How To Elevate Your Living Room?

Has something about your home or general home interior design bothered you persistently? There are many little tips, tricks and changes you can easily execute with the help of a designer that can have a tremendous impact on your home interior design. 

When most people think of home interior design – they usually consider furniture, cabinets, flooring and walls. However, there are many more little details to consider when in the process of elevating your home with a cohesive style, feel and design. 

Light fixtures have an immense impact on the design and feel of your home, as well as our mood and energy levels. A lack of lighting or lighting that is too dim or bright can have severe effects on your overall health and brain. 

Therefore, choosing the correct light fixtures that harmonise with your home interior design but are also placed in the correct spaces in your home is more important than you may think. Furthermore, the right light fixture can pull your style together and add timeless elegance to your space.

If you are looking to create a space with an elegant and elevated home interior design, your paint and wall covering choices are extremely significant. It is important that your walls and interior design elements such as decor and furniture are cohesive and elevate each other. To maintain an impeccable and flawless look, be sure to use high-quality paint or wallpaper while considering the overall design elements in your home when choosing a colour. 

The secret to styling a home in a way that is cozy and comfortable is to enhance your home interior design with plenty of pillows. Adding pillows to your living room, family room, bedrooms and even the kitchen can make for a more inviting space and offer the necessary comfort for long and blissful hours in your home. 

In addition, pillows offer an additional layer of texture and colour – which can be used to insert lively colours and patterns and elevate your home interior design. When choosing the right pillow for your style and home, the simple motto is – go big or go home – the larger the pillow, the better. 

5 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Space

The latest trends in home decor reveal a desire for a feeling of tranquillity and calmness, perhaps as a response to today’s overly busy and distracted lifestyles. From Marie Kondos decluttering craze to a return to natural materials in home design, everyone is looking for a way to create a peaceful, less hectic inner space. When it comes to home decor, less is definitely more.

Living Room

Simplify Your Design Strategy

When revamping your room to create a more minimalist effect, choose a limited colour palette, meaning one to three colours at most. Select mostly more muted or neutral colours, though you can use one vivid colour in a piece of furniture or art to grab the spotlight.

Let the textures of the materials that you use for the floors, walls, ceilings and furnishings — whether they are natural wood, stone, ceramics, glass, tile, fabrics or canvas — create the room’s visual interest instead of yesterday’s too-busy colours and patterns.

Choose a couple of contrasting textures, like glass and reclaimed lumber, or woven fabric and stone, to highlight in the room for the best effect.

Declutter Your Spaces

Decide what items you really want and need to be in each room and get rid of the rest or find a way to store it neatly, preferably out of sight. One of the greatest visual clutter culprits today comes from technology. It’s hard to know what to do with the mass and tangle of cords from all the latest gadgets, power strips and chargers everyone uses in their homes.

Choose Furnishings With Clean Lines.

When you’re selecting new furniture for your minimalist rooms, look for high-quality, standout pieces designed with clean lines, with no fussy design details or busy patterns. Don’t acquire more furniture than the room really needs. Chances are you can do without all those end tables and extra chairs.

Make one exceptional, stylish piece of furniture be the focal point for each room, and don’t over-furnish or over-decorate the space around it.

Then avoid the urge to smother the couch or sectional with tons of blankets and throw pillows. Let the furniture speak for itself.

Streamline Artistic Expression

Instead of filling every wall with pictures, choose just one accent wall, eliminating excessive decor elements around it. Let one work of art dominate that space, reducing any competition for attention.

Leave Plenty of Open Space.

Resist the urge to fill every corner and surface of the room with ornaments and knickknacks. It’s the open space, unencumbered by any visual clutter, that creates the feeling of calm and tranquillity you’re craving.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a great view out the window, install only simple, streamlined window treatments or no window treatments at all to highlight that view.

Minimalist decor is all about making careful choices and choosing the best quality furnishings and decor over the number of items. You can turn any room into a beautiful showcase that you’d be happy to entertain and live in, with some thoughtful decision-making.

8 Items To Elevate Your Home Decor

Ever felt like your home space is getting a little dull and boring these days? If so, fret not, for we have just the perfect recommendations for you. The items we are recommending do not cost a bomb and are safe choices by the standards of design experts. 

You will realise that decorating your home space does not require expensive and loud statement pieces. The unassuming, small articles strewn across your room are critical to creating a sense of coziness and homeliness, which many people fail to realise.

The items listed below may be small but provide a big and substantial boost to your room’s aesthetic in various ways that are often neglected and overlooked. Be it refurbishing your current living space or decorating your new place, keep an eye out for these handy trinkets to perfect your house’s look and homey vibes. 


Besides memorabilia, souvenirs, and items of sentimental value, decor with colours is highly recommended to bring some much-needed life and vibrancy to your living space. Textiles, especially pillows, are a great way to achieve this. Get yourself some cushions, and you can buy some pillow covers of various colours and interesting prints. This allows you to switch up the styles of these pillows once in a while to spice things up.


Another nifty interior design trick is to utilise removable wallpapers. Removable wallpapers, as their names suggest, can be removed and switched to something else whenever you are up for some change. Pop them on your walls, floors and even pieces of furniture. Additionally, they save you lots of trouble, unlike conventional painting. Removable wallpapers are the go-to choices for those who are big on trends and have a limited budget to work around with. Instead of getting new pieces of furniture, one can consider attaching these removable wallpapers to your current furniture to give them a much-needed facelift. Go ham with bright colours or playful prints, and you can replicate interesting looks like those seen in popular music videos online.

Family Photos

Although we are now living in the digital era and hardly ever print our photos anymore, consider printing some of your favourite family moments – birthdays, vacations, and any memorable milestone events. Printed family photos in a fancy or simple plain frame of your choice help to add a sense of personal touch to your home that is simply impossible to get elsewhere. Experiment with different frames and stands. You can also choose not to use them at all and opt for pins, stickers, or magnets to display them in various spaces in your home. Those not big on family portraits can also use any other photos of sentimental value instead.



Another affordable designing hack is bringing nature into your home, literally. Greenery such as potted plants can make any room look more alive and fresh. Instead of using harvested flowers that have to be replaced after they wither, consider caring for a living plant instead. There is a wide variety of plants that do not require much care and attention and those who absolutely do not have the capacity for living plants can go for faux ones too. There are many things you can do with plants instead of just placing them in a corner or on a coffee table; such as going for the vertical garden trend or hanging them. This is a great idea for homes with limited space and can give your home a more modern twist.


Mirrors are often associated with magic tricks and we can definitely see why. This nifty item can help brighten up rooms and even give the illusion that the rooms are bigger than they actually are. To maximise the effects of mirrors, their placement plays a huge part and hence, we suggest fixing them strategically in line with any natural light sources coming into your home. This allows the mirrors to reflect more light into your rooms. Although big mirror pieces are the best for this, moderate-sized mirrors can get the job done as well.

Small Sculptures

Playful, eye-catching sculptures come in petite and portable sizes that are great for homeowners looking for interesting ways to switch things up without committing the huge sum of money and space that comes with big statement pieces. Similar to printed family photos, vintage souvenirs or other sentimental pieces work in the same way and comes with the added plus of a familial and personal touch. Personal handicrafts such as ceramics are also great alternatives and serve as a subtle flex and conversation topics with your house visitors. These items are best placed on a bookcase or coffee table to help break the monotony of a room.

Statement Lights

Our lighting choices can make a huge difference to the styling of rooms with multiple constraints. A sculptural lamp or any appropriate light stand can help to bring a dramatic element to your room. Smaller lighting variants such as lava lamps and neon lights are popular lighting choices and can be both dramatic and fun depending on the color of the lighting, how they are designed, and styled accordingly with the room. The key takeaway here is to steer off conventional lampstands and lighting choices and experiment with the lighting of different shapes and finishes instead.

Tabletop Touches

Adding different fun items on the dinner table such as statement napkin rings is also recommended. Tablecloths are another aspect of the dining table that you can experiment with. Textiles help to smoothen the sharp lines of a square or rectangular table. Wool and cotton are textile choices that are great to add a soft and homey vibe, while silk can be used during a celebration or whenever the occasion calls for some propriety. Do not neglect the color of napkins as well, because they can be used strategically to bring a splash of life to the table with little effort. 

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