Creating Melbourne Home Designs for your life and tailoring our services to your needs.

We build the foundation of Home Builders business on innovation and sustainability, as well as style, quality and customer service, which has seen the company take out various industry awards for business excellence and innovative home designs.

  • Tailored Home Design

  • Duplex Construction

  • House & Land Packages

  • Single & Double Storey Homes

  • Knock-Down Rebuild

Providing only the best design and housing for Melbourne residents.

Home Builders has extensive experience designing, managing and creating home builds of every size and shape.

At Home Builder, we’re committed to being one of the most affordable building companies Melbourne’s housing industry has to offer in 2021. As such, we offer our clients an array of options when they’re building a new home, along with a tour inside one of our display homes. Clients can choose from a variety of home styles and floor plans that suit their budget, or they can work with our designers to create a home that’s entirely customised.

The Home Builders difference.

Choosing the best new home building company for your needs can be a challenge. Home Builders has become the ‘go to’ builder for people looking for a home that offers excellent quality at a great value price. We’re a debt-free, family owned business based in Melbourne, Victoria, with a proud history of stability, quality and growth.

Whether you want to modify one of our industry-leading house designs or design something completely custom for our luxury home builders to bring to life, we work with you to create the home of your dreams.

Higher ceilings, seamless indoor to outdoor living and multi-functional spaces are just a taste of what our house designs offer — our high-end luxury home designs are made for Melbourne living in 2021.

Contact us and we can book you a viewing to one of our display homes!

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Housing Industry Association (HIA) Renovation/Addition Project $800,001 To $1 Million

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Our winning services.

Over the past decade, we’ve earned a reputation as the best home building company in Melbourne & Victoria in 2021, and completed thousands of custom & project built homes across the metropolitan area. From our wide range of modern home designs and long list of luxury home inclusions to our highly trained customer service team, we’re committed to bringing your dream family home to life.

Start your dream home journey with Home Builders today

At Home Builders, our new homes, are where inspiration & innovation comes to life. It’s where our original architectural design concepts evolve with your style; & sketches on paper display into your dream, turning potential into purpose, style into substance & vision into vibrancy.

Our south east based designs are a breath of fresh air, offering an unsurpassed flow that enhances & lifts life’s magical everyday moments to provide you with a life overflowing with MORE fun, freedom & memories.

But don't take our word for it, have a look at some of our stunning completed projects:

Mjs Luxury New Home Builders Melbourne 03

18 Juniper Ave, Glen Waverley

Mjs Split Level Home Builders Melbourne 08

59 St Georges Rd, Elsternwick

Mjs Best Home Builders Melbourne 07

107 Greythorn Rd, Balwyn

Mjs Energy Efficient Home Builders 01

3 Batesford Rd, Chadstone

Mjs Melbourne Home Builders 09

7 Jillian Ave, Highett

Mjs Home Builders Melbourne 01

14 South Avenue, Bentleigh

Mjs Private Home Builders Melbourne 04

1 Beddoe Ave, Bentleigh East

Mjs Budget Home Builders Melbourne 01

36 Hunter Street, Carnegie

Mjs Custom Home Builders 06

29 Besant St, Hampton

Mjs Eco Home Builders Melbourne 07

1687 Malvern Rd, Glen Iris

Mjs Designer Home Builders Melbourne 05

6 Rowan Ave, Bentleigh East

Mjs Architectural Home Builders Melbourne 08

68 Latrobe Street, Mentone

Mjs Custom Home Builders West Melbourne 15

63 Dalgetty Rd, Beaumaris

Mjs Good Home Builders 01

2 Belsize Avenue, Carnegie

Mjs Residential Home Builders Melbourne 01

27 Somers Street, Bentleigh

Mjs Cottage Home Builders 04

39 Hawksburn Ave, South Yarra

Mjs Home Builders Luxury Melbourne 04

75 Orange St, Bentleigh East

Mjs Green Home Builders Melbourne 04

47 Ludwell Cres, Bentleigh East

Mjs Melbourne Home Builders 02

31 Gwenda Ave, Moorabbin

Mjs Best Dual Occupancy Home Builders 01

73 Stockdale Ave, Bentleigh East

Mjs Dual Occupancy Home 01

14 Vasey St, Bentleigh East

Our partners.

Building beautiful Melbourne homes for the modern family with the right brands.

Located in Melbourne, Home Builders is your award-winning homebuilder, of quality homes, modern design, pools and landscapes for over 20 years.

Build Your Dream Home with the Best Home Builders in Melbourne, Victoria

Get in touch to start building a house today!

Whether you’ve purchased a new plot of land in a growing subdivision or are looking to knock down, rebuild in an established suburb and get value for your money, we’ll help you build a house you and your family will love living in. Check out our blog for all the latest news and showcases of select home design.

Visiting our display homes in Melbourne is a good way to start your home-building journey, regardless of whether you are looking to build a new home, or planning a knock-down rebuild of your existing home. Each of our display centres are tailored to suit your local area; so if you’re staying local, proximity counts.

Your new home journey starts here. An award-winning Melbourne home builder you can trust.

We build each one of the new homes as if it was our own. As a Home Builders client, you can rest  easy knowing that your dream home will be quality from the inside out.  It shouldn't come as any news that we commit to a dedicated build time-frame so you can move in and start living in your new home as soon as possible. Our new home builders take pride in completing homes before the end of the contract period whilst also offering the best home design on the market, along with all the latest trends in home design. This is modern living at its finest

  • Quality homes
  • Superior inclusions
  • Designs for any site
  • Award-winning home designs
  • Independent quality assurance checks
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Efficient build time, move in sooner
  • Longevity
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Best Free Home And Interior Design Tools, Apps And Software

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Cheap But Awesome Diy Home Decor

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Beginners Guide To Interior Design And Decorating On A Budget

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Can Home Design Help You Be Healthier?

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Interior Designer

What Are the Major Differences Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating?

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Roof Restoration

What Is a Roof Restoration?

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What Are the Benefits of Having an Interior Designer?

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When Is The Right Time To Renovate Your House?

Home renovations are an expected cost of home ownership since as your home ages, various components become damaged or obsolete. ...
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What Renovations Are Worth Doing?

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What Increases My Home Value?

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Is It Cheaper To Build Out Or Up? Home Builder Melbourne

What Home Improvements Do Not Add Value?

If you intend to sell your home in the near future, you could be tempted to make an excessive number ...
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How Do I Find A Reputable Home Builder? Home Builder Melbourne

Is It Cheaper To Build An Extension Or Move?

A moment comes, for many people, when living space starts to feel a little tight at home. Sometimes as the ...
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Home Builders Melbourne

Should I Build An Addition Or Move?

One day, every family will need to find a way to expand their living quarters to accommodate their growing numbers. ...
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Orangery Melbourne

Is An Orangery Cheaper Than An Extension?

You might have a friend who recently had an extension built onto their house and is now calling it an ...
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Home Builders Is A Two Story House Cheaper To Build?

Is It Cheaper To Build Out Or Up?

It's going to cost you a lot of money to build a house. This is why it's important to give ...
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Mjs Custom Home Builders 03

How Much Value Does An Extra Bedroom Add?

If the lack of space in your house is becoming a major issue, but you don’t want to move, you’re ...
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Floor Plan

How Much Does It Cost To Draw Up House Plans?

You have great plans for the house of your dreams, including more room for the kids to spread out, updated ...
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How Much Does An Extension Add Value?

Many of our customers who are considering a home addition want to know if it will be worthwhile financially. In ...
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Conservatory Melbourne

Is It Cheaper To Have An Extension Or Conservatory?

You can choose between a conservatory and an extension if you want to make your house larger. Both offer benefits ...
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Extension Home Melbourne

Will An Extension Add Value?

Seeing your home's value rise over time is one of the most satisfying aspects of property ownership. Do house extensions ...
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Home Extension Melbourne

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of An Extension?

Many of us are choosing to build an extension to our homes rather than selling and moving due to high ...
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Home Renovation Melbourne

What Is The Cheapest Way To Extend Your House?

Home extensions are an excellent solution for small-space households. Whether you're not quite ready to relocate but need extra room ...
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Melbourne Townhomes

Is A Townhouse A Good Starter Home?

Many first-time homebuyers find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer variety of housing options available to them, particularly in densely populated ...
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Melbourne Are Townhouse Worth It

Is Townhouse A Good Investment?

What do you think of trying your hand at being a real estate magnate? In a housing market that is ...
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Townhome Melbourne

Do Townhomes Hold There Value?

Townhomes, which require less upkeep than single-family houses, may be a good option for first-time purchasers. One issue that may ...
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Melbourne Landscape Principle

Should I Buy Land And Build A House?

Many city dwellers have romanticised the idea of escaping to a rural acreage, and there are benefits to doing so. ...
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Melbourne Extension Kitchen

Why Are Older Houses Built Better?

You can't deny the character and quality that an older home adds to your life. There's also the matter of ...
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Home Renovation Melbourne

How Do I Put An Extension On My House?

House extensions are a great option for those who are reluctant to relocate but may use more living space because ...
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Melbourne House Renovation

How Can I Save Money On An Extension?

If you're trying to save money, you can first consider avoiding getting an extension (or a loft conversion). Borrowing money ...
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Architect Melbourne

Do I Need An Architect For An Extension?

There is a wide range in both the size and expense of building extensions. But, if the project is effectively ...
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Home For Type B Mom

Are Architects Poor?

Construction is a hard art. Not everyone who believes they should be an architectural should become one. As opposed to ...
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Home Builders Solar Panels

30+ Best Solar Installers In Melbourne [2022]

Solar panels, also known as modules, contain photovoltaic cells made from silicon that transform incoming sunlight into electricity rather than ...
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About Home Builders

The Experts In Dual Occ The Experts In Dual Occ Dual occupancy homes are a great way to maximise the ...
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