How Do I Make My House Feel Cozy For Winter?

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    As the days become shorter and the temperature drops, we find ourselves longing for warm, hearty meals. This can only mean one thing: winter has arrived in full force. Even if we've been spending a lot of time indoors lately, we need to prepare for the worse and enter a state of semi-hibernation. And if we're being totally forthright, we're not even complaining! It's true that during the colder months, nothing beats relaxing on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate.

    Having a warm and welcoming home makes it much simpler to welcome the cooler months. If you want to create a warm and inviting space in winter, how can you best capture the Hygge spirit?

    It's normal for individuals to feel down in the dumps during the winter months, what with having to commute in sub-zero temperatures, having their immune systems weaken, and having to remember to bring an umbrella everywhere they go.

    How To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter?

    Use Comfortable Hues

    A monochromatic, simple colour scheme is lovely, but it doesn't exactly scream "cosy." A home that feels too cool may benefit from the introduction of some warmer tones.

    All the shades of the colour wheel between blue and red are considered warm colours. Mustard, burgundy, and fall oranges are some warm, on-trend tones for your house. Your home will feel warmer and more welcoming immediately after incorporating these colours.

    The excellent thing is that you may give your home a winter facelift without repainting every room. Adding a few warm-toned accents, such as pillows, carpets, and vases, may completely transform a room.

    FAQs About Making My House Feel Cozy For Winter

    • Simple changes you can make to keep the warmth in and the cold out.
    • Insulate floors, walls and ceilings.
    • Ensure warm air can circulate.
    • Cover hard floors with rugs.
    • Use curtains, blinds and shutters.
    • Track down and seal drafts.
    • Switch ceiling fans to reverse.
    • Pile on the cozy throw blankets.
    • Change up your toss pillows.
    • Candles, candles, and more candles.
    • Add home decor pieces that make you smile.
    • Decorate your mantle.
    • Add or change your curtains.
    • Decorate with plants.
    • Accessorize with books and board games.
    • Add Touches of Wood.
    • Create Ambiance with Lighting.
    • Choose a Dramatic Bed.
    • Go for Calming Colors and Natural Materials.
    • Add Area Rugs.
    • Cover the Windows.
    • Shut Out Tech.
    • Remember That Minimal Doesn’t Mean Boring.

    A house that feels homey has a certain vibration in the air, one that makes you feel calm as soon as you enter it. It feels lived in, loved, warm, and accessible. Homes feel homey when they are filled with things that you love, with the people that you love, in the ways that make the most sense for your life.

    Australian houses are mainly designed to keep us cool in summer rather than warm in winter, so they are often hard (or costly) to heat. Thus the quality of housing that people can access is critical in shaping their exposure to or protection from cold conditions.

    Let There Be Light

    It's not just for taking killer selfies that good lighting is crucial. With the flip of a switch, you can transform your area from "chilly AF" to "chilled winter vibes" by adding warm, mood lighting. Some quick ways you may achieve this is by cutting up few fairy lights and adding some interesting lamps about your home. To make the room feel cosier, try swapping out your current bulbs for LED bulbs in a warmer hue. Be sure the bulbs you buy are energy-efficient, though, to minimise your impact on the environment.

    Beautiful candles are another excellent method for creating a relaxing ambience in the home. The soft glow of candlelight casts a wonderful glow over a room, making it ideal for a relaxing bath or a passionate evening in.

    Play With Texture

    pexels pavel danilyuk 6667394

    The following piece of advice is all about becoming cosy. The secret to achieving that cosy Hygge vibe is to use lots of rich, warm materials. This necessitates an abundance of soft, cuddly blankets and cushions for lounging about on. Consider items like knit scarves, faux fur blankets, and afghans.

    Wood and terracotta are two other cosy materials for home that aren't quite as cuddly. Put these together with your gentler textures, and you'll have a home that's fit for an issue of Domino.

    Get On The Scent

    Absolute odours CAN make you feel at home. What other word can you use to describe the intoxicating scent of freshly baked items wafting from the kitchen, or the clean, crisp scent of air moments after a shower, when you're wrapped in a cosy towel? Research has repeatedly shown that smell may have a strong effect on our mood, and if ya ask us, cosy is a mood in and of itself.

    A blend of candles, diffusers, and room sprays is the simplest method to fill your house with those comforting aromas. Warm, rich house fragrances are preferable than light, energising ones during the winter. Vanilla and cinnamon are usually appropriate, as are mystifying musks and woodsy odours. Our OUD combination is available in a wax candle, diffuser, or room spray, and it is deliciously dark, earthy, and decadent. It is the perfect way to achieve those cosy feelings!

    Layer Up

    We've all heard that layering up is key throughout the winter. Then, of least, you need the adorable shirt to wear under your jumper and overcoat so that you can remain stylish no matter the weather. The same is true of your house, by the way! Adding a variety of textures to your area gives it depth and makes it feel much more inviting.

    What is your process, then? Layering a thick, bulky knit over a silky bedspread is one way to achieve this effect. For a more contrasted look, you could drape a shaggy material over a wooden seat or a sleek leather lounge.

    Close The Blinds

    It's a good idea to close the blinds at night to keep the heated air in and to give yourself a sense of being "tucked in" for the night. In contrast, bare, cold window frames are not very inviting, so draw the blinds whenever you're ready to call it a night.

    Blanket Up

    Get a few inexpensive blankets and rugs to scatter around the living area. After a long, chilly day, there's nothing cosier than spending the evening tucked under a blanket. If you follow this piece of advice, you'll also reduce your heating costs because you won't have to keep the thermostat at an artificially high setting.

    Dot the Landscape with Niche Areas

    Create cosy alcoves with strategically placed pieces of furniture to warm up otherwise cold and impersonal areas. Do you have the space to set up a cosy reading nook with a large chair and some throw pillows, or to build a small nest out of couches or cushions in the living room? It's amazing how quickly you can transform your living room into a warm and inviting retreat with just a few throw cushions and blankets on the floor.

    Get in the holiday mood!

    Bake some cookies or whip up a batch of hot cocoa to really set the mood. If it’s harvest, you can adorn your home with vividly coloured leaves plus seasonal blooms. The cold weather prompts comfort foods like soup and bread.

    Close All Exits

    Although it may seem obvious, it is often helpful to be reminded that heating one room is much simpler than heating five. Close doors to retain heat, and install draught excluders to prevent cold air from seeping in under open ones.

    Put together a warm and inviting bed or sofa.

    In the colder months, you'll be spending a great deal of time inside, snuggled up on the couch. If you have leather couch, covered it with warm throw to actually remove the chill that make the area more pleasant. You can't have a good snuggling without a few extra toasty blankets nearby. The addition of a faux-fur throw to your bedroom is a smart purchase. Casually drape one across the end of the bed during the day, and add it as a bedding layer during the night.

    Indulge in Some Homemade Comfort Food

    Salad is the enemy of everyone on a chilly winter evening. Instead, it's the time of year for soups and soft foods, which are ideal for those who seek comfort food with no effort.

    Tuck Your Socks and Feet Into Some Comfortable Soles

    While bare hardwood floors are lovely in the summer, a thick, plush rug is a need in the winter. Leave your slippers besides the entrance so that you can change into them as soon as you enter the house. Keep a bath mat out so your feet don't get cold when you get out of the shower.

    Forest bathe yourself

    When it's cold and dreary outdoors, bringing some greenery inside may brighten up the space immediately. Because of this, enormous magnolia branches with their large, beautifully coloured blossoms are sure to be appreciated by everybody who sees them.

    Ways To Warm Up Your Interiors This Winter

    Embrace Natural Materials

    tetiana shyshkina yl9ruxs5i9c unsplash

    Natural materials such as wood, clay, and fabrics can be combined to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere in your home. To ground the space and create an inviting atmosphere, we utilised a wool running rug from Provincial.

    Moody Colour Palette

    To stay warm in the winter, choose a dark and rich colour, like a charcoal or a wine red if you're not afraid of colour. Rich greens and navy are other on-trend colour options that create a comfortable, comforting vibe.

    You can use one of these deeper colours as a backdrop for a lighter accent colour, like a cream or light grey with a hint of warm metallic.

    Vintage Metals

    In summer, copper and gold were the "it" metallic finishes, but this winter, brushed and aged steel are taking over. Early Settler's enormous round mirror captures the round mirror and tarnished metallic trends with its antiqued finish including lovely darkening and tarnishing.

    Put some heat in the bathroom

    When transitioning our homes from to winter, the bathroom is often overlooked. However, with a few simple upgrades, you can make this room cosier for the coming season. You can easily get this look by choosing towels in darker tones, like these dark Free towels, and setting up a little vignette with a candle in a wintery aroma, goods in pharmaceutical-style bottles, and a few bristles or bursts of natural materials.

    Constructed in a Series of Increasingly Complex Layers

    This season, we're witnessing a comeback of the velvet patchwork, and you can get tonnes of excellent buys in a variety of colours and styles at Canberra Outlet, so go ahead and pile on the sheets and pillows on the bed, as well as the drapes and scatter seats on the couch and the occasional chair. Adding more than one throw to your bed, whether it be a leather, hide, or chunky knit, will make for a sumptuously enticing sight.

    Put together a cosy nook.

    Rather than mope about the fact that this is going to be one of the snowiest in decades, why not accept the coldness and make yourself a nice little reading nook to curl up in at midnight with a hot beverage?

    Comfy and attractive occasion chairs like this one by Focus In Furniture are becoming significantly more cheap. Add a cushion and a bedspread, like this pom one of these from Adairs, for extra cosiness. Your winter haven is complete after you add this on-trend side table to the space. There's nothing quite like sipping a mug of hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire, and if you're in the mood to make something truly delicious, you can find a recipe for a frothy beverage topped with whipped cream and chocolate particles on the Lindt webpage.

    Aromas of Winter

    The sense of smell is equally as important as sight when it comes to winterizing your home's aesthetics. Choose some winter-appropriate scented candles and put away the lime and coconut ones you had burning all summer. Use aromatics that have a hint of spice or use pure essential oils.

    Create Book Stacks

    Books can be used as a year-round styling prop, but they're especially useful in the colder months until you want to give the impression of cozying up indoors with a nice read.

    Even without any further embellishment, a pile of three or more books makes a stylish statement. Stacking some books laterally and some vertically adds visual appeal.

    Real Or Artificial Branches

    Leaves are another way of incorporating nature into a home. Few of our favourites were Magnolia, Redwood or cotton flowers. You may get a wide variety of artificial branches that seem just like the genuine thing, and both of these options have a longer lifespan than fresh flowers. You can find several types of tree limbs, such as magnolia, lamb's ear, and eucalyptus, at places like Freedom and Early Settler.

    Exhibit Decorative Pillows and Throws

    But once you thought your duvet or couch could not hold much more, we recommend piling on even more! It's simple to make your home feel more inviting by making use of the open storage space provided by a wooden table or by folding a gray striped neatly and placing it on a couch.


    To achieve that warm and fuzzy Hygge feeling, you'll need some quality lighting. Changing to LED lights of a warmer colour temperature is an effective means of accomplishing this. Using attractive candles is another great option for making the house feel more cosy and inviting. Use numerous plush blankets and pillows to enhance visual interest and comfort. In the colder months, a rich, comforting scent for the home is more desirable than a fresh, energising one.

    Last but not least, the best approach to fill your home with soothing scents is with a combination of candles, diffusers, and room sprays. In order to stay warm this winter, layering is essential. Including a range of textures into a space makes it feel warmer and more lived-in. Tuck yourself into bed with the blinds closed to keep the warm air in and to feel more secure. Make use of furniture placement to make cosy nooks in otherwise impersonal spaces.

    Spread low-priced blankets and rugs all throughout the living room to keep warm. To get everyone in the spirit, make some cookies or some hot chocolate. Put some colourful leaves and flowers in vases around the house. Seal all windows and doors and put up draught excluders to keep the warm air in. Prepare a comfy couch or bed.

    Modifications That Add Coziness to Your Home's Interior Natural elements like wood, clay, and textiles can be embraced in Winter, along with a faux-fur throw, home-cooked comfort food, cosy socks, and shoes. Choose a dark and rich colour like charcoal or wine red to keep warm in winter, or go with a lighter accent colour like cream or light grey with a hint of warm metallic. There has been a revival of interest in old metals like brushed and aged steel, and Early Settler's massive circular mirror, with its antiqued surface, encapsulates both of these movements. Towels in deeper tones, a vignette with a candle with a wintery aroma, products in bottles that look like they came from a pharmacy, and some bristles or bursts of natural materials can all help to create a warmer and cosier atmosphere in the bathroom. There is a resurgence in popularity for velvet patchwork, so feel free to cover your bed, couch, and occasional chairs in the luxurious fabric.

    Make a comfy spot with a cushion and a bedspread to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee late at night. At long last, you can complete the room with this trendy end table. The text focuses on the use of open shelving, winter scents, book stacks, real or artificial branches, colourful pillows, and throws. Wintertime scents include pure essential oils, spicy aromatics, and scented candles. You may use book stacks as a decorative element all year long, but they are especially effective in the winter when you want to convey the feeling of being warm and comfortable inside while reading a good book. Artificial or synthetic branches can be purchased from stores like Freedom and Early Settler and last far longer than cut flowers.

    Content Summary

    • The key to creating a Hygge-like atmosphere is to make extensive use of luxurious, warm materials.
    • The easiest way to permeate your home with those soothing scents is to utilise a combination of candles, diffusers, and room sprays.
    • To Wrap Yourself with a Blanket
    • Get some low-priced throws and rugs to place around the family room.
    • Investing in a faux-fur throw to complement your bed is a no-brainer.
    • Many of us neglect the bathroom throughout the fall/winter changeover at home.
    • You can make this space feel more welcoming for the upcoming season with only a few easy adjustments, though.
    • Construct a warm and inviting space.
    • When it comes to making your home look presentable during the colder months, the sense of scent is just as crucial as the sense of sight.
    • A collection of three or more books makes a chic statement even when not embellished.
    • Aesthetic value is increased by alternating the horizontal and vertical orientations of the book stacks.
    • Whether you're making use of the open storage space offered by a wooden table or simply placing a nicely folded grey striped blanket on a couch, it's easy to make your home feel more welcome.
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