What Are The Home Decor Ideas In Melbourne?

So, whether you're building a designer house, thinking about home decorating ideas on a budget, looking for contemporary decor or country home decor, creating a scrapbook of display home photos you love, or are even stumped when it comes to patio decorating ideas, we've rounded up more home ideas than we know what to do with.

If you're worried about information overload, scroll and look at the house designs and interior design images.

Natural Tones

Pandemic or not, neutral hues have translated into our homes for the past few years. These colours calm and anchor us from monochromatic neutral loungewear to earthy wall prints. Room decor ideas include translating this to your home with designer homewares pieces, earthy-toned pillows and throws, and wall prints with organic shapes.

Vintage Is In

Items that feel lived-in and worn give the feeling of comfort. Add in sleek lines and cool colours like walnut furniture and industrial homewares.

Being Calm

The desire to have a tranquil home is high, and calming and soothing tones and items are highly demanded. Room decor ideas like this can add a dose of calmness; think cosy throws that can also add texture to your couch or bed or pretty planters that add a dose of nature to your space.

Smart Lighting

Add in function to your home with lighting solutions that are stylish and extremely functional. Home decor ideas for the living room include the Point Floor Lamp has an integrated switch at the top, which allows you to set the brightness or dimness with just a tap.

Walls And Hues

More than white walls, a dash of colour is in! Opt for earthy tones like our 2022 Trend Forecast, where heritage colours and pastels combined with browns and beiges create a nurturing feel. Contemporary shades of blue and yellow draw upon tradition but through a modern lens.

Grand Millennium Vibe

The grand millennium style has a grandmother's inspiration for a modern home. This trend is also considered eco-friendly as it gives life to old items. In choosing a trend or two to incorporate into your home, take your pick wisely and make sure this is something you'll love for many seasons as well.

Open Floorplans

Building from scratch or renovating upon a floorplan leaves much to be desired? Instead, try embracing an open floorplan that makes the most light and position over two storeys. Ideal for a modern build, an atrium-style entrance or living space will keep the family feel connected at all times.

Sustainable Builds

When it comes to new home design ideas, sustainable, eco-friendly materials are fast gaining popularity, as is technology. If you're looking to reduce your footprint in your next build, do some research into the following: Solar panels, rainwater tanks, passive design principles, recycled building materials and green roofs.

Floor-To-Ceiling Glass Windows

Far from a typical country house design, this contemporary home on the Mornington Peninsula features floor-to-ceiling glass windows that look over an expansive deck. If you too have a view in your home, why not open your home up to the elements and let the view speak for itself?

Home In Melbourne

Traditional Hallways

Hall design ideas are often an afterthought in renovation and new builds alike but should be considered as hallways create a first impression of the home and set the tone for the rest of the interior style. Whether a traditional or out-of-the-box hallway, the arch invites guests into your home and makes you feel at ease.

Embrace Smart Technology

Technology and smart homes are growing in popularity. But, when it comes to home design and decor, most homeowners overlook technology and leave it to the last minute.

Sam Buckby, an electrical expert at Smarter Buildings by SB, says: "In nine out of 10 renovations, the technology aspect of the reno is left until the last minute". Sam recommends planning technology and smart home functionality early and working with the architects and builders to make as much technology as possible invisible.

Technology should be considered for the outdoor areas, like what heating and cooling options you might need or the latest speakers and cooking technology for entertaining.

Tip: Next time you're checking out house design photos or display home photos for inspiration, notice if the home's technology is obvious or hidden.

Neutral Interior Decorating

Decorating in a neutral colour palette creates a sense of calm in your home. Opt for shades like beige, white, grey, oatmeal, charcoal, soft peach and stone for a cohesive look. Of course, a pop of colour can always be added in later by plants, artwork or a statement rug.

Black Kitchen Cabinetry

When the time comes to design your kitchen, he'll spoil you for choice with everything from cabinetry options and benchtops to floor plan ideas and art decor.

This period-style home in Melbourne's inner north features a modern extension and interior home design with a contemporary kitchen with bold, black cabinetry. You'd be surprised to find out that black cabinetry can also make your space appear larger, so everyone's a winner.

Hamptons / Coastal Style :

This style has been very popular in Australian homes, and it is easy to understand why. The style provides a very homely, easy to live vibe and is not difficult to achieve. The style comes from the Hamptons in New York, where some of the most beautiful, luxurious beach houses are built.

If you haven't started watching "Million Dollar Beach House" on Netflix, I highly recommend having a squiz! Not for the cheesy drama between the real estate agents, but for the multimillion-dollar Hamptons homes they are selling! They are jaw-droppingly beautiful!

A Hamptons style incorporates all of the elements you would expect to see at the beach. The main colour palette is a neutral mix of beige, very soft grey and white (like the sand and shells) with accents of Blue from the ocean.

Raw wood is a key material used in a Hamptons home, reflecting the driftwood washing up on the beach. Furniture is generally upholstered in a crisp white linen or cotton fabric. Natural rope is often used as curtain ties, detailing on furniture or used on ornaments.

Sea Urchins are used as decoration to enhance the feeling of being by the beach. And corroded metal can be seen on lighting, clocks, or bookcases frames to mimic the salty, corrosive nature of the beach air.

Where Does This Style Work Best?

This style works best in large open plan homes with ample natural light gushing through big glass windows. It is common to find an all-white kitchen with natural linen barstools lining the kitchen island. White marble can be used in the bathroom with a beautiful light grey vanity to contrast against it.

Natural wooden floorboards line the house's living areas with soft cream carpets in the bedrooms to enhance that "holiday" feeling between your toes. Your furniture should be of a bigger scale as this style is all about sinking into the furniture and relaxing.

A deep-seated sofa is a must and feather filled if possible. And lastly, the most obvious and necessary feature within a Hamptons home is the white plantation shutters over the windows!

French Provincial Interior Design Styles

AKA French Country style.

It is a style that people often confuse with "Hamptons". Hamptons focuses heavily on a coastal feel, Frech Provincial focuses on the countryside. They are similar in that they use a soft colour palette that derives from nature, but a French Provincial style is typically more ornate and delicate than the simple Hamptons look.

This style is also very popular amongst Australians as it gives a very warm, cosy and homely feel. The French Provincial style originated in Provence, south of France, during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

In a French Provincial style, the colour palette is often warm neutrals with softer pops of duck egg blue, mint or sage green and mustard yellow. This style uses natural materials like carved wood, linen, and wool.

While this style is not fussy or pretentious, there is a strong appreciation for the finer details. Everything is thoughtfully designed within this style.

Home In Melbourne

How To Achieve This Look?

You could achieve this look in a bedroom by adding an upholstered, tufted bedhead with crisp linen bedsheets and a thick woollen throw. The rustic wooden bedside tables would be very ornate, with carved detailing and antique brass table lamps.

You will find a wooden trestle table or pedestal table with imperfections in the wood carved from in a dining room. A table runner made from natural linen would draw the eye to the fresh flowers displayed in a porcelain vase.

A living room might display some ornately carved armchairs with high backs and multiple cushions of different patterns spread across the sofa. Ornaments with chipped paint would not be uncommon to find in this wonderful style.

Hollywood Glamour

This style dates back to the 1930s during Hollywood's "Golden Ages". There is nothing casual about this style as it celebrates the decadent and fabulous from Hollywood. Everything about this design trend is opulent, luxurious and excessive. It's great! If you feel like you are overdoing it, you are doing it right!

It is easy to see a connection to the Mid Century style through the clean lines and silhouettes on furniture. But the materials used in a Hollywood Glam style are nowhere to be seen in a Mid-century look.

You will not find wood in its raw form in a Hollywood Glam interior as the design style does not believe in "less is more". The shinier it is, the better (think lacquered)! You can also find references to the Art Deco style through the geometric patterns, metallic accents and bold colours.

How To Bring Hollywood Glam To Your Home?

There is no distinctive colour palette to the Hollywood Glam look. But usually, you'll find bold pops of colour instead of muted tones. Think Emerald Green, not Sage Green. Contrasting colours are commonly found in this style.

In one space, you might find Fuschia Pink, Azure Blue and Canary Yellow against a black and white tiled floor, complete with gold accents. Bold patterns are often repeated within accessories and wallpapers.

The furniture within a Hollywood glam setting tends to be smaller as this era was all about entertaining and preserving the available space for entertaining guests. Rich velvets, silks and animal hydes are very common materials used in this style.

Home Decor Ideas For Kitchen

Add some open shelving to your kitchen and display your collection of homewares. Pretty trays and interesting objects can add an accent to your kitchen counter, plus they're great for serving too.

Home Decor Ideas For Home Office

Spruce up your working space for extra inspiration by adding pots and planters for your plant babies. Even as standalone items, they can sure brighten up your space with their bright hues.

Kids Room Decorate your kids' room with homewares such as hooks for toys and clothes and a wall light that can be both decorative and functional. Multiple storage items work great such as a chest of drawers and cabinets to keep clutter away.

Home Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

There's always room for home decor ideas for small homes. There's no need for such a valuable space to exist in your home but to create a place where you'll feel comfortable and rested even when your area isn't as generous.

Wall Art

Wall art and decor can be statement pieces. You can gravitate towards many styles like organic shapes from the Poster Club, geometric mixed media portraits from Brent Rosenberg, or prints from various places from the Middle of Nowhere.

Plant Pots & Holders

Gone are the days of just plain old plant holders. The Tone Planter from Lightly has two hues that can be great accent pieces. Burlap planters from Zakkia also offer a natural aesthetic for a closer to nature feel.


Beautiful vases can create visual interest in any room. From glass, ceramic or metal vases as well as floor height ones, they're not only pretty to look at but add accents to most of your living areas.

Bloomingville's vase selection offers natural shapes and colours reminiscent of nature. At the same time, a Balloon vase from the Middle of Nowhere is dainty and elegant and can elevate your room.


Aside from the ultimate sofa experience, cushions add depth and texture to your living room. You can add plush cushions from solid colours like the Felix Velvet Cushion or colourful ones like the Cilla Cushion to your space.


Add a finishing touch to your home with the right ambience. Light fixtures like the Leo Table Lamp and Dome Table Lamp are great additions and can serve as eye candy.

How Can I Diy And Decorate My Home With Simple Things?

Looking for ways to update your home on a budget and a project to complete simultaneously? These DIY home decor ideas for bedrooms include pairing amazing furniture and homewares with a fun DIY home decor ideas list.

  • Cover old furniture and appliances with contact paper or vinyl paper to refresh your old items.
  • Hang some art and create a gallery wall with our guide for creating a gallery wall. Try it with different materials.
  • Paint your doorway a different hue than the rest of your home - easy and instant accent!
  • Dress up your plain old doormat with a chosen word, stencil and spray paint.
  • Peel and stick tiles instantly liven up your flooring or countertops.
  • Tiled tables are taking over social media, and you can DIY this yourself with an old table, tile sheets, adhesive and grout.

To truly make your home yours, always add in pieces that you'll love and will stand the test of time. At RJ Living, our furniture and homewares suit different interiors, and we know for sure that there's a piece in our range that you'll surely love.

Whether it's home office decor ideas or adding styling pieces to your bookshelves, our home decor selection covers many styles and budgets that are suited for all homes.

We've got what you need to complete your home decoration needs. So your house can get the uplift it needs and make you enjoy your room better. Visit our homewares collection online or come by our showroom to see them first hand; you'll never run out of inspiration for your house and more.


So, if you are looking for some home decor ideas in Melbourne, be sure to check out the amazing selection of furniture and accessories at these stores. You're sure to find something that will help you create the perfect space for your needs. 

FAQs About Home Builders

  • Set The Tone At The Front Door. Alamy.
  • Paint Wall Colours Light And Neutral. Bruce Buck. 
  • Living Area: Make Sure Your Sofa Talks To Your Chairs.
  • Let The Sun Shine In Your Kitchen. 
  • Hang At Least One Mirror In Every Room. 
  • Scale Artwork To Your Wall.
  • Layer Your Lighting.
  • Anchor Rugs Under Furniture Feet.
  • Mirrors give the illusion of space. 
  • A small mirror can become a cute decoration.
  • Put a beautiful and practical jar organiser on the wall.
  • A colourful print on curtains can refresh any room. 
  • Hang curtains closer to the ceiling to create the illusion of large windows.

Modern design is an interior style characterised by a monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. It refers specifically to a historical aesthetic movement during the early to mid-twentieth century.

While you might not be surprised to learn that ranch homes are the national favourite, with 34 states claiming them as most popular, you may not have expected them to beat out the second-favourite style by more than double (modern homes are most popular in only 15 states). Americans love single-story living!

Interior decorating is the art of decorating a residential home or commercial business according to a client's personal preferences and style. It includes selecting colour schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories. It transforms an area into an aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly design.

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