30+ Best Home Builders in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

Building your new home is an exciting and at times overwhelming experience, but for your builder it is very routine, which is why you need to be an active participant in all aspects of the home building process to ensure you end up with “YOUR” dream home.

Building your new home cannot be a passive exercise, because there are so many decisions that “must be” made by you. If you are unable or unwilling to make these decisions, you will force your builder to make them and run the risk that your new home won’t turn out the way you envisioned it or cost what you thought. 

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, looking for the best home builder? When you are planning your big project, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to select every company personally. This way, you can choose the ultimate company, options, and materials for your dream house.

We’ve created an ultimate list of Home Builders in Melbourne, Victoria to save you time and money.

Ultimate List of Home Builders in Melbourne 

MJS Construction Group – Home Builder Melbourne 

Mjs Construction Group


(03) 9570 1826

Townhouse Builders In Melbourne With Over 1200 Happy Residents Around Victoria

Trusted Townhouse builders in Melbourne & Australia for over 35 years. We’ve completed over 1200 New Home, Dual Occupancy, Townhouse & Apartment builds over the years. We’ve seen it all and done it all and know what’s required to deliver peace of mind when it is building your dream Melbourne townhouse.

If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable new townhouse builders in Melbourne, you’re in the right place!

  • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Developments
  • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Townhouses
  • New Custom Townhouse Builds
  • Townhouse Designs & Drafting

Making Melbourne residents feel right at home, one townhouse at a time.

We’re a full-service townhouse building construction and project management company, and we create homes in which people love to live.

We’ve heard it a million times—home is where the heart is. But it’s also where the rest of you lives. That’s why at MJS Construction Group, we’re committed to building townhouse homes that take care of all of you. Our custom homes philosophy and passion are reflected in our commitment to excellence in design, construction, and customer service. Let us echo your dream home into a reality!

The MJS townhouse builder difference.

With 35 years of experience building hundreds of Townhouses, New Homes, Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments. The MJS Construction Group team with private clients to large property developers – and always take care to understand the project details so that you’re overwhelmed with excitement and joy at the finished product.

Valuing relationships, respecting the details and ensuring quality results set MJS Construction Group apart. We don’t just “say” we’ll do all this. We actually deliver on our promises. This is how MJS Construction Group has grown and how our unique organisational structure continues to excel in the design, building and construction industry.

Feel at home with Melbourne townhouse builders who deliver their construction projects on time, on budget and with the greatest attention to detail.

VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd – Home Builder Melbourne

Vbuild Melbourne Pty Ltd


0425 752 803

Leaders in Prestige Home Design & Build

At VBuild, we’re Melbourne luxury home builders who are single-mindedly focused on bringing your custom home dream to perfect fruition. From your initial ideas, right through your custom design, planning, construction and beyond, we guarantee you a fabulous, superbly finished quality home that you’ll be thrilled with for years to come.

VBuild’s objective is to provide a project management service where our client is constantly kept aware of the project status and is confident that the project will run seamlessly throughout every stage. From project inception, planning, procurement, execution and completion, both client-side and contractor side, VBuild’s extensive project management experience can ensure that projects are always run smoothly and diligently. 

New Home Design

We’re always excited to begin the design and build process of a new home with our clients – it’s a journey full of amazing potential. From day one, our professionals will inspire you with their skill in translating your vision into a beautiful and superbly livable home.

Dual Occupancy

Unlock your wealth with a dual occupancy development by VBuild. Our Dual Occupancy team are specialists in multi-dwelling and ‘dual occ’ developments. We have the expert knowledge, proven track record and experience you need to unlock your property’s investment potential.


VBuild townhouse designs are an effective solution for creating large returns on your investment. As experienced townhouse builders in Melbourne, we have a wide range of Townhouse floor plans, including front and rear loading townhouse designs and side by side developments.


If you are looking for quality, local kitchen & bathroom renovators in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. At VBuild we have years of experience, and our multi-skilled builders always work to a high standard of building and customer satisfaction. We can help with any scale renovation, and our experience includes all types of kitchen and bathroom renovations, from concept to finish.

Interior Design

Whether you’ve upscaled, downsized or just want to give your home a facelift or total revamp, VBuild can assist. We have become the interior designers Melbourne chooses to deliver that wow factor to their home. When it comes to our Interior Design service, the focus is squarely on you and the lifestyle that you want to create in your home. For all of us, our home is our haven, so the objective of VBUILD is for you to love where you live.

Landscaping Design

Great gardens, backyards and front yards are based on sound garden design landscape principles. We believe garden design is about understanding the corresponding relationships between spaces, shapes, materials and colour. We feel this approach produces a more considered and timeless garden.

About VBuild

VBuild is a small, flexible and friendly drafting company established in 2001.

The company’s vision is to design a contemporary, unique and stylish home connected to the surrounding environment, which provides a flexible and comfortable living area.

Our experienced and professional staff will help you with every stage of your project.

At VBuild, we incorporate a personalised view based on the special requirements of our clients in developing a quality product. From conceptual vision to building permits, VBuild will take you to a sustainable modern house with a professional finish using the latest in construction technologies.

Design your Dream, Develop your Future

BH Prestige Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Bh Prestige Homes


0414 674 413


We at BH Prestige Homes have decades of experience in creating first-class residential homes in Melbourne. We can assist you with building the perfect dream home from the ground up with the latest designs and the highest quality materials. This is all according to your personality and taste. Our properties are built to stand the test of time and enjoyed for generations to come. We put the focus on the journey that you embark on as property owners, and this is why we enjoy long term relationships with you so that we meet your every need and expectation.

You should know that we consider a house to be so much more than an investment. It is an expression of who you are, and you can create and share memories with the ones that you love. We are privileged to start with the foundation of the next important part of the family’s life, and we take exceptional pride in the care and quality of work that we bring into your home.


BH Prestige Homes creates the best designs and build high-end homes that deliver a commitment to quality on all projects. We take pride in offering the best advice (due to our expertise) single and double-storey designs to suit your preference and lifestyle. Our team provides one on one service to each of our clients, and we keep them up to date with the building progress and all the details throughout the development process. We operate policy transparency so that you do not feel like decisions are being made on your behalf or in your absence. We ensure and believe that everything that is built in the home with your own money should be done with your final say in every matter.

For us, no new build is just like the other build, and we, understand that for most of the clients, there are unique accommodation requirements, and the design team has designed flexible options that conform to particular needs. We do our best to establish relationships with suppliers and tradespeople and engage business with them. We only contract professionals that are tried and tested at work and are sure of themselves. This lets us bring a guaranteed level of skill and craft to every project so that your designs are executed to a very high standard.


When it comes to impeccable designs for all budget ranges, you can opt for our services, and we will take care of the rest. Our homes have proven to be a great hit with first-time buyers and those that are growing their property investment portfolio. Our properties are stylish and affordable designs that help maximise natural light, a functional layout for families of all ages, excellent floor space and a streamlined modern aesthetic. Our latest range of homes caters to second & third homeowners and aspirational buyers that really enjoy our range of designs and impressive personalised interiors and luxury inclusions. This series is ideal for entertaining guest while offering the full functionality of a family home with a focus on the grand open living spaces and kitchen area with ample light and air.


Established in 2000 and having a small, focused team with a limited production volume of 5 to 10 homes per year, BH Prestige Homes focus on the client rather than volume. We use the same team of tradespeople for every job leading to both consistent and high-quality workmanship.

It is the quality of the finishes and the craftsmanship that separates BH Prestige Homes from its competitors. Our homes stand the test of time and provide a noticeable point of difference from most current homes.

Sperway Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Sperway Homes


03 9034 7491

Personal Service. Individual Design. Custom Built Homes.

Sperway Homes is a custom home builder delivering a unique personalised building experience from concept to construction. We specialise in new homes, knockdown/rebuild, townhouses, units and dual occupancy.

  • Our talented designers will meet you in the comfort of your home or at our office to design a beautiful, original, decadent home. By combining your ideas with our expertise and over 40 years of experience, we will create something very special just for you.
  • You will receive a personal tour of our display homes to experience the innovation in our designs and to get a feel for the superior quality of our construction.
  • By taking the time to really listen and understand your needs, Sperway Homes will custom build you an impressive, luxury new home that is both beautiful and functional, delivered on time and on budget. Guaranteed!

Our History

SPERWAY HOMES: The trusted name in custom-built luxury homes.

Putting your trust in Sperway Homes guarantees your new luxury home will be built on time and on budget with quality materials by talented, qualified tradespeople.

Sperway Homes is proudly associated with Extension Builders Australia Group in both Melbourne and Sydney. Extension Builders Australia Group incorporates Sperway Homes, Extension Factory, Sydney Extension and Designs, Engtruss (Truss and Frame Manufacturer), Commercial and Industry Property Division and Product Import Division.

We have acquired a formidable reputation for over 40 years as a highly respected building company. We started out in renovations, extensions and home improvements, including knockdown rebuilds and total makeovers.

We have designed and built thousands of projects, including custom homes, knockdown/rebuilds, dual occupancy, townhouses, units and office buildings.

Construct Melbourne – Home Builder Melbourne

Construct Melbourne


1300 928 454

Our Services

Custom New Homes

As leading new home builders in Melbourne, we have the means and materials to create luxury custom built homes that are beautifully designed and impeccably executed. Whether you want a home that accommodates your growing family or a luxury new home you’ve dreamt of for years, we can be trusted to get the job done.

A collaborative process

As custom house builders who care about the satisfaction of our clients, we work closely with you in a collaborative process. This means that you can have constant input into the design of your new home and provide feedback with every step of the way. Our goal is to create your dream home and deliver results that you’ll be satisfied with for many years to come. Our collaborative process involves:

Renovations and Extensions

At Construct Melbourne, we proudly offer home renovations and house extensions in Melbourne. 

As experienced complete home renovation contractors and renovation builders, we have the necessary training and knowledge to transform the interior and exterior areas of your Melbourne home. We can update any dated or impractical elements, open up living areas to incorporate kitchens, substitute existing windows with double-glazed windows, add skylights to brighten living areas and improve insulation for better energy efficiency, and modernise bathrooms and kitchens. 

We’ll discuss your requirements, assess the possibilities and help you to determine the best course of action.


A design that reflects your style

Everyone wants to live in a house with an exterior and interior design that reflects their personality and lifestyle choices. At Construct Melbourne, we can make this a reality for our clients. We formulate custom home designs that take everything into consideration. This includes furnishings, artwork, aesthetics, amenities and general décor. We focus on and provide advice on every detail, from the smallest to the larges.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients through exceptional residential design and construction. 

We are proud to have a client-focused approach in the way we work, developing long-standing and authentic relationships with those we work with. We are proudly a family-owned and operated business with a passion for innovative design and premium residential construction.

Construct Melbourne is a residential design and construction company with a focus on quality homes and quality people you can trust. We understand that creating your dream home is one of the most important decisions you will make for your family and lifestyle, and we pride ourselves on ensuring each project runs seamlessly. 

Symmetric Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Symmetric Homes


03 9676 2400

More than just four walls.

More than a place to live. It’s a blank canvas, ready for you to add life. Memories. Stories. Milestones. Your new home built on time and to budget. No asterisks.

More than homes.

The same attention to detail, with a different application. Apartment living. Shopfronts. Warehouses. Delivered on time and to budget. Always. So you have more time to concentrate on what’s important: your business.

There’s more to your home than just the walls.

And there’s more to us than just building.

We have spent more than a decade perfecting our processes in order to give you more. More options. More time. More confidence. Ensuring the life, you live within these walls is the only thing left to the imagination.

We have delivered this to both local and international owners, time and time again. We’ve done this through streamlined procedures and transparent communication.

It’s the reliability you’d expect from a big builder, with the attention to detail from a smaller one. Never stopping until your expectations have been met. And your bum is firmly planted on the couch.

Carmel Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Carmel Homes


1300 79 28 20


Carmel Homes is a family-owned luxury custom home builder based in Melbourne. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud of the reputation gained for the quality of our carefully constructed homes and the high level of aftercare service we provide.

Carmel Homes was designed to be unique with a specific focus on the high-end custom home market. Our staff, organisation, procedures and philosophies have been crafted around catering exclusively to the most discerning customers and building only the highest quality and most impressive homes. 

Choosing the Right Block for Your Melbourne Dream Home

For most people, the detail of their dream home is all in the structure itself. They have a clear view of the size and shape of the internal spaces and the features they want to see included. Many will also have picked out their favourite materials and finishes and have several ideas about their statement styling choices.

However, when you are building a home, the land it sits on is just as important as the structure itself. Pick the right block, and your dream design will fit perfectly into the landscape. Pick the wrong one, and you may need to adjust – or completely abandon – your long-held plans.

Thankfully, there are a couple of key features you can use to assess the suitability of any block. To work out whether a block is right for your dream build, carefully consider the following characteristics.


Carmel Homes is a family-owned premium custom home builder based in Melbourne. With over 30 years of experience, we are proud of the reputation gained for the quality of our carefully constructed homes and the high level of aftercare service we provide.

We produce homes that feature design-led living spaces in prime locations and offer high investment value. Developments that range from exclusive family homes to city centre townhouse complexes. Our considered approach to development and our commitment to quality leads us to work only with leading architects and trusted contractors.

Carmel Homes was designed to be unique with a specific focus on the high-end custom home market. Our staff, organisation, procedures and philosophies have been crafted around catering exclusively to the most discerning customers and building only the highest quality and most impressive homes. Everyone at Carmel Homes works together as a team and shares a true love for building remarkable custom homes.

As a family business, we understand that we are building homes for families. From modern contemporary homes to traditional estates, we are committed to tailoring each home to the lifestyle and dreams of our clients. For a collaborative approach to building your next home, feel free to contact us.

Mystique Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Mystique Homes


1300 232 002


Being in the market for a longer period, we have expertise in all the field of construction, such as architectural design, building codes, zoning regulations and basic construction elements. We serve a range of customers, and our services include custom homes building, renovation or refurbishment projects, and rebuilding sites, Installation & Extension in and of the current architectures.


We, Mystique Homes, are an established domestic building development organisation. We build custom homes for our customers at reasonable costs. We have some expertise in outlining homes to suit your individual way of life, needs, land and site qualities, and individual spending plans. When you fabricate your new home with Mystique Homes, each aspect of your house is made under one rooftop with your supervision. With your very own designer, committed site administrator and access to an assortment of specialists, your house is enlivened quicker, less demanding and smoother than with some other custom homebuilder. We seek to outline extraordinary custom homes that mirror the plain pith of your unmistakable way of life and identity.


Renovation or Refurbishment is the way toward enhancing a broken, harmed, or obsolete structure. Redesigns are commonly either business or private. Also, remodelling can allude to making something new or breathing life into something back and can apply in social settings. For instance, a network can be redesigned on the off chance that it is fortified and restored. Innovation has meaningfully affected the redesign procedure, expanding the centrality and quality of the arranging stage. The accessibility of free online outline instruments has enhanced representation of the progressions, at a small amount of the expense of contracting an expert inside fashioner. Numerous individuals redesign homes to make another appearance for their home, or so someone else can live in the living arrangement.


Sometimes the perfect block of land already has a house on it. With our comprehensive knockdown rebuild service, we can help you recreate your dream home at your current address – minimising major lifestyle disruption by remaining in the same location. Therefore, our clients can directly contact us for Knocking down the existing infrastructure. Once demolishing the older infrastructure, one can build a new house in that place. We do the knockdowns and rebuilds for our customers at reasonable costs. Therefore, if you are having an existing structure, which you want to demolish, please feel free to contact us.


Individually designed and custom-built to suit your style, needs and budget. Impressive luxury homes built with high-quality materials by talented, qualified tradespeople. We are having a large and massive workforce, which is engaged in multiple development projects. In case you are looking for a real estate building contractor who can work on multiple sites, you can surely contact us.


Keep your current address while we modify and recreate your dream home for us. Renovations are more than fresh paint and new floors. One might miss installing certain things while developing the houses, but later, one may decide to install that thing. In such cases, you need to hire experienced building contractors who can install the new parts without causing any damage to the existing structure. This is the same with any kind of extensions in your house. We, at some point, used to think to get an extension in our backyard or in front of our home. However, this work is very difficult, and less expertise hand may ruin the project itself. Therefore, it is better to hire an experience-building contractor who has long enough experience in developing such projects. If you are planning to do some installation and extension in the project, please feel free to contact us.


We have an experienced building contractor who is engaged in finding, soliciting, biding from and scheduling all of the subcontractors, which are necessary to complete the project. Homebuilding is a complicated project that involves different works such as architectural design, building codes, zoning regulations and basic construction elements. Being the expert in the field, we supervise the construction of individual houses and multi-unit housing projects. N case you have any plan to start a construction project, you can freely contact us for the necessary help.


Mystique Homes is an established domestic building organisation constructing customised and volume build homes at the most affordable prices. Being in the market for a longer period, we have expertise in all the fields of construction, such as architectural design, building codes, zoning regulations and basic construction elements. We serve a range of customers, and our services include custom homes building, renovation or refurbishment projects and rebuilding sites, installation & extension in and of the current architectures.

When you choose Mystique Homes, you have the ability to create and alter your own designs that complement your needs and wants. With us, you can walk through the construction process. With our large workforce, we give equal importance to the projects of our different clients. No project is big or small for us, as it can be a small installation project or a large customised house-building project. Therefore, while choosing us, be sure of getting your dream house project completed within time by maintaining high-quality standards and the highest quality.

Mystique Homes – Custom Home Builders in Preston, Watsonia, Bundoora, Reservoir, Thomastown, Sunshine, Whittlesea, Epping, Lalor, Thornbury, Millpark, South Morang, Mernda, Greensborough, Airport West, Essendon, Maribyrnong, Wollert, Brunswick, Footscray

Romeo Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Romeo Homes


03 9796 0726

Romeo Homes – The Best Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

At Romeo Homes, we specialise in building the finest bespoke homes for our clients in Melbourne. Our goal is to make your dream home design a reality, and we can provide tailored solutions to precisely suit your needs. Crafted to your specifications, our home builders in Melbourne can build one-of-a-kind homes that will exceed expectations. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation for our unrivalled service and can design a home just the way you envisioned. Talk to us today, and we will be happy to understand your requirements and take you through every detail of the project.

Looking for experienced new home builders in Melbourne?

We follow a customer-centric approach, and every home we create is as unique as your taste. Individually designed to suit your lifestyle, preference and budget, our mission is to create living spaces that inspire and reflect your personal touch. We are passionate about designing innovative homes and leave no stone unturned to perfectly finish your home.

Romeo Homes are family-owned and operated.

We are committed to building high-quality homes for our clients, whether you are seeking new homes in Melbourne or a multi-million dollar federation style home. Our commitment to detail has seen us excel in period homes in Melbourne and also modern federation style homes with features unseen with volume builders. Our entry-level homes have architectural merit, being at the forefront of the industry.

Want to know the cost of building a new home in Melbourne?

Quality doesn’t have to cost the earth. And affordable doesn’t always mean ‘budget’. There’s absolutely no need for you to compromise on your period home.

Talk to us instead.

Like hundreds of satisfied clients before you, you will be happy to refer us because, at Romeo Homes, we stand behind our only criteria “We build each home as if it were our own”.

View our federation style homes for sale, period homes under construction, and our display locations.

Melbourne Home Builders

Not only does Romeo Homes deliver exceptionally designed period homes & federation style homes, but we are also custom home builders in Melbourne that can develop solutions to suit your needs. Take any of our existing home designs and work with our experienced Melbourne home builders to tailor your new home to your specific custom requirements.

Want to custom build a new home?

We are known for offering the ultimate in terms of design and service, and you can count on us for designing a stunning home. We are experienced and begin by understanding the requirements of our clients in detail. Our attention to the very last detail and workmanship ensures that the homes we construct are breathtakingly beautiful.

We value your time and respect your budget and assure you that every aspect of your project will be dealt with professionally and with the attention it deserves. We will complete the project within the timeline and will work closely with you to ensure that your home is impressively created just the way you want.

Wondering what makes us the preferred choice of clients in Melbourne?

We believe in creating truly spectacular homes and emphasise collaborative planning and quality. We take into account your lifestyle, taste and budget to offer the best plans for your home. No matter the type of home you are looking for or the complexity of the project, we are here to design your home with ease.

Passion & Dedication

A family-owned and operated business for over 18 years, Romeo Homes has cemented its place as one of the highest quality builders in Melbourne. Specialising in period style homes, custom new homes and knockdown rebuilds, we have helped over 700 homeowners enhance their lifestyle with a beautiful new home.

Bringing a degree of experience to home construction that most homeowners can only dream of, we are excited by the prospect of taking you on the journey to creating and building the home of your dreams.

Avenue Building Group – Home Builder Melbourne

Avenue Building Group



New Homes Melbourne

Avenue Building Group specialises in New Homes Melbourne.

We can guide you through every step, from the Building Permits to the Handover. If you would like a free consultation, please call us on 0411708256 or fill out the contact form below, and someone will contact you shortly.

Professional Advice

Get the right advice on your project. We have experienced professionals here ready to help you.

Quality Guarantee

We are here to make sure your bathroom is built to perfection. This means all labour and even the materials used are guaranteed.

Competitive Prices

Our labour and source of high-quality materials all come at a very competitive rate! Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

About us

Avenue has built a reputation as a quality builder offering first-class contemporary, sustainable and innovative designs.

At Avenue, we specialise in all residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether it be for a new building or a renovation, it’s down our avenue.

As an integrated construction company with only the highest quality resources, Avenue is able to provide its clients with unmatched solutions throughout the building industry.

Sienna Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Sienna Homes


+61 3 8685 8116

Take a look at the award-winning design.

At Sienna Homes, our design approach makes us a little different from the rest. We believe in getting to know what you are looking for in a family home and then matching your living habits, personal style and aspirations to the right design. It’s like building your home from the inside out.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

We are passionate about good design.

Our belief is that good design is not a luxury. From a townhouse to a large family home, every Sienna Homes Home will offer flexible spaces, innovative storage options and spacious, flowing living zones.

We Can Tailor Our Designs to Suit

At Sienna Homes, we are happy to add those elements that make our designs the perfect home for you. We believe in matching your living habits, personal style and aspirations to the right design. 

100% Victorian Company

At Sienna Homes, we are proud to be 100% Victorian owned and staffed. You can have the confidence that everyone who works on your new home is based right here in Victoria.

Our Story

Sienna Homes is a Victorian owned and operated company. We opened our doors in 2007 with a focus on medium-density housing. Our team has come from within the building industry and brought with them over fifteen years of varied and extensive expertise in construction management, building design and operations.

Within a short space of time, we could see an opportunity to bring our approach to the consumer housing market – delivering a high quality, great value home with a very personal service.

Sienna Homes are now delivering new homes for homeowners and investors across Melbourne.

Englehart Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Englehart Homes


0419 390 830

The Englehart Benchmark

The Englehart Group has set benchmarks in innovative design and superior construction for over forty years.

The first Englehart award-winning display home – The Cooinda – was built in 1980. This milestone marked the beginning of a new era in architectural designs for Englehart Homes – the aim was to fulfil a need for homes that combine aesthetic beauty, functionality and energy efficiency.

Englehart Homes created a niche in the Melbourne market based on the fundamentals of creating personalised designer homes that are both visually striking and functional. The company success has allowed it to build a massive portfolio of designs to suit different lifestyles, tastes and budgets.

Consistent Quality & Innovation

Englehart homeowners often have different reasons for building their own house, but each shares a common purpose aligned with the Englehart reputation – to own homes crafted with an eye on quality finishes and innovation with the security of producing consistently excellent results.

Landing Page v3 1 Home

It is important to remember that over the last three decades, Englehart has become a key player in the industry, winning dozens of awards and earning a reputation that others in the industry can only look to for inspiration.

Forget the imitators. Remember the leader.

A Valuable Brand

The value of the Englehart name is indisputable. It is associated with the consistent quality of construction, innovation and excellence.

A brand, of course, means more than just its name. Great companies strive to always interact with their customers and the broader community.

Ron Englehart and the whole Englehart team have worked tirelessly to develop and enhance Englehart’s reputation, and the company is now one of the best-regarded operators in the Melbourne property market.

Individual Design

A new home is an expression of a client’s highly individual needs and desires. It’s a collection of spaces uniquely composed to suit a person or family’s lifestyle.

With this in mind, the Englehart Design Team has designed a range of cleverly conceived homes that can enjoy full customisation to suit the site, lifestyle and budget.

The team also understands that site conditions and specific client requirements often require a custom solution to be built from the ground up.

Homebuyers can choose from a huge array of exciting single or multilevel designs with different variations or have a custom solution designed specifically for them.

The combination of intelligent design, attention to detail, quality materials, craftsmanship and value for money is inherent in every Englehart home, whether it is built to a brief or is a project home.

The beauty of undertaking a design solution with Englehart is that a tailored architect-designed solution can be achieved without the high cost normally associated with the employment of such a professional.

You can enjoy as many changes as you wish, as the Englehart Design Team are committed to delivering you an entirely individual solution.

Unrivalled Customer Service

There’s more to customer satisfaction than just delivering an innovative, architecturally designed, quality home.

Englehart knows that customers expect service in all of their dealings that is second to none.

Over 40 years of experience in bespoke home design and construction has helped Englehart Homes perfect the design implementation process.

What this means in simple terms is our architects, managers, and consultants oversee and review the progress of each stage, and regular team meetings are held during the design process with consultants and architects, ensuring every detail is addressed and fulfilled.

This process brings together design principles, creative outlook, environmental innovations and the customers’ lifestyle requirements in a balanced outcome for all parties.

Englehart is always striving to exceed expectations in the implementation and management process from the inception of a home to completion and beyond.

Every satisfied customer will become an ambassador of the Englehart brand in the future.

Destination Living – Home Builder Melbourne

Destination Living


1300 637 838

Design and build your dream home

At Destination Living, we help bring your ideas to life with our specialised approach to creating and building a truly custom home that is unique to you and your lifestyle. We are in house architects, interior designers and builders and together, we’ll bring your vision to reality.

Our approach to designing and building architectural luxury homes works for all blocks, from a simple site to more difficult, narrow and sloping blocks. From brief to build, our method is streamlined, quality-assured and most importantly, collaborative, putting you at the heart of everything we create.

If you are ready to design and build your dream home, please organise a personal consultation.

A different approach to building luxury homes

A truly streamlined, full-service and collaborative approach to designing and building luxury, custom homes.

A woman reaching her hand up into the top cupboard in her new kitchen custom-built by Destination Living

Our process

At Destination Living, our process is a blend of research, creativity and quality. We make sure to keep open lines of communication at every stage of the building process, so you can be confident you are always informed to make the best possible decisions for your future home.

Expert architects

Our Melbourne-based architects are experienced in creating timeless, luxury homes that are designed to be memorable spaces that inspire, engage and excite. They work collaboratively with you to ideate a home that will be loved by you and everyone who experiences it.

Masterful builders

Our construction team in Melbourne have been carefully selected based on rigorous requirements. They are chosen because of their eye for detail, design appreciation, and service ethos. By our careful selection, you can be confident that your custom designed home is built to the highest standards.

The Destination Living Program

Destination Living’s system places your vision at the centre of our process. Our aim is to work within your budget and capture as many of the items on your wish list as possible.

20 years experience

Over decades in the architectural and construction industry, we have constantly been refining our business model and how we make processes more streamlined, efficient and meet our client’s needs.

We have done this by working with and establishing a strong team of people who have the same values and ethics, as well as incorporating technology like VR and online checking and communication systems. Our in-depth experience has resulted in the service to create quality and luxury homes we are truly proud of.


At Destination Living, we pride ourselves on listening closely to what you want from your new home.

We pay close attention to your sense of style, then bring our skill in design to create a home matched to your vision of how you want to live your life. This enables us to incorporate features and aspects which are innovative and will surprise and delight.

Integrated relationships

Our emphasis on collaboration has another major benefit – eliminating most points of conflict. Placing you at the centre of each stage of designing and building your home keeps our team members fully informed of your priorities.

It also has a real benefit for us as we’ve found this approach brings out our team’s passion for exploring and delivering exciting designs solutions to the fore.

Holistic thinking

We bring the expertise of our architecture, interior design, construction and quality control teams to your project.

All of our team have been trained to collaborate with each other and with you every step of the way. You are the centre of our discussions, ensuring we build the lifestyle that suits you now and into the future.

Our briefing process invites you to meet and layout your thoughts and requirements directly to our team members.

Quality control systems

We have devised a highly controlled process to ensure our quality standards are met each and every time.

Our quality control system has detailed checks for work completed by our internal and external team members to ensure completion of each stage is as it should be.

It’s our rigorous approach to quality control, efficiencies, and realistic cost estimation combined with our experience in orienting your vision to the idiosyncrasies of your site that ensures all your requirements are met.

Specialist services

Our team includes a family of preferred external specialists, all of whom are experts in their own field. From lighting and pool designers to landscape design and home automation experts, our external team is assembled to deliver the design and mood you want to create.


A major benefit of our system is that you are kept fully informed throughout the design and construction process. That means you can make the decisions that affect costs and delivery while being advised by our expert team.

You can also keep up to date with each stage’s progress by logging in to our online client portal, where completion details are entered by each member of our team as they happen.

Hotondo Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Hotondo Homes


+61 1800 677 157


Build the home you’ve always dreamed of. Hotondo Homes has been building beautiful new homes across Australia for over 30 years. Our flexible range of home designs has something for everyone, whether you live in metro areas, along the coast or in regional communities. With over 60 home builders ready to bring your dream homes to life, a number of house and land packages on offer and stunning display homes showcasing our designs, your Hotondo Home is just a phone call away!

From duplexes to beach houses – our builders do it all

At Hotondo Homes, we pride ourselves on our versatility. We’ve built homes for over 28,000 families over our 30-year history, so we understand how important the family home is as well as what it takes to create a great investment property.

Our goal is always to help you build the home you’ve always wanted – for your family, for your portfolio, for you. Those dream homes come in all shapes and sizes, from modest homes to sprawling beach houses, so whatever you have in mind, we want to help make it a reality. Our designs run from the aspirational to the truly luxurious, offering something for every buyer. Whoever you are and wherever you’d like to build, we’re there for you.

Speak to the builders trusted across the country

If you’d like to take the first step towards your dream home, start in the right place. Visit one of our display homes and get inspired by the elegance of our designs and the richness of our interiors. Then, start a conversation with one of our builders and find out how we could help.


Building a new home? You can rely on the local knowledge and experience of your local Hotondo Homes builders.

If you’re after a team you can trust to build your new house, look no further than Hotondo Homes. We’re a family-owned business that takes pride in each home that we build.

As each Hotondo Homes builder is independently owned and operated, they have their own reputation to uphold, which is why we’re such a reputable building company. We offer the local area knowledge and customer service of a local builder, combined with the affordability and range of flexible new house designs of a large building network.

Established in 1979, we have over 70 new house builders situated in all parts of the country. Each of our new home builders is locally based, meaning they have exceptional knowledge of the local area, style and regulations. They’ll give you skilled advice, great customer service and expert knowledge of area-specific conditions and trends. These are all critical parts of building a new home that will keep up with advanced design and construction standards for many years to come.

As we are a family business building homes for families, we know what truly makes a great family home. Your new home will be one that you’ll want to live in forever.

From contemporary townhouses to heritage-inspired new homes, our builders will work closely with you to ensure our vision aligns with yours.

Our house designs are diverse and suit many different styles and budgets. We have wide-ranging floor plans suitable for narrow blocks, acreage blocks, sloping blocks and everything in between.

We help you turn a house into a home, which is why we believe in flexibility. Our clients are able to modify designs, so they get exactly what they want.

Find your local builder to start discussing your project. You can contact your local builder directly, and they’ll be able to help you find your dream new home.

Experience the benefits of a family business with family values. For more information about the Hotondo Homes story, click here.

Comdain Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Comdain Homes


(03) 9403 0001

Welcome to customised luxury

At Comdain, we believe your home should be all about you. Your desires. Your dreams. Your vision.

That’s why we always begin by getting to know you.

From there, we create an architecturally designed home – meticulously crafting every element to your personal style.

Every detail is a masterstroke. And every facet is underpinned by quality craftsmanship. From cabinetry to intricate joinery – we take pride in thoughtful design and refined finishes.

Our uncompromised building standards also means that every masterpiece we create stands the test of time.

Whether you’re captivated by unexpected textures and contrasting forms – or charmed by poise and simplicity – we can’t wait to bring your dream to life.

Comdain, quality without compromise

Comdain has been crafting bespoke luxury homes across Melbourne for over 30 years.

Collaborative and consultative, we listen to your every need and desire to bring your dream to life. Backed by attentive service and the best craftsmanship money can buy, we are unwavering in our dedication and commitment to you.

Family owned and operated, Comdain Homes is part of the highly respected and awarded Comdain Group. For you, this means our strength and reliability are more than a platitude. It’s a promise.

From humble beginnings come great things.

A family business – for nearly 60 years

It all began in the late 50s when a young Irish couple arrived in Australia.

Armed with expertise in civil construction and spurred by big dreams and determination, Comdain – Gaelic for Coen, the family name – was born. Then in 1987, Jim’s sons John and James founded Comdain Homes, a fully owned subsidiary of Comdain.

From day one, the brothers set out to create custom homes that were a step ahead of the market. A passion for building, first-hand carpentry expertise and eye for detail gave them their edge.

Quality workmanship soon became the cornerstone of the company. And over time, John and James cemented their vision: to design and build luxury homes with a dedication to the craft.

Where luxury meets ease

From two brothers working from a garage, the burgeoning business soon became the Comdain Homes it is today – with a vibrant and cohesive team in Fairfield.

And more than three decades on, the brothers are still hands-on, leading our business every day. Staying true to our strong family values, Comdain Homes sets the highest standard of service and workmanship.

Serving a distinct segment of upper market home buyers, we deliver the total building experience – from exclusive architectural designs to outstanding landscaping solutions.

And we do it all with an unwavering commitment to seamless processes and systems, from start to finish.

The promise of a name

We are fiercely protective of our reputation – and remain guided by our moral compass in all we do.

For you, this means a professional relationship underpinned by integrity and authenticity. And by limiting the number of projects we take on at any one time, you get the personal attention and care you deserve.

We seek to truly understand your needs and desires, involving you every step of the way. You even have direct access to our founder John and the rest of the Comdain team – whenever you want.

For quality craftsmanship and true customer care, look no further than Comdain Homes. We can’t wait to create a luxury home just for you. One you’ll love every day.

Zuccala Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Zuccala Homes


03 9407 9334

Zuccala Homes has proven capability and resources to deliver full end to end projects. From initial design feasibility and cost estimates to prove project viability, through town planning assessment and advice, civil works and site assessment, acoustic rating and fire assessment, building technology cost engineering, energy assessment, marketing support with design upgrade packages and facade treatment, full architectural workings drawings with engineering considerations, tender processes and strategic project partnering.

With over 57 years of experience in residential design and construction Zuccala Homes has assisted most of Victoria’s major developers and been involved in the construction of numerous medium density projects, townhomes, retirement villages, specialised housing, dual occupancy and related projects.

We offer a reliable, results-driven, performance-based approach to ensure your project success. Our experienced staff are very outcome-focused to ensure a project everyone can be proud of.

We prefer a strategic partnering approach with our project clients to ensure the shortest lead times to delivery, minimal rework costs and correct consideration of cost engineering efficiencies and design benefits from the outset.

Victorians have trusted Zuccala Homes as their preferred builder for over 60 years.

We are a competitive builder offering an extensive and generous list of inclusions while providing real value for money. We are flexible, use quality materials and have award-winning building processes.

Zuccala has been building quality homes since 1957. We have built a strong reputation for quality and service over this time. Our reputation is built on results and delivered promises. Our customers maintain ongoing relationships with us and often refer family and friends or build second homes or investments.

Zuccala Homes respects our customers and appreciates the trust they place in us as their chosen builder.

Dennis Family Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Dennis Family Homes


1800 336 648

The Dennis Family Experience

Building your dream home should be exciting. That’s why we’re committed to making the journey as uncomplicated, clear and stress-free as possible—and it all starts with great design.

With quality, functionality and style underpinning every element of our home designs, all Dennis Family homes are carefully planned and expertly built to ensure they’ll stand up to the demands of the busy lifestyles of Australian families.

Featuring functional open-plan meals, kitchen and living areas ideal for the whole family to come together to relax in comfort and style, our contemporary-designed homes provide the perfect environment whether it’s family time, playtime or party time.

Whether you’re a first home buyer looking to break into the property market or an investor searching for the perfect investment opportunity, we have something for everyone. With a wide range of affordable home designs and house and land packages to choose from, we make it easy to find the right property at the right price.

You’ll never need to compromise on quality when you build with the Dennis Family, even if you’re building on a budget. The only building to the highest quality standards, you know you’ll get a house that not only meets but exceeds your expectations when you a Dennis Family home.

Having received numerous industry awards for quality and design, all our homes are proven to live up to the test of time. In fact, the tradesmen who build our display homes are the same tradesmen who build your home, so what you see really is what you get.

With a long and proud history of making homeownership possible for Australian families, it’s no wonder why we’ve built a reputation as one of the best home builders in Melbourne. Building in a range of established and emerging suburbs right across Melbourne, regional Victoria and New South Wales, we can help turn your dream into a reality.

With a team of experienced and dedicated consultants to guide you through every stage of the process, we know you’ll love building with the Dennis Family. Make sure you pay a visit to one of our Display Centres to really experience the Dennis Family difference.

Every Family Should Be Able To Afford A Place To Call Home

This is the principle upon which Bert Dennis, the founder of Dennis Family Homes, built his family business. Today, with the help of his children, Bert has maintained this vision and a heartfelt commitment to the values our business is built on:

  • Honesty and integrity in our conduct
  • Passion for our business
  • Caring for our customers and communities
  • Vision for the future
  • Quality in our products and services

Dennis Family Homes is proud to be a family building homes for families. Our numerous years of building experience promises your home will be built to the highest quality and well designed. Most importantly, we’ll ensure the home you choose will be the home you’ll love.

G.J. Gardner Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

G.j. Gardner Homes


+61 3 5975 1123

Seeking to build a new home in Australia’s fastest-growing city, Melbourne?

Looking for a quality builder in Melbourne you can trust and rely on?

G.J. Gardner Homes is one of Australia’s most regarded home builders. Since 1983, G.J. Gardner Homes has built over 35,000 distinctive homes across Australia and expanded into the New Zealand and North American markets. Throughout its distinguished 35-year history, G.J. Gardner Homes has won in excess of 150 prestigious home builder awards from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA).

The G.J. Gardner Homes value proposition is compelling: uncompromising quality, superb value and innovative design. Whether you’re seeking to build off-the-plan (100+ options), design from scratch (custom home) or source a house and land package in Melbourne, G.J. Gardner Homes has a building solution to suit. We also specialise in new investment properties, dual-occupancy projects and knockdown-rebuilds. Put simply, Melbourne builders don’t come any better than G.J. Gardner Homes.

G.J. Gardner Homes’ unique franchise model ensures that clients deal only with reputable local custom home builders, subcontractors and suppliers. These professionals are handpicked by G.J. Gardner Homes for their skills, integrity and local knowledge. Our franchise owners and builders in Melbourne are totally aligned with the company’s single-minded focus on customer service and quality workmanship.

Many home builders in Melbourne promise the world, but G.J. Gardner Homes actually deliver on its promises. A consultative design, planning and construction process ensures that every newly-built home is stylish, functional and durable (structurally guaranteed). As Australia’s premier custom home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes also provides a competitive all-inclusive price and a transparent building contract.

G.J. Gardner Homes have built over 36,000 quality, customised homes over the past 37 years. The company continues to grow on the back of a single premise: ensuring every customer would refer us to their closest friend. Throughout the building of your new home, we are dedicated to the highest standard of workmanship. Each of our qualified builders and preferred subcontractors has been selected for their individual standards of expertise and their commitment to excellence.

Our Heritage

From humble beginnings in 1983 in Queensland as an independent building firm owned by Greg Gardner, G.J. Gardner Homes quickly grew to 8 regional offices, building as many as 1,000 custom homes a year. G.J. Gardner Homes quickly established a reputation for building great value, quality homes. Due to popular demand, Greg decided to franchise the business and almost immediately became one of Queensland’s largest privately-owned building companies. Fast forward to today, G.J. Gardner Homes has become a household name throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. With over 120 franchisees operating throughout the world, supported by multiple global offices, G.J. Gardner Homes continue to build a reputation for reliability and for being a company our customers can trust.

The G.J. Way

We want your home build to be memorable for all the right reasons. We’ll provide you with a fixed price and build time certainty with no hidden extras. Building your new home on a fixed budget is surprisingly easy, and we’ll make sure that everything you need to know is laid out and explained upfront, so you’ll get as much clarity as possible.

Hansen Living – Home Builder Melbourne

Hansen Living



Melbourne’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Hansen Living is one of Melbourne’s leading boutique builders, specialising in luxury home design and architectural construction. We provide end-to-end home design – from brief to design to the final build. If you have specific design requirements in mind, we can build a home that is entirely customised to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Hansen Living is unique in that we manage all phases of the project in-house. This includes the initial brief, custom home design, construction and final interior design. Our unique approach has helped us achieve continuously great results, receiving Master Builders’ Best Custom Home award for 2014.

We can deliver superior solutions for a range of properties, including two and three-story homes, apartments, townhouses, beachfront homes and penthouses. Our expertise lies in the Bayside, Port Phillip, inner-city Melbourne, Stonnington, Boroondara and surrounding suburbs, where we have established a strong reputation for our quality-driven, time-effective building processes.

Our Expertise

  • Luxury homes with custom design
  • High-end building construction
  • High-quality interior design
  • Two and three-storey homes
  • Reconstruction, home extension and renovations
  • Rebuilding and restoration of period homes

Building Custom Homes for Lifestyles

At Hansen Living, we provide customised home design and building solutions. We build premium homes that are tailored to each individual client. As a boutique building company, each of our projects is directly managed by our Director, ensuring that we can bring our client’s vision to life; in a way that exceeds their expectations.

Our director and the team will be there every step of the way – from the initial brief to home design, construction and interior design – to ensure your dream home is entirely tailored to your lifestyle and requirements. This means a timely, stress-free process for you and your family.

Through our highly skilled team and years of design and building experience, we are able to create outstanding, high-quality results. We specialise in custom, premium homes, from simple home renovations to large development projects. Our Director, Scott Hansen, is a well-established authority in the industry whose experience in design and building is invaluable to each project we undertake.

Granvue Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Granvue Homes


+61 1300 135 441

The Best New Home & House Builders In Melbourne, Victoria

At Granvue Homes, we have decades of experience as first-class residential home builders in Melbourne. We can help you to build your perfect home from the ground up using the latest designs and highest quality materials, all according to your particular individual tastes and personalities. Our properties are built to stand the test of time and to be enjoyed (for generations) by generation after generation. We put our focus on the journey that you embark on as property owners. That is why we foster long term relationships with you to ensure that your every need is met and your expectations are exceeded.

Are You Looking For Prestige Home Builders For Your Next Property?

We consider a house to be so much more than an investment; it is an expression of who you are as well as the place where you create and share memories with the ones you love. We are privileged to help lay the foundations of the next important part of your family’s life, and we take exceptional pride in the care and quality of work that we bring into your home. When looking for luxury home builders in Melbourne – a company that takes pride in its work and goes above and beyond for its clients is key! Granvue Homes is the company you need!

What You Can Expect from The Highest Rated Builders In Melbourne

Our team of boutique home builders in Melbourne are committed to quality on every project. We boast an array of superb single and double-storey designs to suit your preference and lifestyle. We provide a personalised one on one service to each of our clients, keeping them up to date with progress on their building all throughout the development process. We operate a policy of transparency so that you don’t feel like decisions are being made o your behalf or in your absence. We believe that when you hire one of our custom home builders in Melbourne, that you should have the final say in all matters. You won’t regret hiring Granvue Home as your new home builders – we hope your dream home will soon become a reality. 

New build homes are generally quite unique, and we understand that some of our clients have unique accommodation requirements, and our design team have designed flexible options that conform to your particular needs. We have long-established relationships with the tradespeople and suppliers we engage and do business with. We only contract professionals whose work is tried and tested, and we never outsource labour offshore. This enables us to bring a guaranteed level of skill and craft to every project so that your designs are executed to the very highest standard.

Our Quality Of Service Makes Us The Best New Home Builders in Melbourne

We offer impeccable designs for all budget ranges. Our Essence Series of homes has proven to be a resounding favourite for first-time buyers and those starting their property investment portfolio. These stylish and affordable designs maximise natural light, a functional layout for families of all ages, excellent floor space and a streamlined modern aesthetic. The Premium Series caters to the aspirational buyer or second homeowner. This range of designs boasts an impressive array of personalised interiors and luxury inclusions. The Premium Series is ideal for entertaining guests while also offering the functionality of a family home with a focus on the kitchen area and grand open living spaces flooded with natural light.

If you currently live in an area that you love but feel that your family is quickly outgrowing your home, or your home is falling below the mark in terms of energy efficiency, then you may be considering buying a better home. This can be difficult, however, as a competitive property market may make it financially impossible to find somewhere in a similar neighbourhood. Instead of selling your current house and taking a gamble on another house, we have an excellent solution – knock down your home and rebuild it to your own tastes on your current land. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families in Melbourne, particularly in the city, as it allows them to enjoy the best of both worlds. Using the services of our custom builders in Melbourne – you can essentially replace your outdated home with a property of the very highest quality without uprooting your family and incurring huge costs in stamp duty on a new home.

We are committed to keeping you in the loop about how your documentation is progressing so that you can enjoy peace of mind as you anticipate construction to get underway. Upon completion, all of our work is inspected by independent building surveyors to ensure that all aspects of your home are up to code. We also conduct detailed practical completion inspections with our clients to make certain they are satisfied with their property. We take each project seriously with full consideration to how you hope to aspire to enjoy your home for years to come. It is our dedication to your needs and commitment to quality that makes us premium home builders in Melbourne.

Make Your New Home A Reality

If you are considering a new home builder in Victoria, whether it’s your first home or your second, then it is important to do due diligence by researching the best building company for you. When it comes to house builders in Melbourne, you’ll find that Granvue Homes provide remarkable architecturally inspired homes through an array of designs coupled with competitive pricing. So, if your home property suffers a common household emergency, then you can access assistance day or night for free. That way, you can rest assured that you are not on your own if the worst happens.

We recommend taking a virtual tour of one of our completed projects on our website to get a good understanding of our design aesthetic and dedicated craftsmanship, or visit one of our display homes in Melbourne to get an immersive experience of our builds. We also have a host of photograph and video presentations for each of our builds. If you still need a little convincing, then you can read through some of the testimonials from our satisfied clients and get a feel for the sort of relationship we foster with each one. If you chose to work with us, you are choosing high quality, a stellar reputation and unbeatable value for money. We’d be more than happy to show you building designs based on what you’re looking for and even walk you through one of our display homes. So why not get in touch with our Melbourne home builders today and learn how we can make your ideal home a reality?

Bentley Homes – Home Builder Melbourne

Bentley Homes


03 9407 5001


One way to describe Bentley Homes would be as both a “volume” and “boutique” builder. Simply stated, we carefully control the number of homes we build per year to manage the quality of construction, but with enough volume to ensure we have the best buying power and strategic agreements in place with our suppliers.


We understand that building your dream home is the biggest investment you and your family will make, so our team are committed to ensuring that you find the home that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Combining stylish design with everyday usability, our contemporary range of homes aims to satisfy your every need. Generously sized bedrooms, bigger kitchens, spacious living areas and loads of storage space are just a few of our home design highlights, seamlessly delivered with a touch of elegance.

At Bentley Homes, we know that not every family has exactly the same needs, and so our friendly team can assist you with modifications and options to ensure you are completely happy with the finished product, which is, after all, your dream home!

As part of our range, service and commitment to you, we also offer:

  • Fixed price site costs.
  • Modification of our home designs.
  • Upfront pricing.
  • House on Land packages.

Every one of these homes has taken inspiration from talking to our customers and asking them exactly what they want. We then work with our architects to produce homes that are not only magazine-worthy but are also commended by our land development partners and have achieved the highest commendation by being judged Winner in the HIA and MBAV Display Home Awards.


As an affordable new home builder for the western, northern, southeastern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we’re all about giving you something extra. Our designers create marvels on blocks of land of every description, helping you realise your dream home. From south-east Melbourne, in Bentleigh and Clyde North, to our northern suburbs headquarters in South Morang, we have every inch of Melbourne covered.

What to consider before building a house?

Building a new home is both one of the most exciting experiences of your life, and one of the biggest investments. You want to enjoy the adventure, and that starts by making smart, focused building decisions.

Building a house is a large undertaking. As an architect, when people contact me for the first time they always ask “what do we do first?” This article will be looking at considerations when you are planning to design and build a house. I am not bothering listing hiring an architect or contractor as I assume that is obvious, since you are now on an architect’s blog. So lets take a look at some things to consider when building a house, or when designing a house.

Things to consider when building a new house

Stand Position

Choose your stand position, direction and aspect carefully. Particularly in the Lowveld, one should take into account the direction of the sun in both Summer and Winter. Remember that South facing rooms will be cooler and any rooms or windows facing West will receive intense afternoon sun and should be avoided where possible.

House Design

The design of your house must suit the stand you have chosen, and not be designed for another stand. If there is an existing house design that you love, make sure that it will work on the stand you have chosen. Preferably, start your design from scratch according to your stand.


The design of your home should incorporate all aspects of home life that are important to you and your family. Think carefully about how you envisage your family living and your lifestyle. Make sure your architect has a good understanding of this so that the design of the home will flow naturally into your lifestyle habits.


The size of your house must suit both your requirements in terms of space and budget. This can sometimes be very challenging to get right as it is not always easy to understand the concept of space to reality. Your architect will be the person to address this concern professionally.


Choosing your building contractor should not just be based on costs alone, it is vital to consider quality and reputation first, it will save you in the long run .


The exact relationship with your builder or contractor must be accurately pre-determined so that all parties know where responsibility lies.


At every instance where changes are made to the original plan, the change in costs, whether and increase or a decrease should be agreed upon and renegotiated before further progress is made.


Meet or communicate with your builder on a regular basis. Regular communication is import to avoid misunderstandings with both parties.

All inclusive

Never leave any costs to be finalized after the construction has been completed, this hardly ever meets your or the builders expectations. Make sure that your quote is an all inclusive costing for everything that you have in mind including pools, decks, additional parking space, walls etc. Signing a building contract with stage payments is recommended.


It can take anywhere from six months to more than a year to build a home. Keep in mind that you will be working alongside your builder for a while, therefore it is important to maintain a respectful and honest relationship with your builder as there is often a need to adjust, add and modify your house.

Know your numbers

Before you start building your new home, run some numbers to determine whether you can afford to build the home you want. Most house plans offer a cost to build tool (usually for a nominal fee) to give you an accurate estimate of construction costs based on where you’re building. The numbers include the costs of construction, tax benefits, funds for the down payment and slush account, and other related calculations.

Once you’ve determined you can afford to build the house you want — purchase your house plan and head to the bank to arrange for financing. Keep in mind that home construction lending is a little different than regular mortgage financing. First you’ll need a home construction line of credit that will be used to pay subcontractors and suppliers who perform work and provide supplies. Once your house is constructed, you will need a residential mortgage to pay off the construction line.

Check the reputation of your builder

Many builders are out there, but not all are created equal. Do a little research to find out which builders have the best reputation. Whether you search for information online or get recommendations from your family and friends, find out whether a builder is respected for doing quality work as well as being punctual. Our architects and designers recommend that you use only builders who are members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Build with resale in mind

No matter how much you love the house that you are building, it’s unlikely that it will be the last home you will ever own. Knowing that, you should be mindful of its potential resale value. Don’t add so many upgrades that you overprice your home for the neighborhood. And don’t choose anything too out of the ordinary. Ask yourself if the features you’re considering installing are likely going to appeal to others.

Think Green

Make sure you do your research to maximize energy-efficiency in the design of your new home. Your architect and builder can help ensure that your windows are South-facing so you get as much sunshine as possible heating your home. You’ll want to makes sure that bathrooms, laundries and garages are on the south side of your home and have small windows to minimize heat loss. Spend time choosing your insulation and HVAC systems, as well as energy-efficient appliances and WaterSense faucets and toilets.

Don’t forget the punch

Part of the final phase of building a new home is to go over your “punch list.” A punch list is a list created at the end of construction that shows what needs to still be done or what needs to be repaired on the new construction. You and your contractor will create this list the week before closing when you go through your final walk through. You should be taking notes every time you visit your construction site or do a walk through.

If you have a real estate agent, it’s a good idea to have them participate in the punch list because they are not emotionally attached to your home and may have a better eye for identifying flaws.

Building a house might seem like an arduous task, and, well, it is. But by planning for the long-term and putting in a bit of sweat equity, it can be the best thing you do for your family. Planning, planning, planning is the key (with room for some necessary flexibility). And don’t forget to give yourself plenty of storage. Trust me. 

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