The Experts In Dual Occ

The Experts In Dual Occ

Dual occupancy homes are a great way to maximise the potential of your plot. There is much to consider when undertaking a dual occ build. The planning and approvals differ significantly from a standard build, as does the design and construction. It’s important to engage the experts – Home Builders are exactly that. Specialist dual occ builders servicing Bentleigh East, we are highly skilled with years of experience in dual occupancy builds.

What Is A Dual Occupancy Dwelling?

A dual occ. home is two dwellings on the one plot of land – also known as duplexes they can be on one title or subdivided into two. The dwellings can be attached via a shared wall, or completely separate. Each has its own entrance, amenities and yard. Dual occ homes require careful planning to ensure the maximum in privacy, space and sound proofing. Dual occ homes represent a great opportunity to maximise the value of your plot, giving you a home to live in and an investment on the side.

Does Your Choice Of Builder Matter?

Any builder can build a house, but not all builders are well versed in dual occ builds. You need to ensure that you engage the experts so that all aspects are considered and covered. Dual Occ builds can be complex and require special attention to detail. Our years of experience in building dual occupancy homes means we are perfectly positioned to handle every aspect from start to finish.

Our core pillars speak for themselves; deliver on time, deliver on budget, attention to detail and excellent communication. We want your experience to be stress free and full of excitement for the finished product. We handle every aspect of your build – all you need to do is move in and enjoy.

If you’re wanting a stress-free, expertly handled dual occ build, call us today for an obligation free consultation on (03) 9570 1826

Side By Side Dual Occupancy Designs

Side By Side Dual Occupancy Designs

If you have ever thought about building a side by side, dual occupancy dwelling, you’ll know there is much to consider. The most important aspect, is choosing the right design for your build. Home Builders can support you to not only choose the right design, but handle every step of the process. Servicing Bentleigh East faithfully for a number of years, we are committed to delivering quality homes to every client.

Does Design Really Matter?

It’s tempting to think that all dual occupancy builds are much the same. However there are many important factors to consider in the design. Each home needs to feel as independent of the other as possible. Privacy, sound proofing and optimal use of space are key considerations. Whether you require a tandem, duplex or corner build, our team is highly skilled and experienced. We can advise you about the optimal design for your property.

Dual occupancy homes are relatively common these days. However this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be carefully planned. As most dual occupancy builds represent a significant investment, the last thing you need is issues during construction. A budget blow-out could mean your investment takes longer to provide a return.

Why Choose Us For Your Dual Occupancy Build?

We believe we have the best designs for your build. We understand the complexities of a dual occupancy project and specialise in it. Choosing the correct dual occ builder to guide you through all stages of construction can be challenging. You need experts who can work alongside you from consultation to plans, budgets to approvals and right up to the handover. Building a dual occupancy dwelling doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. We guarantee to deliver on the promise, every time.

If you’re considering a dual occupancy build, call us today on (03) 9570 1826 for the best designs coupled with expert advice.

4 Questions to Ask Dual Occupancy Builders

4 Questions to Ask Dual Occupancy Builders

You’ve decided that instead of building a single family home on your block of land, a multi- unit build will be much more profitable and appealing. But before getting started, what questions should you be asking dual occupancy builders to ensure you get the best build for your needs.

Their Reputation

While you generally can’t establish the builder’s reputation simply by asking questions, you can do so by researching into their past developments and knowledge on your build. It is important to have a building team with a reputation for good communication and getting a job done on time and on budget. Multi-unit builds are big investments, so a dual occupancy builder with a good reputation should be part of that investment.

Their Portfolio

In your head, you have an idea of what you want your build to look like. You have an idea of the layout, the style, the materials used and so on. By looking through a builders portfolio, you’ll get a good idea of whether the builder you are speaking with can produce a multi-unit build that suits your vision and the standards you want to aim for. However, you shouldn’t rely just on photos. If you can arrange a visit to some completed projects, you’ll get a great idea of what the builder really can produce.

To See their Insurance and Registration

One of the first things you’ll want to see from dual occupancy builders is their insurance and registration. They should be able to provide these quite easily for you. It is important that your builder has an active registration, and that they have the right insurance – public liability and construction. You also need to ensure the build will include Home Warranty Insurance.

Costs, Payments and Processes

When speaking with builders, you need to gauge costs, payments and the build process. Make sure you understand any additional fees, what your costs cover and the cost of any variations to your build, as well as payment schedules and when final payments are due.

There are many great dual occupancy builders out there, and if you are looking to develop land in Melbourne, make sure you book an appointment with Home Builders. With many years of experience in building dual occupancy properties, the team can work with you to create the build you’re looking for.

Why You Need to Use Bentleigh East Builders

Why You Need to Use Bentleigh East Builders

Imagine: it’s time to build a new home, and you are specifically looking to build in Bentleigh East, and you’re looking for a builder who has experience building in this suburb. Why? Because they know the suburb, they have a great idea of the style of home that fits in well, and they can give you a solid idea of the costs and processes involved.

If you are looking to build in Bentleigh East, there’s a good chance it’s down to two things – the area and the style of the new homes already being built. Home Builders has been building new homes and dual occupancy properties in Bentleigh East for a number of years. With everything from single, double and triple story homes through to townhouses and dual occupancy builds, you know that you’ll get the type of property you’re looking for.

Many builders have a few favourite suburbs to build in, where they know that pricing is competitive, where they know the area, they know how long it will take to build, they know any council processes and the like. One of the big benefits of using a builder who works in the suburb you like is that there is less likely to be delays and extra costs. The other benefit is that you can easily see some of the projects they have completed and may even be able to speak to those homeowners to see how happy they were with their build.

Home Builders are one of the top Bentleigh East builders building great relationships with their clients. With the ability to keep you informed the whole way through the build, you’ll find that you deal with the same team from start to finish – rarely is there a change in supervisor halfway through a project.

Just a few short kilometres from Melbourne, Bentleigh East is booming with well designed and built homes. Get your new home started with quality Bentleigh East builders – Home Builders.

Best Dual Occ Designs in Bentleigh East

Best Dual Occ Designs in Bentleigh East

If you’ve been considering building a home, you are probably tossing up on both the style and size of your home. While many people tend to build bigger homes, there is becoming a trend of building a dual occupancy home on the one block, allowing you to live in one property and rent the other out, or have an elderly family member live in the other property. But what are the best dual occ designs in Bentleigh East?

Firstly, let’s start with what dual occupancy homes are for those who are unsure. Essentially, it is two dwellings built on a single piece of land.  There is a lot of flexibility in the way dual occ homes are built, and this is reflected in the number of people choosing this over a more standard home design. There are three main designs used in a dual occ build in Bentleigh East – duplex, two separate buildings and dual key entry.


Duplexes are the more common and well known dual occ designs in Bentleigh East. Joined by a common wall, there are plenty of options to choose from. We are starting to see more dual occupancy requests coming through for a full-sized home with a studio, 1 or 2 bedroom unit attached with a side entry, while the standard duplex build is still popular. There is plenty you can do with the standard duplex design – single level homes, multiple story homes, one side single level/one side multiple level.

Two Separate Buildings

This design follows the principals of a house and granny flat, however in this instance it is two properties, often sharing a driveway, with one property at the front and one at the back. This build design is more popular on long blocks, generally where there is room for a car park and small garden between the two homes.

Dual Key

A dual key entry isn’t as popular as the other two designs, however for those looking to live in one property and have family members live in the other it may just work. Essentially, this design allows for one entry point, and then two locked doors leading to each property from a foyer. Other designs may be a full-sized house on one side, with the other being more a studio style. The full-sized home may have an entry to the studio from the loungeroom, hallway or another convenient location in the home. This style of design is perfect if you want that separate living option while still being closer than a more traditional granny flat.

If you’re considering a dual occ build in Bentleigh East, consider Home Builders. We’ve been building dual occupancy homes for years and have the knowledge and experience to produce the build you’re looking for.

Top Quality Dual Occupancy Plans

Top Quality Dual Occupancy Plans

Dual occupancy builds are becoming increasingly popular in residential areas. And for good reason too. A dual occupancy design allows you to maximise the use of your land. It’s also a fantastic way to get the highest possible income from your property.

Home Builders is known for top quality dual occupancy residences.

If you are considering a dual occupancy build in your land, contact Home Builders. We serve Bentleigh and surrounding Melbourne suburbs. We have designed and completed many successful dual occupancy builds that exceed market expectations.

A dual occupancy plan has special considerations that need to be taken into account.

Our professional team is here to design your ideal dual occ plans. Whether your site is best suited to a side-by-side or backyard design, we will work with you to draft plans that are perfect for your site.

There are several aspects of a dual occupancy residence that require specialist plans. Designing two homes on one piece of land requires a specific approach to design. This is why you need to enlist the services of an experienced team such as Home Builders.

With a dual occupancy design, the plans need to make the best use of the available land. This is where our attention to detail enables us to turn your ideas into a beautiful and practical design. We will also take all the necessary practical components into account such as water and electricity supply, two driveways, etc.

Importantly, Home Builders is known for completing projects on time, and on budget.

Additionally, we pay attention to even the smallest details in every one of our plans. It is these factors that set us apart from the rest.

Our team will work alongside you to develop preliminary plans. If town planning and council approval are required, we will assist you through this process. We will then develop working drawings to seamlessly continue the process of your dual occ project.

With Home Builders you can be assured of detailed plans that meet all the necessary requirements, and more.

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Dual Occupancy Home Designs!

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Dual Occupancy Home Designs!

We have seen more and more dual occupancy homes being built in Bentleigh and the surrounding Melbourne suburbs. Home Builders are your local experts when it comes to dual occ homes in this area. Contact us to discuss your dual occ home ideas.

When it comes to designing dual occupancy residences, there are certain practical components that need to be taken into account. Water and electricity supplies are two such examples. If all the various practical considerations are not accounted for, your build cannot be successful.

However, you need a design that goes beyond the merely practical. You need a dual occ home design that is attractive and makes a creative use of the available space.

Simply adding a second home on a property can look ‘ad hoc’ and awkward if it’s not done properly. And this will certainly lessen the value of your dual occupancy project and reduce your potential income.

In order for your dual occ design to give you the best value for your land, you need a design team that pays attention to detail.

At Home Builders, we are known for considering even the smallest details on dual occupancy designs. Your dual occ home design needs to work well and look even better.

Working within a limited floor space means that creative design and an eye for aesthetic components is essential. In other words, you need to entrust the dual occ design process to an expert team with professional experience. This is not something to be left with just anyone.

The team at Home Builders will ensure that your dual occupancy design is not just practical, but appealing too.

In fact, our designs and builds are known for exceeding market expectations. This is where our dedication to working on time and on budget is so important. In conjunction with our attention to detail, our team’s efficiency will ensure your dual occ home design is a resounding success.

Finding Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne

Finding Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne

With property prices at a premium in many parts of Melbourne, plenty of landowners are looking further into what they can do to capitalise on their property. Building a dual occupancy property is proving to be a popular idea, but it is important to find the right dual occupancy builders to suit.

Let’s start with the basics though. What exactly is a dual occupancy? A dual occupancy home is the same as a duplex – it is two homes under the same roof with a dividing wall in between. Each side is a completely separate home, with its own entrance, and yard. Sometimes these properties are one on title, which means they have to be sold together – perfect for investors. On the flip side, many have been titled separately allowing for separate sale of each property.

5 Tips for Finding Dual Occupancy Builders 

Building dual occupancy properties requires a bit more know how than your standard home build. But the basics around finding a builder are the same.

Quality First

It is a good idea to focus on the quality of past builds undertaken by the builder you are looking at. You want to be spending your time and money on the better things in life – making memories with your children, entertaining family and friends and relaxing. The last thing you want to be doing is thinking about repairs, particularly after you have only been in the property a short while.

Do Your Research

Finding a builder can be overwhelming. Consulting friends, family and colleagues who have previously built or purchased a brand new dual occupancy is a great start, as is attending open homes of new dual occupancy properties for sale. Make sure you spend time browsing the portfolios and floor plans of a range of builders.

Connection in Important

Finding a builder you connect with is important. You need someone who will ask questions to be certain of your wishes, and one who will answer your questions. A builder who works with you to understand how you will use the property is essential. Finding someone you connect with early on, can save time, money and stress later on.

Dual occupancy properties are becoming popular across Melbourne, and it is essential to choose dual occupancy builders who will get the job done right. If dual occupancy is on your mind, contact Home Builders to find out how we can help.

New Home Builders Bentleigh East

New Home Builders Bentleigh East

Bentleigh East is a popular suburb amongst those looking to live close enough to Melbourne without actually being in the city. With property prices stretching to over $1 million on average, many home buyers are looking at purchasing cheaper options, either within Bentleigh East or in surrounding suburbs, and doing a knock-down rebuild.

Home Builders are the expert new home builders in Bentleigh East and surrounding suburbs. With past projects ranging from single, double and triple storey dwellings through to townhouses and dual occupancy builds, Home Builders is certainly well placed to complete your build, no matter how easy or complex.

Building a New Home

Not sure where to start on building your new home? Or perhaps you already have your architectural drawings and plans, and just looking for a builder to get started. The team at Home Builders can get you headed in the right direction.

If you are in the group of not being sure where to start on your new home build, we can assist with everything from initial concepts through to building and construction. With years of experience building hundreds of homes across Melbourne, our reputation as a professional and reliable builder is well earnt. With the team at Home Builders on your building team, you can rest easy knowing you have a builder who cares about the home you want to build.

What do Home Builders Help With?

Our team can assist with a whole range of the processes and steps that go into building a new home, including:

  • Consultation
  • Design work and fee proposals
  • Contracts
  • Building permits
  • Cost estimates
  • Town planning and Council approval if required

It’s easy to get Home Builders on your side as new home builders. Simply schedule an appointment with our friendly team to discuss your new home ideas and requirements. With a team that delivers on promises and achieving your build on time and on budget with the highest attention to detail, we treat your new home build as if it were our own.

Why Choose Dual Occupancy Builders

Why Choose Dual Occupancy Builders

The Easy Earner

With housing markets across Australia continually getting more expensive, owning your own home may seem more out of reach than ever. What if your home could pay for itself? Or at the very least cover some of its expenses? With dual occ builds this is achievable.

If you’ve decided to build your dream home, investment or have a large yard with potential for a second dwelling then consider engaging dual occupancy builders Home Builders to maximise your lots potential. Creating bespoke designs to suit your lot as a new build or creating a second dwelling that puts traditional ‘granny flats’ to shame, Home Builders can do it all.


Benefits of Dual Occupancy Builds

Home Builders utilise unique building methodology and design to create the perfect solution for your dual occupancy build. They are committed to working with you to create the ideal outcome. This commitment to detail and optimal end result can lead to a property that well exceeds market expectations. Creating consistent weekly income and long term potential on your investment.


Why Choose A Dual Occ Builder?

Offering in-depth consultation, design, planning permission, submission stage, build and project management Home Builders take the stress out of it all. Add value to your home, create long-term earning potential or just create the perfect home for the grandparents. By employing dual occupancy builders that specialise in this area, you can be assured that your investment will be worthwhile.

Dual occupancy builders aren’t your everyday builder, they understand the unique challenges and needs that these projects represent. There are so many considerations when creating a dual occupancy dwelling – privacy, living space, noise management and more. Choose Home Builders for your build and let them take the hassle out of the process. With their expert, second-to-none service, you could be well on your way to earning additional income in no time. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

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