40+ Best Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

With a plethora of technology-driven benchtop solutions now available, there’s no better time to scratch beneath the proverbial surface and explore the brave new world of composites.

Offering strength, durability, affordability and sustainability as major selling points, these high-tech engineered kitchen benchtop surfaces also boast hygienic, water-repelling, heat- and stain-resistant qualities that have been carefully tailored to meet our everyday kitchen demands.

On the hunt of benchtop suppliers and installers in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right benchtop suppliers and installers can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many stores, options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding benchtop suppliers and installers that offer supreme service and a carefully curated selection of materials is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your benchtop hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite benchtop suppliers and installers from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Top List of Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne, Victoria

European Marble Centre – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne  

European Marble Centre


(03) 9555 8621

About European Marble Centre

We are a family-owned and run business with over 40 years of experience in stone manufacturing and installation – providing you with nothing but the best advice and continued service.

Latest Technology

Using the latest technology in masonry cutting, including CNC machinery, we’re able to provide you with outstanding precision and quality via an Eco-Friendly manufacturing plant.  


Our experienced and friendly staff can advise on the best use of marble, granite and reconstituted stone in your domestic or commercial projects. 

Display Showroom

Experience the beauty within our extensive range of the world’s finest marbles, granites and reconstituted stones in our Moorabbin showroom.

Customer Service and Price

We ensure that you shall receive our very best in quality service and craftsmanship at a very competitive price.

IB Granite – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Ib Granite


0412 222 757

Welcome to IB Granite

IB Granite is the industry-leading provider of stone kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanity benchtops with sleek modern styles and designs benchtops, kitchen islands, breakfast bars, granite, marble, or any other stone surfaces, as well as resurfacing services in your kitchen and bathroom renovation purposes. Be it for residential or commercial purposes, and we handle kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanity benchtops that includes all types of stones, such as reconstituted stone, marble, granite, as well as porcelain. 

IB Granite is renowned as a provider of Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Western Quartz, Smartstone, RHF Stone, and all other major stone brands across the suburbs of Melbourne for over 20 years now.

We are an expert team of stone experts in Melbourne who provide top-notch services for over 20 years now and serve our clients by bringing them our ultra-modern and high-quality benchtops that are of highly acclaimed designs. 

We are known as the finest kitchen and bathroom remodelers who provide in-depth design consultation, and we offer our clientele complete guidance on how your finished kitchen, bathroom spaces would look like after our modern range of bathroom and kitchen benchtops and vanity designs are installed.

Our Services

Residential Services

Your kitchen is likely to be the most used and abused room in the house, and the kitchen benchtop is central to mission control. Take the time to understand your cooking…

  • Kitchen Stone Benchtop
  • Vanities Top
  • BBQ Top
  • Fire Place
  • Installation

Commercial Services

Quality benchtops are an essential element in any commercial kitchen, ensuring chefs have the appropriate space in which to work. Each unit must provide enough area for food….

  • Kitchen Stone Benchtop
  • Bars
  • Restaurants

About us

IB Granite is the authority on stone kitchen benchtops & bathroom vanity benchtops. With over 20 years of experience, IB Granite is the perfect choice for any benchtops, kitchen islands, breakfast bars, granite, marble, and any other stone surfaces or resurfacing in your kitchen & bathroom renovation.

At IB Granite, we are the leading manufacturer of kitchen stone benchtops, bathroom vanity tops, and laundry tops for all residential, commercial and private customers from measuring, fabricating to installing, all done at our local factory in Hallam, Victoria, with our experienced stonemasons.

At IB Granite, we are proud to work with all types of stones, from reconstituted stone, marble, granite and Porcelain.

IB Granite is a supplier of Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Western Quartz, Smartstone, RHF Stone, and all other major stone brands.

IB Granite uses the latest machinery to create cutting edge stone benchtops and stone products. We use 5 axes, waterjet, CNC edge polishers, CNC kitchen sink polisher and overhead cranes to ensure you get the best stone benchtops for what you pay.

With over 20 years of experience, our skilled stonemasons can make onsite visits to take accurate measurements and always cut to specification.

Cutting Edge Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne 

Cutting Edge Stone


(03) 9338 8441

Our attention to detail and “close enough is not good enough” attitude has brought us to the forefront of the industry both in Victoria and interstate. Our modern kitchen benchtops have truly set us apart as industry leaders on a national scale.

We offer more than just kitchen benchtops. Melbourne home and business owners can count on us for custom made table tops, reception desks, spa surrounds, vanity tops, shower bases, staircases, fireplaces and more. When it comes to natural stone benchtops for a multitude of purposes, there’s no looking past the exceptional range and expertise at Cutting Edge Stone. We service both domestic and commercial clients in all the above areas, including architects, builders and cabinet makers. If you have any doubts about whether we can supply a natural stone or custom benchtop for your Melbourne business, call us to discuss your unique requirements.

With immense experience in the industry, you can expect expertise in the manufacture and installation of your products. Our Melbourne stone fabricators are committed to satisfying our clients with superior standards of workmanship, thus providing the highest quality work yet keeping the price of our stone benchtops affordable.

Cutting Edge Stone believes that kitchen stone benchtops should provide functionality as well as enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Whether you want us to design a stone benchtop for your Melbourne kitchen or bathroom, we have something unique for you in our collection! Just browse through, and we are sure that our wide range of Melbourne-made products is sure to impress you.

Being one of the leading Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne or Australia, we can get you Caesarstone benchtops for any room in your home or at your business. We can design and manufacture elegant looking and attractive Caesarstone countertops, workstations, islands, kitchen stone benchtops and worktops, vanity tops and literally any other kind of worktop that you require!

Make your kitchen beautiful with custom stone benchtops

Kitchen stone benchtops are multi-purpose, making them a worthwhile investment. They can become an important addition to your kitchen, making it more attractive, spacious and functional by:

  • Providing space to place your electrical equipment
  • Providing space to place your utensils, plates, trays etc. So you have easy access to kitchenware that you require on a daily basis
  • Adding to the beauty of your kitchen through attractive colours and sleek designs
  • Modern kitchen with natural stone benchtops

As your number one Caesarstone suppliers, we can get you access to a variety of colours for your Melbourne custom benchtops. Whether you are looking to add engineered or natural stone benchtops in your home or any other kind of stone benchtop, you can select from a wide range of colours and options.

Providing you top quality, affordable benchtops in Melbourne that match your taste, style and design preferences, be sure to view our showroom video to get the complete picture of our quality offerings! Cutting Edge Stone is the superior choice when it comes to elegant and practical stone benchtops in Melbourne.

Cutting Edge Stone was founded in 2004. Our team have over 40 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of benchtops throughout Melbourne and its surroundings. Since our inception, we have been the leading fabricator and installer of stone benchtops in Victoria, specialising in natural stone benchtops, including marble, granite and limestone together with reconstituted stone and porcelain.

Stone Interiors – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Stone Interiors



Stonemason Melbourne

At Stone Interiors, a stonemason company based in Melbourne, Australia, we specialise in the designing, manufacturing, and installation of stone benchtops in Melbourne. Our absolute focus is on quality and service. We have developed a reputation as a business that delivers to the very highest standard.

We work with regular clients who share our passion for great stonemason craftsmanship and who expect the best quality finish on any stone benchtop in Melbourne, don’t matter the cost. Our clients who have worked alongside us for many years know that at Stone Interiors, they have a partner who will always go the extra mile to deliver something special.

High-quality Stoneworks with Stone Interiors

Being an expert stonemason company in Melbourne, at Stone Interiors, we are focused on the durability and reliability of the current products on the market so that they meet your expectations and last for many years. All our products are customisable in terms of shape, design, size, and style. We want your products selected to be a perfect fit for your property. Some selections below on what manufacture services we offer and Products.

About Stone Interiors

With over 25 years of experience working with Marble, Granite, Quartz stone products & other Engineered stones, Stone Interiors is the Melbourne stonemason company you can truly trust. From manufacturing to installation of natural stone countertops, engineered stone benchtops, vanities, spa surrounds, fireplaces and more, we have got you covered.

At Stone Interiors, we provide an elegant, durable finish, and we have become renowned for the quality of our finished work in both our domestic and commercial projects. We work alongside your chosen cabinet makers, interior designers, architects, or builders to make sure that you get the space you asked for the first time around.

With the craftsmanship we built and perfected over the years, our aim is to create a long-lasting effect that is of supreme quality, to make sure your vision for your space becomes your reality.

Stone Interiors and Stone Suppliers

We work along with quality stone suppliers to give you a full range of options in terms of stone type, design, quality, and resistance to elements. We bring Caesarstone, Stone Italiana, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz, Essa Stone, and YDL stone into your home or commercial space. We are proud that our beautiful natural stone countertops and surrounds have become the centrepiece in many of Melbourne and Victoria’s shop fronts, bar fronts, buildings, cafes, kitchen spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

Manufacture and Natural Stone Countertops Installation

At Stone Interiors, our priority is workmanship. From stone manufacturing to natural stone countertops installation to customer relationships, we make sure that we fulfil our role in all aspects of a project to our utmost capacity.

We consistently deliver on our company promise to our customers to be100 per cent satisfied with their new space.

We manufacture Caesarstone, Marble, Granite, and Quantum quartz stones and offer stone benchtop installation in Melbourne, Victoria. Our newly updated machinery and high-performing equipment assure you that your new stone benchtops are perfectly cut, expertly polished edges, and are measured to your exact liking.

We have a wide range of colours and stone types on display. Whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed that your new natural stone countertop will add lush, elegance, and sophistication to your space also durable, resistant, and long-lasting, making it timeless in both aesthetic and function.

Mondo Stone & Glass – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Mondo Stone & Glass


03 9042 2816

Welcome To Mondo Stone & Glass

We Supply, manufacture, and install high-quality Granite, Marble and Reconstituted stone tops, Stone benchtops, Glass Splashbacks/Mirrors, Tiling, Cabinetry and Bathroom renovations in Melbourne, Victoria. We are sure that you can find everything you need here for your current or future project.

Granite and Marble Stone, Benchtops/Splashbacks, Glass or Mirror for bathrooms or your display wall with exceptional quality and customer satisfaction at competitive prices in Victoria for Domestic and commercial projects, without compromising quality and service, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Our team has over ten years of experience in Manufacturing and Installations. We now provide 24 months warranty for manufacturing and installation from any of the Ambassador Stone range only. We back great quality.

At Mondo Stone and Glass Works, we have some of the best and experienced stonemasons/Tilers/Concretes in Melbourne. We are experts in the art of stone masonry/Tiling/Concreting and can produce beautiful yet functional products that meet the individualistic requirements of our clients and Builders. We are professionals and are able to work with various types of stones like marble, Reconstituted, granite, Porcelain, Dekton and much more. We craft each and every product with precision and care to ensure that our clients get only the best and nothing less.

We provide our stonemason/Glaciers/Tilers/Concrete’s services throughout Melbourne with the best equipment and tools. We make use of all of our equipment and form a product that is visibly pleasing and efficient in nature. With us, you can be sure that you have made the right choice for your property project, we are the masters of our field, and we deliver excellent quality workmanship. To get to know more about what we can do for you, just call us on 03 9042 2815.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, Glass Splashbacks and stone tops. Your stone and glass are installed on the same day! We consider ourselves as the leaders in ensuring your project is on time, all the time. We cover the entire area of Victoria, Melbourne.

About Us

At Mondo Stone & Glass Works Pty Ltd, we are focused on providing exceptional quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from Quartz Stone to Granite Stones and glass splashbacks in Melbourne, Victoria in any Dulux colours or choose one of our colours, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. 

We also repair any stone issues you may have. From Join repairs to the major chip repair, if it can be fixed, we can do it. For those simply wanting to upgrade their old benchtops to stone, look no further, for we can supply and fit Substrates for stone profiles 40mm or more. Substrates are required for installing stone tops greater than 20mm profile. Usually, the customer needs to organise a cabinet maker, which is an added cost. Deal with one provider that can do everything for you. That’s us. Look around our website, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again!

Unique Stone Benchtops – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Unique Stone Benchtops


+61 (3) 9532 1832

Unique Stone Benchtops is located in Melbourne, Australia.

We specialise in stone benchtops in Engineered Quartz, Granite & Marble.

We partner with major stone manufacturers/suppliers to offer a broad range of materials and colours to select from, each with its own features as well as innate and manufactured qualities.

About Us

Founded in 2010 by Minh Dang, Unique Stone was built on his supreme passion for the stone industry and commitment to quality craftsmanship and service. Minh’s unique vision was shaped by his in-depth knowledge, experience and technical expertise with stonemasonry.

At Unique Stone, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a seamless approach to stone, from materials selection and finishes through to fabrication and installation, by focussing on what matters most – you, our Clients.

Builders, cabinet makers, property developers and private clients alike, we are committed to working with you to meet the requirements of your projects. Thus allowing you to have the best opportunity to have your projects delivered on time and on budget.

Whether you are planning on using stone in your next renovation project, new build, residential development or commercial fit-out, you can be assured of a quality experience with our highly dedicated team.

Amalgamated Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne 

Amalgamated Stone


03 9416 8667 

Trusted Stonemasons

At Amalgamated Stone Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on quality. That’s why we mix and match join adhesives onsite and are meticulous about measuring and planning stone slabs. We do everything with fast turnaround times and competitive prices. Our storefront is in Preston, and we’ll give you a positive experience.

Natural and Engineered Stone Suppliers

Are you looking for some modern stone flooring for the living area of your apartment? Or maybe you want a marble worktop for the kitchen in your family home? Whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered at Amalgamated Stone. At Amalgamated Stone, we’re passionate about offering the highest quality range of stone, marble and granite surfaces. Operating throughout Melbourne, Victoria, southern New South Wales and Tasmania, we design, construct and install a vast range of natural materials to suit your exact specification. Whether you’re looking for marble, granite, sandstone, onyx, quartz, travertine, limestone or reconstituted stone, you’ll find it at Amalgamated Stone.

Receive Great Value for Money at Alamgamated Stone

We offer a high-quality product at a competitive price whilst aiming to save you money wherever possible

Fast Turnaround

Our factory has been designed to handle large volumes without slowing down production. We can turn your job around in as little as 5-10 working days, depending on the current capacity we check and measure so your benchtop fits perfectly into your space.

Designer Quality

We don’t charge more to produce great quality. Our installations are of the highest standard because our stonemasons are passionate about their craft and take great pride in their work. Compare our benchtops to any other, and you will agree that our level of quality is great value for money.

Quality Workmanship Flawless Join Work

Most don’t realise that the coloured adhesive used on the join lines is mixed and matched onsite by the installer personally, ensuring a top quality finish. Miss-matched colours create noticeable join lines and can be costly to fix our professional stonemasons will achieve a flawless suburb finish.

Precise Measuring & Planning

This part matters more than you think. Even slightly incorrect measurements can result in time delays and below-average results. Our stonemasons are meticulous about measuring and planning the stone slabs prior to production. This results in a precise fit and finer join lines.

Expert Advice

With over 30 years in the building and construction industry, we offer great advice to save you time, money and unnecessary hassle on your next building or renovation project.

Professional Service & Communication

Most of all, we want our customers to have a positive experience dealing with us. And have built our business up over the years building on reputation year one with service across Melbourne.

New Millennium Marble & Granite – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

New Millennium Marble & Granite


03 9464 0057

Marble, Granite and Reconstituted Stone Benchtops

New Millennium Marble & Granite manufacture and install marble, granite and reconstituted stone, specialising in kitchen Bench Tops, Bathroom Vanities and all Residential and Commercial projects.

Our extensive range from leading importers allows you to choose from a vast range of colours and textures covering both natural and reconstituted stone products.

Our many years of experience, prompt, friendly service, and quality guarantee combines to ensure your new kitchen, bathroom, or another project will look great for many years.

We welcome enquiries from homeowners, builders and home renovators as well as commercial developers. New Millennium Marble & Granite travel throughout Melbourne and also service country areas.

Simply fax or email your plans, and we will contact you to discuss your project and offer assistance wherever possible.

New Millennium Marble & Granite are proud to be associated with some of Melbourne’s leading builders and have also completed the following commercial projects – The Qantas Club, Swinburne University and the Federal Magistrates Court.

About New Millennium Marble & Granite

New Millennium Marble & Granite is at heart a family business. Brothers Stephen & Paul Lackas began manufacturing Marble, Granite and Stone Benchtops in a small shed in the early to mid-nineties.

Quickly gaining a reputation for its excellent workmanship, the business prospered and soon outgrew its humble beginnings. In 2000 Stephen and Paul decided on moving their fast-growing business to a factory in Thomastown, and New Millennium Marble & Granite P/L was born.  

Today New Millennium Marble & Granite, with the help of highly qualified staff and state of the art machinery, are ready to create your dream. Whether you’re a home renovator or in the commercial industry, our years of experience and knowledge are at your disposal.

BKS Stonemasons – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Bks Stonemasons


0407 936 710

Welcome To BKS Stonemasons In Melbourne

welcome when it comes to getting the specialist service of a professional stonemason. Melbourne’s BKS Stonemasons is your leading choice, with over 14 years of experience as a restoration stonemason. Attention to detail and authentic craftsmanship are all part of what BKS Stonemasons provides. 

Whether you’re looking for modern stonework in commercial or custom applications, or you’re in the market for one of Melbourne’s industry-accredited heritage restoration and remedial works specialists, call BKS Stonemasons today on 0407 936 719. It’s easy to organise a professional, obligation free quote from Melbourne’s trusted local stonemason. 

South Yarra, Malvern, Toorak, Hawthorn, Eltham, Carlton, Surrey Hills, Fitzroy, Southbank, Warrandyte & many more suburbs throughout the Metro area need only call to set an appointment for us to visit your site or heritage building. Thanks to our unmatched reputation for excellence and quality, it is no wonder that we have risen to become the leading stonemasonry company in Melbourne.

Certified Stone Installation Company

All Melbourne Suburbs Serviced! BKS Stonemasons is a certified stone installation company in Melbourne. You can trust that all our work is backed up by industry-standard certification and years of experience. A Certificate III in Stonemasonry & Monumental Masonry, on top of a Certificate IV in Building & Construction, stands behind everything we do. In our 14 years, we’ve worked on multi-million-dollar restoration projects and small-scale custom commercial projects – whatever stonework you need. We’re your first-choice stonemason. Operating across a range of custom and commercial properties, some of the services we provide include; stone cladding, stone tiling, stonewalling, stone re-pointing, heritage restoration, façade restoration, and stone carving. We work with all types of natural stone materials such as bluestone, sandstone, marble, granite, travertine and many other varieties of stone.

Your Local Stonemason in Melbourne

Do you need an expert in remedial works? Our expertise across concrete remediation, steel remediation and sandblasting – paired with patching, sealing, waterproofing and crack injection and remedial services – ensures you can invest in the long-lasting use of your old or fading properties. 

We’re also the heritage restoration stonemason specialists in Melbourne, Hawthorn, Malvern, Toorak, South Yarra, Brighton, Windsor, Camberwell, Richmond, Doncaster, Balwyn, and many more Melbourne suburbs turn to for a fine hand with centuries-old stonework and masonry structures. We restore fireplaces, chimneys, facades & more – call now on 0407 936 719 to receive your obligation free quote. 

Do you want to add class and definition to the interior or exterior of your property or building? With our safe, modern, and efficient stonemasonry services and solutions, the skilled team at BKS Stonemasons can greatly improve your home or your business for less. Using innovative and long-lasting techniques and methods, including the stone clip installation system. Melbourne clients can trust our solutions to benefit your property. To secure the services of our leading stone installation company, get in touch with us today! At BKS Stonemasons, we put the needs and desires of our customers first!

About Us

Since our inception, we have established a solid reputation for our superb stonework, professional services and our eye for detail. Most of our projects come from referral clients who have used our services in the past. They have heard that BKS Stonemasons have some of the most qualified and trusted stonemasons in Melbourne.

Whether you need a heritage building restored back to its original glory or are looking for a contract stonemason for a new build project, then call BKS Stonemasons on 0407 936 719. We will come to your site, give you professional advice on your project and will happily offer you an obligation free quote.

Our Staff

From Stone Cladding to intricate stone carvings on churches, the past portfolio of our stonemasons is extensive and impressive. Our qualified stonemasons are experts at taking your vision and transforming them into reality. They are trained and skilled in using trusted age-old techniques, have a vast knowledge of stone, are hands-on with the latest technology and will produce quality work – Time after time. You can trust that their level of craftsmanship will exceed your expectations.

J & N Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

J & N Stone


03 9546 3339


Stylish Stone Kitchen Benchtops

J & N Stone is capable of installing stylish stone kitchen benchtops that meet all your needs. Whether you’re renovating or creating a brand new kitchen, our highly skilled and qualified team can fully fit your stylish new stone benchtop without any disruption to your busy schedule.

We make the process simple and convenient for you by getting in touch with your builder or cabinet maker, or if you’re not using other trades, we’ll arrange a visit at a time that suits you. Our team works to strict deadlines, enabling us to achieve quality results on time and on budget. We also make it our priority to keep you updated, ensuring you’ll always know what stage we’re up to.

Learn More Today

At J & N Stone, we guarantee that our products are made with the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time. Whether you have a preference for granite, marble, Caesarstone or Quantum Quartz, we have every material you could wish for in a kitchen benchtop.

While we can install stone kitchen benchtops across Melbourne, we specialise in kitchen benchtops in Dandenong. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our products or request a quote.

J & N Stone – Offering the Best Stone Products in Melbourne

J & N Stone is committed to providing you with quality stone that’s perfect for a brand new house or a fresh renovation. With a high level of workmanship and over 15 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us to produce the best products for your property. Choose from granite, marble, Caesarstone and Quantum Quartz benchtops that will stand the test of time. Offering a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes, we also guarantee an affordable stone bench price for your Melbourne property.

Contact Us Today

Whether you want a stylish stone benchtop for a bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area, J & N Stone can provide the assistance you need. We make the process convenient for you by getting in touch with your builder or cabinet maker. If you’re not using any other trades, we’re more than happy to arrange a site visit at a time that suits you. Contact us today to enquire about our services or request our Caesarstone benchtop price.

Regal Stonemason – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Regal Stonemason


(03) 9580 8991

Enrich Your Home with Melbourne’s Premium Stone Kitchen Benchtops

For a touch of elegance and beauty in your home, shop or office, turn to the finest stonemasons in Victoria. Regal Stonemason is the industry leader specialising in the manufacture and installation of kitchen benchtops, vanity tops, splashbacks, BBQs, fireplaces, reception countertops and more.

A sophisticated, timeless addition to any home, natural, neolith, dekton and engineered stone benchtops are built to last with high durability and low maintenance requirements. For your peace of mind, you can have confidence in knowing that all our products are the result of impeccable craftsmanship and are fitted with precision at the lowest possible price.

Skilled with a variety of materials for engineered and natural stone overlay benchtops

Select from a wide range of colours to suit your home’s colour scheme and décor, each with its own merits and style.

Reconstituted stone

Also known as engineered stone, leading companies such as Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz and Essastone create blends of quartz with a small amount of a specialised compound to create a striking non-porous engineered stone with extreme durability that will resist moisture and last a lifetime with proper care.

Natural stone

While natural stones need re-sealing to help protect the surface from liquids, they are often chosen for their remarkable beauty and variety of unique patterns. Granite and marble are popular choices for their signature appearance that adds timeless class to any kitchen or bathroom, no matter the style!

There are several different profiles you can choose from – while a stone slab is 20mm thick, edges can be extended to 40mm if desired. By using mitred edges, we can also make edges 60mm, 80mm, or any other thickness that you may require.

Melbourne’s Established Expert Stonemasons

With over 20 years of experience, our team has been providing quality, reliable results for homeowners across the city with a focus on customer care and attention to detail. We know everything there is about stone – from concepts and design to manufacturing and installation. We cover it all from beginning to end and ensure you end up with a first-class finish. We want to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied at the end of a job, which is why we deliver such great service and continue to be the best kitchen stonemasons in Melbourne.

Stonemasonry for kitchens, bathrooms and more

Our products and services can be applied to any part of the home or office, whether it be kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas or anything in between. Stone is a versatile, reliable material to use within your house and can provide a much-needed touch of class. Give your benches, vanity tops and splashbacks a new lease of life and replace your old surfaces with something maintainable that still looks great. Our benches enjoy a long-lasting life thanks to their heat, stain and chip resistance that’s also incredibly easy to clean.

Eaglestone Creations – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Eaglestone Creations


0432 625 404

Welcome Eaglestone Creations

Established in the year 2000, Eaglestone Creations is the ideal stone solution for your plans of building a new home or kitchen renovation or if you simply want to upgrade your bathroom. At Eaglestone Creations, we specialise in top Quality Stone Benchtops for your kitchen and bathroom vanities. Eaglestone Creations has been widely known as one of Australia’s most prominent stonemasons and being a leading stonemason in Melbourne, and we have been providing superior quality stone products for kitchen and bathrooms per specific requirements.

Natural Stone Benchtops For Your Home – Marble, Granite, Caesarstone, RHF Quartz Stone

With our quality range of benchtops in natural stone including marble, granite, travertine, bluestone and engineered stone including Caesarstone, RHF Quartz Stone, Quantum Quartz, YDL Stone, Essa Stone, we have attained a remarkable position for ourselves in the industry for providing custom Stone Benchtops in Melbourne. Moreover, due to the characteristics and benefits of Marble benchtops in Melbourne, it is the ideal choice for the kitchen benchtops, restrooms, vanity and so on. We have a team of stonemasons who come with extensive experience in this field and thus ensures that you will get a perfect job and a quality result. Our quality stone benchtops are broadly demanded and appreciated by our valued clients for their superb quality and attractiveness.

Quality Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

At Eaglestone Creations, we have been providing the best Quality Stone Benchtops in Melbourne, and we offer our range of products that live up to your expectations and provide you with long and effective service life. We ensure that all of our stone products are fabricated with the utmost precision and quality. We pride our team of professionals who offer superior workmanship in cutting, shaping, and polishing all of the natural stone utilised to create the custom benchtops that will help you to make your kitchens and bathrooms the most glamorous room of your home. Our reputation mainly lies in our excellent workmanship and commitment to quality and utmost customer satisfaction.

Thus, what are you waiting for your requirements of the quality range of Stone Benchtops in Melbourne when we are just a call away. Feel free to visit our website or contact us today; our team of experts is looking forward to working with you!

YDL Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Ydl Stone


+61 3 9551 1689

Designer finishes that impress.

Fall in love with our style. YDL quartz stone is the designer’s choice for luxury domestic and commercial surfaces. And it’s easy to see why. Prestigious colours, designs and minimal maintenance ensure every YDL quartz stone installation exceeds expectations.

YDL quartz stone is tough, with a durable surface that repels spills – without needing ongoing sealing or maintenance. Our function and form are backed by a 10 year limited warranty, so your installation will look better for longer.

You deserve the best in life. Now you can enjoy five-star surfaces, plus the feature finishes you’ve always dreamed of.

Fall in love with our style

With a wide range of designer colours, stunning patterns and finishes, YDL quartz stone is easier to work with, making it ideal for designers and high-end installations.

YDL quartz stone surface is non-porous, so spills clean off effortlessly. We create this surface by using natural quartz (approximately 93%) with high-quality polymer resins (approximately 7%) and natural, colourful pigments.

The team of YDL Stone understand every stage of supplying the best quartz stone on the market. Our range of product samples and product literature gives you the confidence to select the right stone for a flawless finish.

To appreciate the sheer beauty and scope of our designer range, we invite you to visit a YDL Stone display centre and consult with us.

Laminex – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne



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Design Palettes

To help make navigating design simpler, we have created a system that identifies your individual taste and matches it to a design style. The Laminex design palettes were created by our experts, analysing key styles and design trends and defining them into specific categories. The intent is to narrow down the many choices we have to offer and filter our products to suit your specific tastes. By aligning your taste with one of these styles, you can find the products to suit you and your budget.

Laminex – est 1934

In a small tin shed in suburban Melbourne over 80 years ago, Bob Sykes began creating decorative laminates. Over the years, the product range has expanded to include engineered stone, modern laminates, acrylic surfaces, timber panelling products and more. Laminex has grown up a lot since 1934, but our original intention has never changed – we believe that every Australian deserves great quality products and great quality design.


As one of Australia’s biggest makers of wood and paper products, we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint and respect our unique environment. We practise responsible forest management and hold timber and environmental certifications across manufacturing sites. Plus, our innovative recycling and reuse programs are cutting water usage and wood waste during production.

Sustainable certification

As the first business in our category to achieve Global GreentagCertTM Certification, Laminex is leading the charge to create products that reduce harm to the environment. Find all of our documentation, certificates and reports, including Formaldehyde Emissions reports, VOC certificates, FSC®, AFS/PEFC CoC and Global GreenTagCertTM certificates here.

Multiform Stone Industries – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne 

Multiform Stone Industries


9357 7722


Multiform creates inspirational ideas on leading stone designs in residential and commercial developments.

We offer you a great range of products & services associated with the supply, manufacture and installation of all-porcelain, marble, granite, & reconstituted stones.

Our teams are made up of enthusiastic, experienced and professional employees waiting to assist you with any enquiries. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in Melbourne of porcelain, natural & reconstituted stone, our main prerequisite is to offer the highest quality of service and products.

Our teams deliver an outstanding service accommodating all projects, ranging from first home buyers to renovators to multi-storey developments. Domestic or commercial, we offer free quotes and include delivery and installation as part of our service.

Multiform Stone Industries has grown in the past twenty years to become one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers and installers of stone products. Our scope of material is by far the largest range in Australia under one roof. We have aggressively sought new products, new techniques and state of the art machinery to ensure that we are current pioneers of the industry.

The majority of our work includes benchtop manufacturing and installation for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries; however, we also manufacture bath hobs, fireplaces, tabletops, wall cladding, and anything else associated with the cutting and polishing of not only stone but also the new leading brands of sintered products.

Brands we work with include Infinity, Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone, Smartstone, YDL, Stone Ambassador, Essa Stone, Lithostone, Stone Italiana, Talostone, Maximum, Neolith, Dekton, Q6+ and Laminam.

We pride ourselves on our reliable and quality workmanship from a stable team of people who are our greatest attribute.

With a professional, enthusiastic and friendly team, we take control of the supply, manufacture and installation of all custom designs. We see beyond the possible and welcome challenges. We always seek to enhance any finished product to create a spectacular result.

Doric Marble – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne 

Doric Marble


+61 3 9587 8778

Building Industry Suppliers

At Doric Marble, we process natural Marble, Limestone, Granite & Reconstituted Stones.

We pride ourselves as being a company that carries out a task to the highest standards expected by our clients and on schedule, as demanded by most building projects. From luxury homes and multi-storey commercial projects to one-off specialty jobs, Doric Marble can help you achieve your objectives.

The larger part of our business is providing and installing Stone Benchtops. However, we also supply and install Floor and Wall Panelling, Fireplaces, Reception Counters and many other specialist Architectural requirements.

Gladstones Granite & Marble – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Gladstones Granite & Marble


(03) 9548 5009

A visit to our warehouse is a must. Each slab of stone offers wonderful possibilities and unique design opportunities.

Come in and meet our friendly staff to guide you through the selection process, and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Our Range of Stone

Gladstones Granite & Marble offers a complete range of natural stone slabs sourced from all over the world. We are wholesalers, open to the public to view and select from a range of luxury stone surfaces. We aim to introduce the Australian market to a diverse selection of natural stone. Your choices include granite, marble, quartzite, dolomite, travertine, or limestone in a myriad of colours, forms, patterns, and movements. 

We specifically stock our collection of slabs in longer lengths than those stocked by a majority of other suppliers. Your island benchtop can reach the maximum length without a join in one single elegant piece. In some cases, our stone slabs reach 3½ meters in length.

Our Stone Products

We have built a strong reputation in supplying natural stone to residential as well as commercial projects in Melbourne since 2000. Our stone has been used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Benchtops
  • Tabletops
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Cladding on walls, floors, and columns  
  • Reception Desks
  • Hearths 
  • Outdoor Barbecue Benchtops
  • Pool feature walls

Contact Gladstones Granite & Marble

Each slab of stone offers wonderful possibilities and unique design opportunities. Visit our Stone Gallery page and see some of your choices. Call our friendly staff to guide you through the selection process, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Our Stone Range


The word granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain – in reference to the coarse-grained structure of the crystalline rock. Granites are always massive, hard, and tough, which is why granite is ideal as a construction stone. The red pyramid of ancient Egypt, the third largest of Egyptian pyramids, is a famous example of its use dating back to antiquity.


is a sedimentary rock. It is formed when carbon dioxide-rich water percolates through rocks in limestone areas. The largest building in the world constructed largely of travertine is the Colosseum in Rome. 


A marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks. The Taj Mahal is a world-famous example of the beauty of the Indian Makrana marble. 


is a hard, metamorphic rock that was originally pure quartz sandstone. Pure quartzite is usually white to grey, though due to varying amount of mineral impurities, some incredible patterns and colours can occur.

Kay Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne


(03) 9793 9345

Welcome To Kay Stone Australia

Melbourne’s Best Kitchen Benchtops

Whether you are a builder or architect looking for rock-solid reliability and on-time delivery or simply building or renovating your own dream kitchen or bathroom, you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and understand the importance of deadlines. Having 25+ years of experience in the stone industry has allowed us to master our ‘art’ and now offer a 14-day turnaround from the time we pick up the template to the install date of all domestic kitchens and bathrooms!!

Are you looking for granite stone benchtops, bathroom vanities in marble?

Then look no further! Why not send us an email or give us a call and find out why Kay Stone is quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded stonemasons?

  • Experts in Granite, Marble and Reconstituted Stone Fabrication and Installation
  • Kitchen and Vanity Benchtop Specialists
  • A family company with highly experienced and skilled staff
  • 25 + Years of Experience
  • Work on a fast schedule
  • Quick Quotes

About Us

KAY Stone is a family-owned and operated business with well over 25 years combined experience within our team of 8 expert stone craftsmen. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our determination to make deadlines. Just ask any one of our hundreds of customers, and they will tell you that our craftsmanship in creating your dream kitchen or bathroom is second to none.

Being a family-owned business, we strongly believe in investing our profits back into the company, which is why none of our machines is more than 3 years old.

Our BRX 3000 water generated precision cutting diamond blade bridge saw ensures that every cut of your stone is flawless. And the BRX recycles 100% of its wastewater!

However, we understand that even with our years of experience and our meticulous attention to detail, mistakes will, on occasion, happen. That is why we have our stringent Quality Assurance (Q. A.) systems in place where every piece of stone is physically checked by at least 3 different experienced stonemasons before it leaves the factory.

Being the leaders in our field, we are constantly testing new and improved methods of producing quality benchtops and vanities. This is especially apparent in our measuring practices, where our expert staff are currently testing new precision measuring methods that will improve measurement accuracy and eventually mean that cumbersome templates will no longer be required.

All stone, be it natural or man-made, adds a touch of class to any renovation project. Needless to say, that good workmanship is what brings the best out of the product. KAY stonemasons have been involved with multi-award-winning bathroom renovators like Bubbles Bathrooms.

MSM Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Msm Stone


03 9794 6755


MSM Stone was established in 2016 that specialises in trendsetting design and fabrication with all sorts of stone selections, including Marble, Granite, Dekton, Porcelain, Neolith and reconstituted stone. Let MSM Stone help you with all of your stone masonry needs – get a quote today!

MSM Stone is the top stone masonry in Melbourne and has been recommended by the leading stone suppliers and manufacturers all around Melbourne. So whether you’re looking for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, or anything in between – get in contact with the stonemason experts at MSM Stone.

About Us: Stone Masons in Melbourne, Victoria

Using the principles of leading by excellence, an eye for perfection and the goal of success, Zaki leads the business to heights with his vision of fine craftsmanship and strong customer service.

MSM Stone specialises in Marble, Granite, Dekton, Neolith and Reconstituted Stone Benchtops.

Founded and developed in Melbourne, we are a proudly independent and local stonemasonry company in the southeastern side of Melbourne. MSM Stone was established in 2016 and specialises in trendsetting design and fabrication with all sorts of stone selections, including Marble, Granite, Dekton, Porcelain, Neolith and reconstituted stone.

What does a stonemason do? Here at MSM Stone, we offer a wide range of services ranging from wall cladding to kitchen benchtop installation to vanities and more. All are done using either natural or engineered stone.

MSM Stoneworks with numerous stone suppliers, builders, developers and architects from all around Melbourne. All stone benchtops are created in a modern workshop environment by our artisans, who are master craftsmen in fabrication and finishing with decades of experience within the industry.

We are proud to say that our skill-set is ever-growing and that innovation, as well as the preservation of time-honoured techniques, is alive and well at MSM stone.

Our stone masons in Melbourne, Victoria, are ready to take on any task! Contact us today for more information or a free quote.

Granite Transformations – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Granite Transformations


1300 306 667

About Granite Transformations

Granite Transformations commenced in Perth in 1996 and, through rapid expansion, has grown to be the world’s largest specialist kitchen renovation network with two hundred showrooms and branches throughout Australia, the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

An Australian company that is now taking the world by storm, Granite Transformations is the only national network of kitchen makeover specialists in Australia with over 40 branches throughout the country.

Our exclusive Trend Surfaces range originated in Italy nearly 40 years ago and was originally developed as a commercial floor tile for high traffic areas. With a gap in the kitchen market for a product with extreme strength and durability, Trend Surfaces was developed for domestic applications.

Our Trend Surfaces range is used by homeowners, commercial and domestic interior designers, architects, builders and developers worldwide.

Having recently hit the milestone of renovating over 1 million homes worldwide, Granite Transformations are the largest kitchen makeover company in the world and are one of the most trusted.

  • Granite Transformations are the original benchtop resurfacing specialists
  • Have over 170 franchises around the world and continue to grow
  • Our fully licensed and insured
  • Provide a written product 10-year warranty with guaranteed company backup
  • All installers and employees are fully trained and accredited
  • Have been operating successfully for 20 years
  • Have installed one million benchtops around the world
  • Are the exclusive supplier of Trend Surfaces
  • Are proudly an Australian company

Signature Stone Benchtop – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Signature Stone Benchtop


03 9792 1937


With over 15 years of experience, our team has been providing quality, reliable results for homeowners across the city with a focus on customer care and attention to detail. We want to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied at the end of a job, which is why we deliver such great service and continue to be the best kitchen stonemasons in Melbourne.

We are having modern machinery and accurate, robust technology set up. Custom-built especially for the benchtops industry, our production facilities comprise a large warehouse, laid out to meet specific movement and storage requirements, and a well-equipped factory floor. Everything is designed to provide the best lead-time, quality and pricing. Therefore we deliver all job within 3-5 days.

United Stone Melbourne – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

United Stone Melbourne


03 9791 3721


United Stone Melbourne is a family-owned and operated business servicing Victoria since 2009

We have completed tens, and thousands of kitchen renovations in Melbourne using our quality engineered Stone Benchtops, Stone Splashbacks, Porcelain Benchtops & Porcelain Splashbacks and more. As Melbourne’s leading provider of stone kitchen benchtops, we have earned a reputation for always getting the job done efficiently and accurately. Based in Dandenong, we can provide stone benchtops throughout Melbourne and beyond using the latest Quantum Waterjet cutting technology & 3D Laser Templating process to perfect it, every time. 


Welcome to United Stone Melbourne, a family-owned and operated business. With United Stone Melbourne, you have the ease of dealing with one company, and we complete your kitchen renovation in one day. It’s that easy!

The standard way to renovate your benchtops could take 6 – 8 weeks, leaving your kitchen out of action. With the United Stone Melbourne process, we ensure your kitchen is ready to use the same day. We use QuartzStone12, real 12mm engineered stone applied over the top of your existing benchtop (Laminate, Marble, Timber, Tiled, Granite or Old Caesarstone Benchtop) known as the overlay process, traditionally done using a 6mm thick resin/fibreglass mix with a little bit of granite fleck to give it a granite look.

United Stone Melbourne was the first in Australia to engineer and manufacture 12mm engineered Quartz Stone slabs and are best used in the overlay application as well as new stone benchtops for Ikea flat pack kitchens.

United Stone Melbourne, being the leaders in the Stone Benchtop field, have invested heavily with our time and resources in working out the best methods of templating, substrating and installation of your stone benchtops. Traditionally, 99% of the suppliers will still use a 3mm MDF template. This is great if you have a cabinet maker building you a whole new custom kitchen. However, if you are just after a makeover for your existing kitchen, the whole process changes.

We, in 2011, decided that using MDF templates was no longer an option due to the swelling of the product. It’s fair to say that it’s fine for other companies to do so as this is the only way they know how to template stone benchtops. On the other hand, United Stone Melbourne being the leading innovative Kitchen Renovation company, had to upgrade our templating process. We were able to implement a unique laser templating system to our templating process. This meant that we didn’t need to disconnect sinks, cooktops and remove tiles or splashbacks and laminate benchtops just to measure for an existing kitchen benchtop for a renovation or stone benchtop installation. Everything would simply stay in place, and we would template your entire kitchen benchtops in under 45 minutes without any disruption whatsoever.

This today, in 2017, has served us right in over 30,000 jobs to date we have completed and completed efficiently & successfully.

Simple Benchtops – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Simple Benchtops


1300 886 859

Stone Benchtops for Renovations, New Builds and Developments

As stone benchtop specialists, Simple Benchtops can add a touch of luxury to your next project, whether you are building a new house or renovating an existing space.

Whether you are looking to fit out a domestic or commercial project, we can help you with selecting the right material for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and vanity, perhaps even a custom shelf, tabletop or BBQ.


Reconstituted Stone or ‘engineered stone is an alternative material popularly used in domestic and commercial applications due to its strength and durability.

Manufactured using composite materials, including up to 95% quartz, crushed rock, granite, glass chips, glues and resins, the Silestone in Melbourne becomes a highly versatile and low maintenance option.

Expert knowledge of quartz, natural and porcelain 

Working with several trusted wholesalers and suppliers of natural marble and granite as well as reconstituted stone brands, our expert measure, fabricate and install teams love working on unique projects to push the envelope. Outside of our regular kitchen and bathroom vanity benchtops, we specialise in reception counters, custom stone sinks, furniture pieces, shower bases and much more. 

Our enthusiasm and eye for detail has filtered through our culture and has driven us to continually strive to be ahead of the game. We have invested in high-grade machinery to help in creating awesome stone pieces so our clients can sit back and enjoy our simple creations for years to come! Our team’s combination of passion and experience from within the stone industry provides quality stone products for our clientele, and we deliver on our promises.

Each enquiry is treated with the same level of courtesy and cares, no matter how small or large, and we ensure that your project receives the quality stone surfaces they deserve. We are here to help our clients, builders, cabinetmakers and designers with tailored advice so that they can achieve the individualised finish to their space. 

Top-Notch Stones – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Top Notch Stones


0459 966 201

Welcome To Top Notch Stone

We Provide The Best Natural Stone Tiles & Marble Suppliers in Melbourne

Be it your home or office, the use of natural stone tiles is an integral part. A versatile stone, marble is used as a finishing stone on buildings, for cladding the structure itself or as supporting columns, flooring, and other decorative purposes. One of the chief uses of marble is for flooring. Marble stone is one of the most preferred stones for crafting ornamental pieces such as fountains, sculptures, pillar and so on. The great architectural icon of India, the Taj Mahal, is crafted in white marble.

At Top Notch Stones, we deal with an array of natural stones such as marble, granite, quartz, quartzite and more. Located in Melbourne, we are known for the impeccable quality of our stones, which are sourced from the best quarries in Australia, and passes the prescribed quality standards, assuring quality and durability to our customers. Implementing the most modern technology, we use natural stone tiles and engineered stone fabrication. We undertake small, medium and large scale projects both in the private and public sector.

Top-Notch Stones is one of the trusted Marble Suppliers & Wholesalers in Melbourne. Call 0459 966 200 for Natural Stone Tiles & Marble Stone.

Why use marble?

  • Marble can be used for both interior and exterior purposes.
  • It can be used in a variety of dimensions – furniture, counterparts, flooring, foyers, bars, tables, showers, windows, fireplaces, and handicraft items.
  • It offers a royal look to interiors owing to its unique sheen. This also helps in brightening up the rooms.
  • They are fire-resistant and hence safe to be used in the house.
  • They seldom absorb stains and hence maintains their quality and look for years together.
  • They are easy to clean and requires only very minimal maintenance.
  • A very solid rick, they are durable and doesn’t break or chip easily.
  • One of the best heat conductors, they are resistant to heat and maintains a cool temperature in the interiors.

About us

Top-Notch Stones provides clients with the highest quality of granite and marble stones at extremely affordable prices.

Our superior craftsmanship and expertise in customer service will have your project executed swiftly. No task is too big or too small.

We are renowned for excellence in natural and engineered stone fabrication. We use the latest technology and advanced software with the latest processing and installation methodology to ensure the desired work is achieved.

Top-Notch Stones carry out works on large commercial and domestic residential projects. Whether it is an intricate project to a large scale multi-residential project, top-notch stones will accommodate your needs.

We service throughout Melbourne, Victoria.

We can manage all projects from stone selection, supply and installation.

Contact us today for a free Quote!!

Peraway Marble – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Peraway Marble


(03) 9460 3890


Peraway Marble (Aust) P/L was established in 1978 by Antonio Guzzardi. It was built from the ground up, from modest beginnings to now being one of the leading importers of natural stone slabs that are 100% Australian owned and operated. The directors, brothers John, Sam and Robert – the whose combined experience amounts to over 88 years – are all involved in the day to day running of the establishment and have years of experience in the areas of sourcing, procurement, production and installation. Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd is not just simply a wholesaler but a firm with a wealth of industry knowledge behind it.

Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd specialises in providing a large and varied range of marble, granite, quartzite and onyx slabs, as well as other categories of natural stone. The stones listed can be supplied as slabs, tiles or cut to size ensuring versatility to match your design.

Whether you are planning a bathroom renovation or the cladding of a commercial building, we have the ability and the resources to fulfil your requirements. Call today to discuss your project needs.



We supply a diverse selection of natural & engineered stone tiles, slabs and other furnishings. Whether you’re coordinating a domestic or commercial construction job, our team is ready to assist you with your stone procurement needs.


Consider the possibilities of using natural stone to transform the look of kitchens, bathrooms and other indoor and outdoor spaces. Browse our collection of popular designs and their practical uses.


We stock a brilliant collection of natural stone products from marble and granite to onyx, limestone and more. Get in touch with the team at Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty Ltd to see how we add value to commercial and private installations.

Still Stone – Marble & Stone Benchtop Suppliers, Installers Melbourne

Still Stone


(03) 9558 4467

The First Choice for Superior-Quality Stone Supplier in Melbourne

Are you planning to renovate your home or office? Still Stone is your go-to place when you need stonework and benchtop work for your commercial or residential property. We’re highly recommended contractors in Melbourne and are qualified to provide renovations for bathrooms, kitchens, and fireplaces of homes and offices. Our team of proficient contractors will ensure that the renovations perfectly reflect your ideas and meet your requirements.

To ensure that you receive a top-quality job on your property, as a stone ambassador, we source materials from around the world to provide you with a range of options that you can choose from. Whether it’s tiling, flooring, or any other renovation process, our team will use the materials sourced from around the world to work on your property. All the products we use are given to you at competitive prices.

Reliable and Committed Stone Contractors to Work on Your Property

When you hire us for your property renovation project, you’ll get reliable employees who value integrity and commitment while providing a quality of service that’s second to none. Your guests will be left in awe when they see the transformation made to your home. We aim to exceed your expectations through our work.

Our services entail a lot of planning and preparation before the execution as these changes are made very rarely in homes. Once you decide to renovate your home, you’ll need to meet with us to discuss the design and layout you desire or any ideas you want to incorporate that will add convenience to your daily life. From the conception of the idea to the final touches, our team will work with you the whole way.

We Provide an Extensive Range of services for you. Some of our Services include:

  • Barbeque area restoration
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Custom tabletops
  • Fireplace surround designing
  • Splashback installations

Our goal is to make your home as aesthetically appealing as possible while also increasing its functionality. If you need a new bathroom vanity for your small bathroom, we will design a vanity that can hold all your essentials as well as make the bathroom look spacious. We can install marble and granite vanities for your bathroom.

Similarly, we also have an array of stones and materials to work with when we install your kitchen benchtops. From granite and marble to engineered stone and quartzite, we can install the benchtop based on your choice and needs.

We’re one of the most reliable stone suppliers in Melbourne and can supply top-quality stones from a variety of brands, including Livingstone, Smartone, Quantum Quartz, RHF Quartz stone and YDL Stone. Additionally, we also supply RHF Quarts stone in our showroom. Make your way to our showroom in Melbourne today and check out the different stones we supply.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation with our experts, you can contact us on 03 9558 4466 to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit our showroom and directly start a conversation with our friendly and knowledgeable employees.


Leading the Industry with the Stone and Tile Collections from Around the World, we at Still Stone value integrity and reliability in all our relationships and are committed to offering a superior selection of top quality products at competitive prices.

Fully integrated from start to finish, our employees provide experienced services from material selections through field measure and layout to fabrication…

What benchtops are heat resistant?

In busy households, where cleaning and protecting marble benchtops is just one chore too many, homeowners are seeking affordable, durable and practical alternatives.

With the flexibility with finishes, thicknesses and slab, it’s no wonder that engineered stone is fast becoming the material of choice in modern kitchens, guaranteeing virtually seamless applications and minimal waste.

And with the latest advances in texture and patina, these materials can deliver character like never before.

A good benchtop is paramount. Not only does it need to be practical, but the way it looks can affect the entire ambience of your kitchen. Remember that your benchtop may not only serve the purpose of being a space to prepare meals and place appliances. If you’re going for a kitchen island or breakfast bench, it’s also very likely going to play the part of a part-time desk and communal dining table.

Timber benchtops

A hardwood timber can be as effective as natural stone if you are looking for an organic and natural accent for your kitchen benchtop and home. Timber benchtops are gaining popularity for their rustic feel and are a good option due to their durability and serviceable nature; they are often easily repaired.

Hardware stores readily stock un-oiled and un-lacquered timber benchtops, with quality timbers ranging anywhere from $300-$500 per square metre.

Having a fully finished kitchen benchtop installed, which is already oiled and lacquered, will set you back anywhere between $600 – $1,8000 per square metre, depending on the type of timber that you choose to go with. This price includes custom cutting and installation by a professional.

Stainless steel benchtops

This is not a material you would normally associate with a domestic kitchen, but if you are looking for excellent durability and that industrial edge – then a stainless steel benchtop is definitely for you! Be prepared to pay for the privilege of pretending you are cooking in an award-winning restaurant, though. You will also have to accept that scratching your stainless steel surface is inevitable.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $800 – $1200 per square metre, including manufacture and installation by a qualified tradie. For every sink installed, expect to add another $300-$400.

Concrete benchtops

Concrete floors and even concrete walls are all the rage, and if you’re looking for something your neighbours won’t have just yet, then a concrete benchtop may be a good choice. Concrete has been touted as the next ‘big’ material for benchtops, and rightly so with its sleek lines and uber long lifespan.

While it can be relatively heavy to work with, it proves to be a durable material. Think you’ll be stuck with no other option than different shades of grey? Think again. Concrete is surprisingly versatile and available in a huge range of colours and patterns thanks to various dyes, colours, and aggregates. It can be polished to a shiny finish or left rustic and raw.

Concrete benchtops are typically cast off-site into whatever shape you’re after– including cut-outs for sinks – and delivered to your home ready to drop into place. Even though concrete is durable, it is often sealed to reduce porosity.

In terms of cost, you’ll pay more for concrete than materials like laminate. Concrete benchtops are more likely in the same price range as engineered stone, and this is due to the labour required to make them. However, when compared to natural stone benchtops, concrete is a more affordable and just as sophisticated option.

Corian benchtops

Corian is a brand name for a material manufactured from a mix of natural minerals and acrylic resin in a broad range of colours.

It’s an extremely durable material that can be moulded into any shape. It makes for great ‘waterfalls,’ meaning joins will not be visible, making for a more hygienic choice. Corian is a serviceable material, and scratches and minor impact marks can be easily buffed out.

Another advantage is that you can opt to have a Corian sink built and integrated into your benchtop seamlessly, which may reduce your overall cost as you won’t need to individually pay for your benchtop and a sink.

Always remember to factor in your benchtop installation costs, which will, of course, vary depending on the size and style of your kitchen.

Laminate benchtops

The most budget-friendly option and gracing many a kitchen across the country. Laminate is justifiably popular in Australian kitchens for its wide range of colours and patterns – many of which successfully mimic other (more expensive) popular materials. It is also stain-resistant, hardwearing and widely available.

Laminate can cost as little as $99 per square metre up to as much as $500 per square metre depending on the cut, colour, edging, and texture you’re after. Since laminate is a great choice for budget-friendly and time-constrained kitchen builds, designing your kitchen with standard laminate pre-cut sizes in mind will help you to keep your prices down because the more custom cut-outs, edging and corners you ask for, the pricier your final result will be.

Natural stone benchtops

While natural stone benchtops are one of the more expensive options, their character and organic quality is hard to match with lookalike materials. Durability variances depend on which type of stone you prefer, with marble, for example, being especially vulnerable to staining from acidic foods and liquids. Quality slab granite is widely respected for its low porosity and overall durability, though it is also sealed.

Expect to pay anywhere between $700-$2000 per square metre for stone benchtops, including installation. If you have your heart set on a granite benchtop but are on a budget, then stick to paler colours of natural granite, which are usually more affordable than darker granites. Absolute black granite is easily one of the most expensive natural stone materials for benchtops.

Pricing can vary dramatically depending on a whole range of factors. According to Heather from Sydney based Set in Stone Marble & Granite, factors such as thickness, colour, kitchen size and height, access to the site and location can all have a bearing on the total cost, including installation.

Engineered stone benchtops

The new kid on the benchtop block has rapidly made inroads into the territory of its natural cousin. This composite material is made from ground quartz or granite mixed with resin; it is engineered to look similar to natural stone. It is a cheaper alternative and is less porous.

Engineered stone is available in a broad palette of neutral tones and patterns, including decorative glass and semi-precious stone versions.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $200-$400 per linear metre for engineered stone; this price does not include cutting, customisation or installation. Other factors that can affect the price include the colour you choose, whether you add drainer grooves, plus the benchtop’s thickness and edges.

So, when you embark on the crucial decision to choose a suitable benchtop material for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider how it will look and whether it is a practical option for you and your family. One point to remember is that no benchtop material is perfect or impervious to everything.

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