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Owning your dream home in the south east part of Australia is one of life’s most joyful experiences, because a home is more than a sum of its parts. It is made up of living spaces that tell the story of who you are and what you love doing. It’s a place where those close to you can feel a sense of welcoming home design, comfort and belonging.

New Homes

Every new dream home we build is different, simply because every new home tells the story of the people who will live there.

As Melbourne home builders, we are unique in our home designs. It is not just in the quality of our custom homes but our design and build experience that aims to give you complete peace of mind in your dream home.

Through a combination of intelligent design, quality construction and personalised finishes, our passionate team can help you realise your dream home without unnecessary complexity or stress.

Dual Occupancy Developments

For more than 20 years, we’ve been creating beautiful dual occupancy home designs for comfortable living – luxury homes, prestige homes, homes for narrow lots, knock down rebuild homes – across Melbourne. Along the way we’ve also built a reputation for quality construction, integrity and professionalism.

Commercial Developments

As commercial developers in Melbourne we have helped business owners to develop and expand with innovative design at a cost effective price. From your initial consultation,the needs of your commercial operation are our top priority. Home Builders are dedicated to providing corporate and private clients with the best results.


Townhouse Builders

We are committed to excellence with every building project and aim to exceed your expectations with your new house. Whether you are a young professional, small family or a mature couple, we can build a townhouse to suit your needs exactly. We insist on meticulous attention to detail and demand an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality that is unsurpassed. Our focus is on providing the best custom solution for your land and your family’s needs, using the best trades and quality of construction at the very best price.


We specialise in one off designs to tailor to your personalised tastes and requirements. Custom built apartments are a custom apartment and design solution. It’s designed to suite your needs and tastes as well as land suitability, incorporating all that you require, we build to your listed design. We are able to do everything in house from council approvals, certifications, soil tests, preliminary plans down to completion of construction. Contact us for a look at one of our display homes, today!

Residential Developments

Our business focuses on the development of new residential buildings and is committed to providing quality-made home designs in prime locations. Our company is built on experience, healthy returns and efficiency. Quite simply, we understand property. We know how to capitalise on its potential and maximize investment for our investors. Our unique combination of expertise in property and our conservative risk-assessment processes allow us to uncover realistic opportunities for attractive returns.


As an investor or developer, you want a builder you can trust to help you deliver your development on time and in budget. You want a builder who can plan and communicate clearly to help your project run smoothly and make it an easy, enjoyable process.

That’s what we do. We work with you to work through a realistic plan to reach your goals in timelines and budget. We team with you to help you find cost savings to increase your profit where we can.

Joint Venture Projects

Home Builders openly offers Joint Venture opportunities to anyone wanting to enter the property market. With a proven track record of successful joint ventures resulting in prosperous outcomes, many joint venture partners continue their investment with Home Builders cross numerous projects.

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