Top 10 Melbourne Contractors for Concrete Retaining Walls

Melbourne, a thriving metropolis known for its stunning architecture and ever-expanding urban landscape, is a city where innovation and construction harmoniously coexist. When it comes to creating stable foundations and enhancing the aesthetics of properties, concrete retaining walls stand as a testament to both strength and style.

In this blog, we're about to embark on a journey through Melbourne's construction scene, where we'll introduce you to the top 10 contractors who specialise in crafting concrete retaining walls. These experts have honed their skills to deliver robust and visually appealing solutions that not only hold back the earth but also elevate the overall look of your property.

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the leading contractors in Melbourne, each known for their commitment to quality and their ability to turn concrete into a work of art. Discover the top 10 professionals who can transform your retaining wall vision into reality and ensure the longevity and beauty of your property. Melbourne, get ready to meet your go-to experts for all things concrete retaining walls!

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    Southside Civil

    southside civil

    Southside Civil is a premier provider of retaining wall solutions in Melbourne, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal to enhance diverse landscapes. With a wealth of experience, they have become a trusted name for various retaining wall needs in the Melbourne area. Their expertise extends beyond just retaining walls to include decking, pergolas, and concrete slabs. Each project is crafted with precision and a commitment to quality, ensuring durability and style. Southside Civil aims to transform landscapes into functional masterpieces, providing clients with structures that stand the test of time.

    Services Offered

    • Concrete Retaining Walls: Durable and modern designs ideal for Melbourne's varied terrains.
    • Treated Pine Retaining Walls: Blends rustic charm with modern durability.
    • Pergolas & Decks: Custom-built outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.
    • Concrete Slabs: High-quality foundations for various structures, including homes and patios.

    Phone: 03 9988 9169

    Retaining Walls Melbourne

    retaining walls melbourne

    Retaining Walls Melbourne is a company that specialises in various retaining wall services, catering to both large and small projects. They boast strong, long-term relationships with suppliers, ensuring competitive pricing on materials, which allows them to offer cost-effective services to their customers. The company prides itself on delivering first-class service and quality workmanship, emphasising its commitment to providing value through its performance and pricing strategies.

    The services offered:

    • A wide range of retaining wall services
    • Competitive pricing through supplier relationships
    • First-class service and quality assurance
    • Free quotes for retaining wall projects

    Phone: 03 8457 1374

    Intrinsic Landscapes

    intrinsic landscapes

    Intrinsic Landscapes is a family-owned landscaping company in Melbourne that has been crafting beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for over a decade. They are dedicated to creating landscapes that seamlessly blend indoor comfort with the natural beauty of the outdoors, ensuring their designs are versatile and suitable for all-year-round enjoyment. The company prides itself on working closely with clients throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to design and construction, ensuring the final landscape reflects the client's lifestyle and preferences.

    The services offered:

    • Professional garden design and planting
    • Decking, paving, and retaining wall construction
    • Installation of synthetic turf and pool fencing
    • Design and creation of outdoor kitchens, entertaining areas, pool lounges, and dining areas
    • Use of natural, durable materials like stone, timber, and steel
    • Integration of modern materials and finishes
    • Addition of unique elements such as water features, plants, and turf

    Phone: 0400 573 880

    Green Exteriors

    green exteriors

    Green Exteriors is a landscape construction company located in Melbourne, specialising in high-quality landscape construction across the inner eastern suburbs. They offer comprehensive services for both small residential gardens and large estates, ensuring that each project is constructed with minimal disruption and results in an outdoor space that clients can enjoy and take pride in. With a commitment to the highest quality of landscape construction, Green Exteriors is fully registered and insured, boasting a team of qualified staff who handle all construction elements to provide a seamless service without needing multiple contractors.

    The services offered:

    • Landscape construction, including new builds, renovations, and garden revitalisations
    • Excavation with precision and safety for site preparation
    • Paving with expertise in enhancing the natural beauty of materials
    • Concrete work, including paths and driveways with various finishes
    • Timber work for pergolas, decking, and bespoke garden features
    • Retaining walls tailored to specific requirements using various materials
    • Irrigation system design and installation with modern technology
    • Steel pergolas for year-round outdoor living
    • Garden lighting design and installation to highlight garden features
    • Water feature installation, including ponds and fountains

    Phone: 0468 962 762

    Island Block & Paving

    island block paving

    Island Block & Paving offers a diverse range of DIY retaining wall blocks and systems that are designed for ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Their products include the Freestone ECO Retaining Wall Blocks, which are large, hollow, and self-locating for easy installation, suitable for a variety of retaining wall applications. The Freestone Rockface Retaining Wall Blocks provide a lightweight, textured finish that mimics sandstone, and the Garden Retaining Wall Blocks are designed for building straight, terraced, or curved walls with a 50mm setback for higher wall construction without reinforcement. They also offer DIY Wall Blocks that resemble "Lego" blocks for simple, mortar-free construction and Reinforced Concrete Blocks in various sizes and finishes, including a water-repellent option to prevent efflorescence and staining.

    The services offered:

    • Freestone ECO Retaining Wall Blocks for DIY vertical walls
    • Freestone Rockface Retaining Wall Blocks for walls up to 2.5 meters high
    • Garden Retaining Wall Blocks for terraced and curved walls
    • DIY Wall Blocks for easy, no-mortar construction
    • Reinforced Concrete Blocks for traditional wall construction

    Phone: 1800 004 499

    JBS Walls and Excavation

    jbs walls and excavation

    JBS Walls and Excavation, based in Narre Warren, Victoria, specialises in constructing premium retaining walls suitable for various properties, from small gardens to larger estates. The company is well-regarded in the community and is known for its high standards, thanks to its background in civil construction. They offer a comprehensive service that begins with expert advice and maintains transparency throughout the project to meet client expectations. JBS Walls and Excavation prides itself on sourcing high-grade materials from a network of suppliers, ensuring the durability and quality of their retaining walls.

    The services offered:

    • Construction of concrete sleeper retaining walls with a lifetime guarantee, available in various colours and patterns.
    • Timber sleeper walls using treated pine and hardwoods are known for their strength, versatility, and ease of use.
    • Rock walls are made from natural, durable materials that are low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

    Phone: 0430 508 502

    Sunset Sleepers

    sunset sleepers

    Sunset Sleepers is a company that has established itself as Australia's first Eco-Preferred Concrete Sleeper Manufacturer with Global GreenTagCert™ Verification. They offer a range of concrete sleepers suitable for various applications, including residential landscaping, commercial developments, civil projects, and public spaces. Their products are engineered and certified in Victoria and designed to be durable and long-lasting. They can be used in retaining walls up to 4.5 meters in height with the appropriate structural support.

    The services offered:

    • A range of concrete sleepers that are termite resistant do not rot, twist, shrink, and are not susceptible to termite and ant damage.
    • Engineer-certified concrete sleepers that can be used for retaining walls up to 4.5m in height.
    • Concrete sleepers are designed to last, offering a more economical solution compared to timber sleepers.

    Phone: 0410 818 242

    Green Schemes

    green schemes

    Green Schemes is a professional landscaping service that emphasises the importance of retaining walls in landscape design. Recognising that almost all landscapes require some form of retaining structure unless the terrain is completely flat, they offer a range of options from standard timber sleeper walls to textured pattern concrete sleepers that add visual interest to the landscape's levels. Their retaining walls are not only functional, preventing soil erosion and managing garden terrain, but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

    Services offered:

    • Construction of various types of retaining walls
    • Installation of both artificial and real lawn
    • Paving services, including cobble edge and limestone paving
    • Creation of tiered turf areas

    Phone: 0448443744

    Made By Mobbs 

    made by mobbs

    Made By Mobbs is a Melbourne-based landscape design and construction company that specialises in enhancing the value and usability of outdoor spaces. With a focus on bespoke residential properties in Melbourne's inner suburbs, they are committed to creating landscapes that complement the property, suit the client's lifestyle, and add value to the home. The company prides itself on its ethical approach, avoiding the use of plastics and pesticides in a way that minimises environmental impact. They offer a full range of services from design to construction and maintenance, ensuring a single point of contact throughout the project for peace of mind.

    Services offered:

    • Landscape design, construction, and maintenance
    • Natural timber decks and pergolas, including garden trellises
    • Paving, brickwork, and blockwork for paths, retaining walls, bench seats, and garden planters
    • Turfing options like TifTuf, Matilda Buffalo, and Sir Walter Buffalo
    • Outdoor lighting and garden & lawn irrigation systems

    Phone: 0412 917 507

    TS Excavations & Retaining Walls 

    ts excavations retaining walls

    TS Excavations & Retaining Walls is a Melbourne-based company that specialises in both residential and commercial earthmoving services. They are known for their skilled operators, and the ability to handle projects of various scales, from full landscape revamps to minor tidy-ups. With a focus on safety and efficiency, they utilise modern practices to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Their services cater to those with limited access requirements, with machinery capable of operating in tight spaces.

    The services offered:

    • Excavation services such as site clearing, trenching, levelling, landscaping, footings, under-house excavation, post holes, concrete, paving preparation, and swimming pool construction.
    • Retaining wall construction according to engineer drawings, including additional features like stairs, planter boxes, and bench seating.
    • Concreting services for various applications.
    • Tip truck services for civil construction, domestic and landscaping applications, rubbish removal, sand and soil delivery, and demolition clearing work.

    Phone: 0418 309 598

    Factors include wall height, materials, site preparation, accessibility, and additional features. Discuss these with your contractor to get an accurate estimate.

    Yes, many reputable contractors offer warranties on their workmanship and materials. Be sure to understand the terms and length of the warranty before signing the contract.

    First, discuss your concerns with the contractor. If issues persist, you can consider mediation or legal action. Having a detailed contract helps resolve disputes.

    Regularly inspect the wall for cracks, damage, or signs of erosion. Clean it as needed and address any issues promptly. Following your contractor's maintenance recommendations can help extend its lifespan.

    Yes, reclaimed materials like old bricks or stones can be used to build retaining walls for a unique, rustic look.

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