the right size and shape for your table. If your area is small, you can use a round table. Your seats should be comfortable. It has to complement your table, too.

Use Space Correctly.

Space is very important in dining room design.

First, you have to know if you have a wide or narrow space, a closed or open space. This way, you will be able to know the kind of colours to use.

If your area is closed, you can choose colours that make it look wide. It can also help you choose the right furniture sizes. It will also guide you in choosing the right layout for your dining room.

Use The Right Layout.

Following your space, make sure your arrangement is good so that it won't look so crowded and awkward. Your furniture and even decorative accessories in the dining area should harmonise.

The right layout includes good traffic in the dining area. Make sure the homeowner and their guests will be comfortable having meals in the place.

Have Balance And Harmony.

Make sure that everything in your dining area has balance and harmony.

You can use your old furniture if you want to. But if you think it doesn't complement the entire design, you can buy a new one.

You aim to make your dining area appealing, comfortable and distinct.

Everything in the place should work well together. The choice of colour, accessories, lighting and other aspects should look good.

Consider Good Lighting.

Most kitchens use a chandelier or an overhead light. It is a good focal point for your design.

You may also use light with dimmers to set the mood in your dining area.

You can also use wall scones and pin lights if you want to. Others prefer to use some decor overhead at the dining table. It is also good.

Use Additional Accessories.

You can also place some accessories in your dining area. For example, if your place is small, put a large mirror or a painting on the wall to make it look bigger.

Choose the painting that will also harmonise with the rest of the design. Again, you should use accessories subtly in this area.

Add some sparkle to your dining area by placing accessories with glass elements.

Have A Good Dining Table Set.

The dining room won't be a dining room without a dining table. Consider the right size and type of table.

It is generally recommended to have a space of at least 36 inches between the edge of your table and other dining room furniture or the wall.

Accessorise it in a manner that suits the design style of your room.

It would be best to have good table placement and a good centrepiece. Also, do not forget to choose the tableware to complement the colour and design.

Yes, it is not impossible to create a dining room to bring family and friends together. You can all have a good time in your well-designed dining room's elegant and welcoming ambience. But before we finally end this, let me give you one last tip. Use wooden flooring, granite or ceramic tiles. What you used in your kitchen would be the same as the dining area because they are directly connected. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your dining area that suits your style now!


So, if you're in the market for a little change or are just starting to think about redecorating your dining room, we hope this article gave you some ideas. Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to make a big impact and achieve your desired look. With a few simple tricks and tips, you can create an elegant and chic dining space that family and friends will enjoy for years to come.

FAQs About Home Builders

Texture and colour are important when decorating the dining area. You want it to feel comfortable and inviting, so avoid cold colours such as blue. Opt instead for earthy shades of cheerful tones such as orange or yellow. Green is also a nice choice, making the room feel relaxing and calming.

A table runner is a narrow piece of material. Usually cloth, you can use that to define, divide or decorate a space. People often ask how wide a table runner is. Most table runners are 14 to 17 inches wide, but their length can vary.

Layer your table – use your tablecloth as a base and add seasonal decorations for a charming look. For example, you could use miniature pumpkins or even onions, carrots, and artichokes for Autumn. Also, think about the chairs; sometimes, it's good to throw a blanket on the back of a chair for guests to use if they get cold.

The most important thing to consider is the size of the dining table.

Often, you place these traditional tablecloths over the plastic to protect furniture. While in small doses, they may still work in a room, in most cases, they tend to be outdated compared to the more modern, colourful tablecloths of today. So while we're on lace, ditch the lace doilies, too.

With white as your base, adding neutral colours and tones to your home can create a more put-together, layered look. For example, shades of brown and light grey, green, or blue can play together to create a tranquil feel, whilst using black objects strategically can give the room an added edge.

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