How Interior Design Can Improve Your Everyday Life

The environment around us affects our mood, productivity, energy levels and attitude. Creating a beautiful space to call home is not just about impressing your guests and surrounding yourself with pretty items. It is about creating a space where you feel relaxed, comfortable, organized and at peace.

A professional interior designer can truly improve your quality of life. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the design of the positive change it has brought to our clients. 

We hear all the time that our clients feel relaxed, peaceful, happy and harmonious in their new space. 

We’ve also seen design lead to other positive changes, such as career opportunities. Sound too good to be true? Consider these five ways an interior designer can improve your quality of life.

From paint colours to lighting, interior designers are experts in choosing items that promote comfort and relaxation.

Families and busy professionals need a space where they can unwind, but many people aren’t sure how to go about creating a restful and harmonious space. 

We consider everything from how the placement of furniture to the colours impacts your space. A relaxing environment must be balanced, comfortable and properly proportioned. 

Designers do far more than create a beautiful space. We can also bring organization and order to your home.

From creative storage solutions like custom built-ins to custom closet design, we can create a space where there is a place for everything. 

Having a home that is neat and well organized not only makes your home more comfortable and inviting; it also works as a stress reducer. 

We take the time to listen to your needs and priorities when it comes to storage and organization, then offer creative solutions for streamlining your life.

Designers take the time to understand your lifestyle, then create a space that fits perfectly within that. Do you love to entertain? We can come up with creative and flexible seating options that allow you to accommodate extra people. 

Do you have a dining room you don’t use? We can transform that space into a stylish sitting room, an office or a combination of both. Designers know which questions to ask to understand how you live and what you need. Good design is not just beautiful; it is functional and suits your lifestyle.

Ways Interior Design Can Improve Your Life

How Interior Design Can Improve Your Everyday Life3

The design choices you make have an effect on your subconscious and can improve your quality of life and prevent your home from dragging you down into an emotional tailspin. 

This is because the environment around us affects our mood, productivity and attitude, so at the very least, the right design can offer feelings of relaxation and peacefulness, which help create positive energy and harmony in relationships.

So how can interior design change your life? Let’s look at six positive impacts your home can have on you.

Organizing Your Life

A well-designed home brings order to your life. When your environment is in disorder, the abundance of things surrounding you weigh you down, and your mental health takes a hit. 

What clutters your home clutters your mind, interfering with your ability to think and even to relax. 

By including plenty of storage space in your interior design, you make your home a no-stress zone, freeing the burden on your mind and lowering those stress hormones that cause you sleepless nights.

Even though the size of HDB flats and condos in Singapore is shrinking over the years, creative storage solutions such as custom built-ins can do wonders in bringing you an orderly home.

Creating A Relaxing & Safe Environment

Whenever we talk about interior design, we usually think only about the aesthetic aspect. Most people simply focus on this one piece of the puzzle and fail to look at the whole picture.

Sure, a beautiful home can certainly impress our friends and family, but what’s equally important is that it can also make us feel safe and comfortable. 

Like the cavemen of the Neolithic Age who needed the protection of a cave from the wild beasts, we need a home that can give us the same sense of security. 

As we go out into the world, we are often faced with daily challenges and even hostility. When we return home, a comforting space can nurture our wellbeing and soothe our soul.

Increasing Creativity & Productivity

Good interior design is also known to boost productivity and creativity. Your environment plays a pivotal role in influencing how you think and behave. 

If your creative flow is blocked, or you find yourself in a productivity slump, changing your home decoration can give you that extra boost for you to reach new heights.

You can start with simple things. Bringing in nature like plants and flowers can rejuvenate your energy, while a new wall colour, such as soothing blue or green, may spark new ideas. 

Comfortable and ergonomically designed furniture is also shown to help people relax their bodies so that they can think clearly and reduce the number of mistakes made throughout the day.

Making The Space Functional

Ask not what you can do for your home, but what your home can do for you! When done properly, your interior design can enhance your lifestyle and allow you to live the life that you always wanted.

For instance, if you enjoy having company in your home, furnishing your home with a large dining table or designating areas for games and general socializing would definitely make you more popular among your friends!

Improving Your Emotions And Moods

Have you heard of colour psychology? Colour affects your moods and emotions. For example, warmer shades such as yellow and orange are relaxing and inspire creativity, while blue and green evoke a sense of calm.

How space is lit also influences your sentiment. The best lighting source is the sun, so the number and size of the windows in the room can affect your level of happiness and anxiety. Of course, in Singapore, most of us probably can’t change the windows in our condo or HDB flat, but you can ensure your home has sufficient lighting by supplementing natural light with different artificial lights.

Making A Statement

Your home is inherently an extension of you – a place where you manifest your identity and desires with tangible materials. So why not use it as a form of self-expression?

With the help of an interior designer, you can paint a self-portrait of your personal environment. Whether the statement you make is bold, peaceful, futuristic or minimalistic, let it be uniquely yours!

Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Designer Or Decorator

Saves Money

Though it might sound strange that hiring a professional will help you save money, since the overall cost will include the designer’s fee and other related expenses, but hiring an interior designer can be really helpful for first-time owners as they will reduce all the unwanted spending and also prevents the owner from making costly mistakes.

Hiring a professional interior designer also increases the value of your home. Listing interior design while selling your house can be appealing for potential buyers and also increases the net worth of the house. It can also set the house above the competition and will be a class apart.

Professional Assessment

Interior designers have a professional take on the situation rather than the owner. They have the extra set of eyes that will notice the most unlikely of issues that normally people would not find. They would follow a set action plan and will inform the owner of the house about the various steps taken.

There are no hidden costs and hence will encourage the owners to spend more efficiently. This will have a positive impact on the overall budget.

Also, interior designers try to use the given resources as carefully and efficiently as possible. Sometimes they will also recycle things when needed. They will decide what will be repurposed or what will be discarded.

Proper Budgeting And Planning

An interior designer knows how to manage the expenditure for arranging and organizing the house, depending upon the budget of the customer.

A designer also knows what all resources to search for to make your house more appealing and beautiful within a strict budget. 

This saves time and money since the customer does not have to spend long hours researching and noting what all products are needed for the house. Also, the customer doesn’t have to look up the brands and the prices.

A designer will have the necessary details and information at hand so that the customer does not have to spend time investigating and researching products.


A good designer will always help you to create a good relationship between the house owner and the architect or contractor and can help you in tackling major design flaws that normally happens in the process. 

This is an important and crucial step for saving time and money. Also, professional interior designers tend to look into details that we usually overlook.

This might save a considerable amount of money along with proper planning and will be beneficial in the long run. Also, they keep in mind the most important factors of a house, that is the lighting and furnishing. They have a high priority for lighting and furnishing.

Wide Availability And Insight Into Resources

One of the perks of having an interior designer for hire is that the designer will have access to resources and materials at reasonable prices that the common people might not have. They have a wide network of people who are within this industry, which may prove helpful while designing your house.

This is a good advantage, as the customer gets to see a wide variety of materials and that too at prices that are within the budget of the owner. By using the ideas and opinions of the customer along with the collected resources, the designers help to make the house look unique, collected and professionally done.

Reliable Network

As mentioned earlier, most interior designers have a large contact list of efficient workmen such as plumbers, contractors and electricians that can be reached and will be helpful during the times of your building construction.

This can help homeowners and builders enough time and money for searching such individuals. Also, they might have a large client list, so it is easier to evaluate and take note of various completed works of the interior designer.

Having such a large network is necessary for sociable workers, especially interior designers, to survive in this industry.

The Surprise Element

Most interior designers tend to think outside of the box and try to think about ways to improve the house and make it more appealing. This results in addition to a wow factor in the final product.

They will help you to look at things differently and in an artistic manner. They will add an aesthetic factor to the overall look of the house.

A Third Party Decision-maker

Often at homes, everyone might not have the same opinion on how the house should look, especially after a full renovation. Everyone’s opinions might clash together, and no unanimous decision is made.

An interior designer is a person who will collect all these opinions, group them together and would add all of them together to form a product that would please most of the people in a family along with a good aesthetic appearance. Let the interior designer take important decisions so as to produce a good final result.

Incorporating Different Styles

One of the most difficult tasks of stylizing your house on your own is to make things work. If you are not an interior designer, then you might find it difficult to make all the things work and go well together. This might end up you making costly errors which will eventually cost a lot of money if proper thinking is not given.

If you have various items that you have lying around the house, then it would be difficult for you to put them together, and it would be hard to find a suitable remedy for the problem.

On the other hand, an interior designer faces these kinds of problems almost every day and might have good tips and tricks that they use so as to get the most pleasing and efficient result.

Extra Help

If you have decided on renovating the house by yourself, where there is a need for replacing the wall fixtures, lighting, and other attachments, then it is necessary that you seek out professional help. Do not try to do these things on your own with the mentality of saving money.

In reality, the opposite will happen. You will be compelled to do something stupid and will end up paying to fix what is broken, which will be more than the intended budget.

They Are More Knowledgeable.

How Interior Design Can Improve Your Everyday Life2

The fact that they have studied this field makes them more suitable for trusting and letting them take control of the whole renovation. They have the required knowledge and know-how on how to handle a renovation efficiently.

All the customers have to just tell what all the needs and the essential points that need to be taken care of are, and in turn, they will provide a renovated house with that particular style and identity.

Interior design is a field that requires expertise and experience. Most of the professionals are very much interested in their jobs, and they enjoy most of their work and earn a living through it.

You Get What You Expect.

For sure most of the owners have a picture in mind of how the interior would look like. But they do not have the correct resource on how to make it a reality. So they are discouraged from taking the next step.

When you hire an interior designer, he will take complete charge of the project and will have a better image of the final project than the owner. When the design is done, the result might look the same as what the owner had imagined, or it might exceed his/her expectations.

Energy-efficient Homes

Most interior designers follow and keep up to date with the various trends that happen in the architecture industry. One of the recent trends in home management is the concept of conservative, recyclable and efficient energy.

To make the design more efficient and usable, most of the designers follow the concept of environment conservation and use a green and eco-friendly interior to conserve energy.

The interior designer knows how to draw the overall structure of the house and also how to utilize the right kind of flooring, tiles, windows, light fixings and others. This will, in turn, help you to save a lot of money in the future by wasting less amount of energy than before. And also helps to make the environment clean and tidy.

They Are Very Much Detail-oriented

Designers have an eye for detail, especially interior designers. As mentioned before, they always think outside the box and also take notice of what all things can be improved. They also look into products and study their form and factor and also give importance to the aesthetics of the object.

They know way better than the owner of the house and are determined to create the final product to meet their expectations. They also take time to research and look into the various lighting, furnishings, and accessories that are needed for the renovated house, which will also save time and money for the customer.

Lessens The Overall Stress For You:

It is an inevitable fact that renovating a house can be an enormous amount of stress added to you. Especially when you are a working individual, it will be very hard to manage the stress of renovating a house along with your career, family and also various other reasons.

So to lessen this burden, it is wise to hire an interior designer at a reasonable price. He /she would do the required amount of work if paid and treated nicely. By the end of the proposed time, he/she will be able to show you the final product.

You Will Get Good Colour Combinations.

Most people know about the commonly used and generic colour combinations involving colours such as white, off-white, grey, etc. but, after discussing with an interior designer, most owners will be surprised to know that they can combine the colours effectively to make the room look more lively and pleasing without looking poor and bland.

This will make your home look more unique and adds an extra surprise factor. Also, they will also mix colours and form colours that you might not even have seen, which might suit the inside walls of the house very well.

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