How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

There are dozens of reasons why you should hire an interior designer. A professional interior designer will make your space amazing-looking. 

The space will reflect your personality and style, and it should function in a way that works with how you live your life.

The interior space of your home depicts your way of life, style, and personality. Everyone wants their homes to look classy, welcoming and cozy for their visitors and themselves. 

To transform a regular house into a well-designed dream home; one needs to display a high level of dedication, creativity, love and most importantly, knowledge. 

If you are not a professional, it can be quite overwhelming for you to do the job properly. That is why most homeowners go for interior design services from the experts. Unfortunately, hiring an expert can be quite an expensive way of making your dream house a reality.


In actual fact, the services offered by the professional interior designers are worth investing in. However, some homeowners may not have the much-needed amount of money and resources to make it happen. 

Also, some may want to experiment and do it in their own ways. But, how do you design your home’s interior space like an expert yet you are not skilled in this field? Is it even possible to design a home proficiently such that your visitors would think you hired an expert? Well, the answer is ‘yes’. It is definitely possible to it if you get the right information and guidance. In the guide below, you will learn how to transform your simple home like an experienced interior designer. 

First, you need to choose a theme that depicts your personality and style. You have to apprehend how to choose the best color scheme. 

Also, to your original color scheme, you need to add about three shades to make it appear creative. Most experts use this technique, so make use of it too. You need to be very selective when going for the foundation color. 

Like it or not, if the foundation theme of your home fails to inspire or hype you up, it will definitely kill your visitors’ moods.

Color is a really personal thing and making a choice is never that easy. The only way to go about it as a professional is to choose bright colors. 

The beauty of bright colors is that they make your home look welcoming. Also, they help you to cut bills and the costs of installing more lighting elements. 

Simply choose a color that brightens your mood every time. After that, mix other colors by buying different color schemes of your furniture, blossoms and other accessories.

Clever Tricks To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

A house becomes a home when we put a lot of love and care in making it. A home is a place to worship after a church or a temple. 

But, we all know that how expensive it is to make your dream house look like what exactly you want. An interior designer has to be hired, raw materials have to be bought and a lot of things have to be carried out. 

Also, many times we have different preferences and choices as compared to that of our designer. The question arises how can we get ideas to make our house look like that of a celebrity? 

How can we indulge our thoughts to make an extra luxurious yet elegant house? The answers to all your concerns lie in these quick tips as for how to be an interior designer without actually being one? Didn’t understand? Follow what I have mentioned mention!

The Color Effect

How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer3

Take basic colors in your color palette such as royal blue, a pale orange, a glass green and so on. 

Use primary colors so that they can be mixed with other colors to form new colors. Such colors are ideal if you want to go for a head to toe makeover. Follow the 50/150 rule. For example, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter and other 150% darker.

Flaunt Bluntly

If you have made an investment in buying some antiques and vintage pieces, put it in the living room or at a place where it catches maximum eyes. This way you’ll create an aura of your house being modern and lavish. 

Fake The Ceiling Height

Put stuff that occupies large spaces but don’t have that much of height. Keeping a low-slung sofa, large mirrors to look the rooms taller. 

In addition to this, you can also paint the windows according to the landscape or to the walls of the room. 

In addition to that, if you don’t have a spacious room, you can put furniture that occupies the maximum square foot. Doing this, you’re creating an impression of your room which looks big even if it is not.

Please The Eye By Adding Textures

Textures are as important as colors. A room at the first glance would look like a single color scheme but if you look closely, you would find plenty of shades and textures, a faux leather sofa, silk cushions, shiny lamps, all these add texture creating an illusion of your house having a rich and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Trinket Hack

Be as creative and decorative as possible. Use decorative bowls and baskets, candlesticks, a couple of books, marbles, decorative lights and all the little trinkets to add a little glamour to your house.

Add Flowers To Your Room

Adding floral arrangements, live plants and natural items such as vases, shells, and stones create a magic in your room. There are many easy care plants that you can purchase and will last longer if proper care is taken.

Say Yes To Glass Showers

Most of the people opt for a frosted glass or an opaque curtain for extra privacy. But if you want your bathroom to look big, you can put a glass door and put floor tiles straight to the stall. It makes the room feel large.  

Pros And Cons Of Diy Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, it’s very much a matter of personal taste. The way a person’s home is decorated and designed is more often than not a reflection of that person in some way, whether they’re a home bird, a professional, or simply a fan of unique and interesting designs. 

Naturally, this leads to the question of how to go about designing your home; do you hire a professional interior designer to do the work for you, or will you choose instead to do it yourself? 

While the idea of hiring a professional to decorate your home is an attractive one, it’s also one that most average homeowners can’t afford, leaving DIY as the only choice. However, DIY offers its own set of pros and cons that aspiring designers could benefit from knowing.

First, let’s look at the positives. One the more attractive things about DIY is that it leaves you in complete control over how things turn out, and this is probably the main reason people choose it over hiring a professional. 

You can select the materials, paints, colour schemes, everything; the house is your blank canvas. In theory, DIY is also cheaper than hiring a designer, though it will require some careful financial planning and consideration before you go through with it. 

That said, there are more opportunities for clever money-saving tricks when you’re the one in charge. 

While interior designers will probably insist on the highest quality materials at the behest of your wallet, you can shop around, compare and contrast prices and find equally appealing materials and accessories. 

Sites like Linens Direct, for example, have a wide range of household items that would be great for decorating and at affordable prices.

However, having complete control isn’t always a good thing. After all, professional interior designers are professionals for a reason; they know what works and what doesn’t and, what’s more important, they’ve done it several times before. 

People often don’t realise that planning to decorate takes a lot of work; there’s budgeting, considering any hidden costs, trying to ensure that everything goes smoothly, it can be overwhelming if you’re not experienced. 

People also often fail to realise that what sounds like a good idea on paper doesn’t necessarily work in practice, and this can lead to wasted money, delays in the project and, naturally, feelings of frustration. 

In DIY you can rarely afford to make mistakes, so it’s only a project worth undertaking if you plan everything out carefully and are prepared to face the consequences if you do make a mistake.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want for your house and how exactly you want it done. If you want to have total creative control and think you have the capabilities to pull it off on your own, then DIY is definitely the right thing to do. 

However, if you feel less confident in your abilities but have an idea of what you want (and the cash to boot), then you might be better off placing the project in the hands of an interior designer.

The Pros

How To Make Your Home Look Like You Hired An Interior Designer

Your Tastes

Decorating your home interiors on your own gives you the creative freedom to implement your own ideas. 

You can convert waste, upcycle old pieces and reinvent flea market finds into useful and decorative items reflecting your tastes. DIY interior designing is perfect for anyone who loves novelty, as an added plus you’ll personalize your home interiors in a way only you can!

Set The Mood

Decorating your home on your own gives you the freedom to choose interior design that your family members will love. 

Choosing a color of your choice helps set the mood for living space like painting the room sky blue achieves a peaceful look or painting with yellow can cheer you up! Similarly, set the mood for the whole home with your choice of rugs, accessories and furniture.

Ensures Comfort

Customizing your interiors as per your requirements and tastes makes you feel comfortable. For example, kid friendly interior design will make you feel relaxed without the fear of your children being hurt even if they move around alone. 

An added advantage is that a renovation can be completed in stages, as per budget limits, comfort and availability of time.

The Cons

Interior Designing Yourself Can Be Stressful!

Interior design and decorating can be a stressful job and should not be taken up unless you have the time and patience for it. 

Mistakes made due to lack of knowledge or research can prove to be costly. It demands creativity and the investment of your free time. 

It could be quiet cumbersome visiting multiple stores to identify and choose furnishing, materials, paints and other inputs that best suit your taste and home. It is also important to have the ability to research material, compare prices and finally purchase them from a reliable vendor.


Redecorating the house on your own for the first time can be quiet confusing. An interior design project demands that you be organized and meticulous in taking care of even the smallest details.

Before deciding either way, analyze if you can undertake the entire home at once or would like to do it bit by bit. 

If you want to participate and contribute to the the interior design of your home, but are not sure of your choices, opt for a professional interior design package from HomeTriangle today!

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